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Chapter 647

After thinking about it a little bit, when she was about to leave the room, she found the little piano sitting in the corner.

She at this moment…

Being ambiguous with a man…

(Cannot be described)…

Sure enough, the guests tonight are not suitable for her!

Thinking of this, Dixon Lily quickly turned around and was about to leave.

“This young lady, are you going to leave before you pour us?” swiftly, a gentle voice of questioning sounded behind Dixon Lily.

Dixon Lily stopped the steps under her feet and looked back at him.

Under the dim light, a young and handsome face still reveals a bit of warmth, cleanness, and jerky. His temperament is too far from the atmosphere in this box.

Dixon Lily smiled faintly at him, then folded back, “This gentleman, what wine would you like to drink?”

“Wait…” The man smiled gently, turned his head, reached out, and patted the man who was entangled with Sophia in the corner, “Lewis Justin, what would you like to drink?”

After hearing his question, the man in the corner stopped his movements and turned his head to look at her.

For a time, two people looked at each other.

Dixon Lily was startled, a little surprised, it turned out to be him?! Lewis Justin!!!

But Lewis Justin, the dark and deep eyes just glanced at her indifferently, his eyes didn’t stay too much, as if he had never seen her before.

“You figure it out!” It was still the cold voice, and soon, don’t look back.

The gentleman shrugged and smiled faintly, “Miss, give me some whatever you want!”

“Okay…” Dixon Lily smiled, and without hesitation, she chose the most expensive bottle of wine for them and opened it.

Anyway, none of their money came seriously, neither saying anything!

The man in front of her felt pretty good, but she didn’t understand why such a gentle-looking man would be mixed with a group of such people? Moreover, she still seems to be familiar with this big demon.

“What do you call the young lady?” the man asked her with a sudden smile.

“My name is Dixon Lily!”

“Brook Mark! My name!” He smiled clearly.

Dixon Lily smiled.

Brook Mark…

Well, a name that fits his temperament!!!

“Miss Dixon, have a drink too!” Brook Mark asked her quickly.

But before she could answer, he suddenly took out a packet of white powder under a certain plate on the table, and in the next instant, nothing was left, all poured into a wine glass full of red wine.


On his face, there was still a smile that was not stained with dust, and even a smile so harmless and clean.

And what he held in his hand was a glass of red wine filled with poison!!!

To be honest, at that moment, Dixon Lily’s mind was confused for a moment.

Because the man in front of her is too bad for this glass of red wine filled with poison!!!

Dixon Lily smiled and shook her head, “Sorry, Mr. Brook, I’m not good at this!”

Brook Mark smiled faintly, but there was a slight fluctuation in the clear eyes, “Does Miss Dixon Lily think I am asking for your opinion?”

A question was cold to the bone.

At that moment, Dixon Lily seemed to have completely understood what is meant by “people are not to be seen”!

Dixon Lily shook her head firmly, “Mr. Brook, the law stipulates that I have the right to choose!”

“Law?” For a while, Brook Mark seemed to have heard the two funniest words in the world, and even the men in the box who had been busy with their affairs began to stop their sights on Dixon Lily.

However, only the man in the corner… still has a frivolous smile, intoxicated by the “female” flirtation.

Looking at Brook Mark’s ridiculous smiling face, Dixon Lily realized just how big a mistake she had made!

Who are they? They are underground organizations! What do underground organizations do? To do is to violate the law!

“Miss Dixon, does the law say that forcing people to drink toxic wine is punished?” Brook Mark asked her with a smile, but he was playing with the wine in the glass, but he looked like he was enjoying it.

Dixon Lily took a deep breath, her face turned pale, of course, she knew what this man meant. The more things that violated the law, the harder they were doing.

“Come on! Give you another chance to choose. Of course, you have the right to refuse, but…I can’t guarantee anything about the consequences of rejection!” Brook Mark still smiled harmlessly and stood on the opposite side of the wine glass. Dixon Lily pushed forward.

Dixon Lily’s small hand dropped on her shoulders couldn’t help but clenched for a while, raised her head, and met Brook Mark’s dark eyes, “Why does Mr. Brook embarrass a “female” person so much? Has Dixon Lily accidentally offended him before Mr. Brook?”

Of course Dixon Lily knows that at this time if she can tolerate it, it won’t do her any good to make things worse! If she could, how much she wanted to catch all the people in front of her! But now, no!

“That’s not true!” Brook Mark raised his lips and smiled, “However, our Sophia said just now that a little girl named Dixon Lily often bullies her. No, it doesn’t matter if we are young and like Sophia. Do you have to give Sister Sophia a sigh? In this way, do you think you should drink this glass of wine?”

Ah! That’s it!!!

Dixon Lily’s disgusting eyes slashed fiercely at the proud face in the corner, and she knew that this “woman” was not a good bird! She usually can’t fight her business, so she uses such a detrimental trick! Rubbish!!!

“I don’t know how to drink!” Dixon Lily insisted on rejecting, her delicate face was neither humble nor overbearing, and even the water eyes of Brook Mark showed a few arrogance.

This feeling is a far cry from her who was drunk that night!

The cold and cold eyes in the corner shimmered slightly, revealing a complex light.

“Lewis, what should she do if she refuses to drink!” Sophia groaned and acted like a baby in Lewis Justin’s arms.

Lewis Justin smiled, “Baby, don’t overplay it! I don’t like it!”

The last four words were as cold as ice, and a cold kiss was placed on her lips, turning his head and looking at Brook Mark.

“Hey! Brook!” The lazy tone was so beautiful.

The smile hung on his cold charm cheeks, it was so brilliant that it made everyone in the box look crazy for almost a second!

He laughed… unexpectedly so brilliant and confusing!!! It’s as if to absorb all the sunlight in the sky.

That feeling… can’t describe it in words! Dixon Lily was infatuated for a second.

“Okay! If you like others, don’t play with cute ones!” At this moment, he faded away from the tightly wrapped indifference, like an ordinary dude.

The pitch-black eyes turned to Dixon Lily, who was a little fascinated, with a wicked smile on his sexy thin lips, “Miss Dixon, do you know what a human face is a beast heart now?”

“Huh?” His sudden question made Dixon Lily feel a little confused.

In some accidents, this man would help her out.

Soon, Dixon Lily came back to her senses, pulled the corners of her lips, and thanked politely, “Thank you, Mr. Lewis.”

Lewis Justin just raised his eyebrows and smiled, but he didn’t say anything deeply, “It’s nothing more than a simple effort, Miss Dixon will have a chance to return…”

In a word, Dixon Lily had a bitter cold feeling, but, without a doubt, this was an excellent opportunity for her.

Dixon Lily smiled and said nothing more.

“If there is nothing else, then I will go out first!” Dixon Lily bowed politely, turned, and left.

Even if she didn’t look back, Dixon Lily could feel that the blade-like light on her back came from Sophia.

Ah! Dixon Lily is not interested in participating in this kind of struggle between “women” and “women”.

But in many cases, it’s not that she says she doesn’t want to participate, so she doesn’t need to participate, like now.


Piercing applause sounded throughout the corridor.

Dixon Lily had just left the box door, and at this moment, five fingerprints had been severely stamped on that childish little face.

“Dixon Lily! Are you qualified to snatch a man from me?”

Sophia’s sharp voice sounded on the promenade, and Dixon Lily whitened her and reached out to touch her cheek that had been slapped.

It hurts!!!

“A mean “female” person!” Sophia uttered a despicable curse, but it was too late for her voice to fall. With a “pop…” the twisted and charming face was severely slapped.

“Are you qualified to hit me?” Dixon Lily’s cold voice, without the slightest temperature, stared at the “female” in front of her with pure water. “No matter how cheap I am, Dixon Lily can’t be as cheap as you, Sophia, a sinister and vicious “female” person!”

“Dixon Lily, do you dare to hit me? Do you know what the group of men in just now do? You… they won’t let you go!!!”

“Sophia…” Dixon Lily seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world, and this “woman” could not help but value herself too much!

“Collin Sophia, do you like the man just now?” Dixon Lily suddenly changed her indifference before and asked Collin Sophia on the opposite side with a smile.

Collin Sophia snorted coldly, “Don’t want to hit his idea!!”

“Are you scared now? Haha, looking at your nervous look, it seems that this man is a big fish! I didn’t have much interest in him at first, but now it’s noisy for you to Knowing why I suddenly became interested in him! Alas, I was so lucky that he helped me out just now! Maybe he is interested in me! Tsk tsk… I want to hook him now When you get it, what do you say? Ah… By the way! I just owe tens of thousands of dollars in loan sharks and cannot find the boss to pay it back!”

Dixon Lily had a charming face and smiled enchantingly so that Collin Sophia’s heart fluttered.

“Slut!!!” Collin Sophia was furious.

Dixon Lily smiled bewilderedly, “each other each other!”

“Humph!” Collin Sophia sneered, “Dixon Lily, let me tell you, don’t bother! Just your body that hasn’t even started to develop, do you think he can see it? Stop daydreaming there!!”

Chapter 648

“…” This girl knows the man quite well.

He refused to lie in bed the first night!

Dixon Lily curled her lips with a guilty conscience, but quickly regained her confidence and arrogance, and smiled seductively, “Collin Sophia, dare you gamble with me to see who gets this man hooked in the end!!”

As Dixon Lily said, she glanced at the awe-inspiring black figure on the other side of the corridor.

The corner of the lips smiled deeper, “I’m going to win, and you will see me detour on my own in the future, and by the way, you will call me Sister Lily! You are going to lose…it’s all right!!”

If she loses this game, it will be over!!!

“Okay!!” Collin Sophia’s eyes glowed fiercely, “You just wait to get out of here!”

When the voice fell, Collin Sophia turned around and was about to leave, but was suddenly stopped by the black figure suddenly passing by.


The words just blurted out, the man’s long figure passed over her directly, and then…

“Dixon Lily?”

The man’s sturdy body had already pressed the petite Dixon Lily against the wall behind her, and his handsome and cold face approached Dixon Lily’s childish, tender but charming face with a playful smile, “Do you know this? In the world, no one has ever dared to use my Lewis Justin as a gambling tool!!!”

His voice was cold, but the deep eyes staring at her were a bit vague.

That enchanting feeling severely bewitched Dixon Lily who was imprisoned on the wall. Fortunately, she knew her identity and purpose very well!

However, this ambiguous action made the audience Collin Sophia on the opposite side tremble with anger, and her face turned pale and red.

Seeing that the big fish that she was about to get was so snatched away by the “female” who was not fully developed, she was not reconciled!!!

Dixon Lily glanced at Collin Sophia who was full of anger, and smiled at the man in front of her, her little hand hooked up Lewis Lily’s tie in a teasing manner, “Then let me Dixon Lily be the first!”

Her tone, no request, some, just the self-confidence that is neither humble nor stubborn!

Lewis Justin hooked his lips, smiled coolly, and nodded, his hands seemed to treat her broken hair in front of her forehead as if spoiling, and he smiled and looked at her, “What method does Miss Dixon want to use to seduce me and help you? How about repaying loan sharks?”

Well! At this time, Dixon Lily realized that she had encountered a strong opponent. The man in front of her was not only a mastermind in the underground organization, but in his current form, this man is probably also a master in love!

Otherwise, why such a small movement has already made Dixon Lily a little dazed.

This man is an evildoer!!!

“Chat with me? Drinking? Or…” He smiled evilly, with a bit of scorn in his eyes, and his slender fingers hooked Dixon Lily’s slightly shy chin, “Girl, will you go to bed?”

“…” His sudden question made Dixon Lily’s small face that was already red from pain instantly even redder, and even the roots of her ears were dyed red.

Suddenly remembered the study and discussion meeting about that when they first met.

Lewis Justin smiled deeply, his dark eyes glowing with strange colors, unpredictable, the next moment, he lowered his head, and gently dropped a kiss on her cherry-red lips, “Girl, what should I do? Am looking forward to…”

The voice fell, but before Dixon Lily could answer, she had already pulled away and walked towards the opposite Sophia.

On his face, there was an unruly smile, gentle and evil, “Can a “beautiful” girl drive a car?”

“When… Of course…” Collin Sophia didn’t expect this man to turn back to her again, and was so excited that she couldn’t speak.

“What a coincidence! I just missed a driver tonight, can you do it?” He laughed scornfully, completely different from the usual cold-faced him.

“When… Of course! Do!”

“…” Dixon Lily is speechless. Will this man be missing a driver? This reason is too bad, right? Lack of a bed companion!!!

“Are you sure?” Lewis Justin smiled evilly, and suddenly he leaned over Collin Sophia’s charming and unnatural face, “Being Lewis Justin’s driver is not an easy job, maybe… Um…Will you go to bed?”

“…” Dixon Lily’s delicate eyebrows frowned slightly, a little puzzled.

“Of course… will…” Collin Sophia smiled shyly, but she was also coquettish.

Lewis Justin chuckles playfully, swiftly, tilting his head, and looking at Dixon Lily, who is staring at them with her eyebrows pulled for a moment, and then suddenly turns to ask Collin Sophia, “Are you sure you don’t need to study?” “

“…” Dixon Lily looked at the sky that was the case! After dare to toss for a long time, she was played by this enchanting man.

“Of course not…” Collin Sophia’s voice became a little weird.

“Really?” Lewis Justin raised his eyebrows slightly, smiled away, and pulled away without any nostalgia. “That’s embarrassing, Miss Collin, I seem to have a bit of heavy taste recently! I like it… well, personally Tune!!!”

After speaking, he didn’t look at them again, turned and left, leaving only Collin Sophia stomping with anger, and Dixon Lily who was speechless with smoke from her head.

Who will tell her what just happened?

It was the enchanting man who just played the two “females” together?

However, a deep smile appeared on Dixon Lily’s lips.

The second step of the battle plan, success!

As the man said…

He is looking forward to…


“Lewis Justin, Miss Ava has received a threatening letter again! She also brought a puppet doll covered in blood! Do you need to send someone to look up this matter?” It was the voice of David reporting on the phone.

“No need!” Lewis Justin’s deep eyes were filled with a dangerous light, his thin lips pressed tightly, and the cold feeling made the surrounding men shudder.

After hanging up, Lewis Justin dialed a group of extremely unfamiliar calls.

“Baker Emma, I’ll give you one last chance. If you dare to move her again, I will make you worse off than death!!”

On the other side of the phone, Baker Emma seemed to be stimulated by him, “Haha! What, your little woman is intimidated again? What is it now? Do you think I did it? Lewis Justin, let me tell you, you don’t be self-righteous, there are too many people in this world who want to kill Lewis Justin, and don’t want to see your little woman get hurt, just let her go!! A man like you is qualified to love someone! I tell you, sooner or later, this “woman” will also die in your hands, of course! Sooner or later you will be killed by this “woman”!!”

Baker Emma finished speaking and immediately hung up the phone with a “pop”.

“Fuck it!!”

Baker Emma’s words severely stepped on the minefield of Lewis Justin, and the mobile phone in his hand was instantly smashed to pieces, and his whole body was brutal, like the lion that was burning with anger, and anyone could swallow people.

Baker Emma stepped on the weakest part of his heart, and also the most painful place!!!

As she said, there are too many people in this world who want to kill him! And like him, a man who spends his days in the dark is indeed not qualified to love someone, especially the clean and unstained Ava

Even if there is so much love, but cannot love!!!

Because, once in love, all he gave her was the countless bloody winds!!!

As a result, he can only send her to Australia as far away as possible, and silently send someone to protect her, but obviously, someone has found out about her whereabouts, that is, someone has found out about her whereabouts in Lewis Justin’s life, the only fatal point!!!

Lewis Justin’s cold palm was clenched a little bit, he would never let anyone harm that “female” person!!! Once not, not even now!!!

“Hey! Lily, how are you preparing for tonight’s orientation party? Oh, don’t you know, they all say that you have the highest probability of winning tonight!” Dixon Lily sat down at her desk with Emily so she came over with a small face.

“How come, I’m still a new student now? I can’t even think of those things!” Dixon Lily smiled and shook her head.

Dixon Lily was also curious before, why would an orientation party be held one month after the start of school? Later, she learned that the producers and directors who were originally to cooperate with the film investment, at the orientation meeting, the directors and producers will come to the school to select actors, so these so-called orientation meetings are actually for the whole school’s students. A rivalry.

“Ah… I heard that one of the investors this time is our senior at school!” Emily’s pretty face was full of curiosity, “And I heard that he looks pretty good! Ha! I want to see!”

“Okay, okay! Don’t think about it, go to class first! Dixon Lily smiled and pushed her.

Dixon Lily is indeed talented in acting. Before she was seven, her dream was to be an actress. However, after the nightmare at the age of seven, her dream completely changed.

Today, she stepped into this classroom again as a student, on the one hand, to conceal her identity, and on the other hand, probably really to fulfill one of her original dreams!

Even if she can’t be an actor, it’s always good to learn.

In the evening, the welcome party had not yet begun, but everyone was already busy, and they all began to prepare, putting on makeup and changing clothes.

Only here Dixon Lily and Brown Emily are still chatting in the corridor.

“Lily, have you seen him? The white figure downstairs, the one with his back facing us…” Suddenly, Brown Emily mysteriously pressed it to Dixon Lily’s ear and whispered.

Dixon Lily followed her gaze and looked over, “En?” She was a little surprised.

Downstairs was a tall and straight figure, a handsome figure wrapped in a white casual windbreaker, even if it was just a figure from the back, it was still difficult to conceal that noble and elegant temperament.

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