The Warmest Romance Chapter 1349 -1350

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Chapter 1349

He always let people look at her. After that time when she came back from the seaside, she never came out of this room again. How did she know these things?

Lu Xiaoman slowly raised his chin, pointing to the TV hanging on the wall, “I can watch TV two days a week, or you stipulated, do you forget?”

Yu Gu Bei tightened his brow and couldn’t speak.

He did give her such special approval, which is also for fear that she always wants to commit suicide because she has no idea of life. Unexpectedly, she can know him and Qiao Zhijin from TV.

He sneered, “Lu Xiaoman, after all, you still have a memory in my heart, otherwise how can you watch a TV and find information about me?”

“Yes.” Lu Xiaoman did not deny it at all, but admitted it frankly, “so, I want to know, what’s the relationship between you and Qiao Zhijin? What will be the relationship in the future? “

Her eyes were black and firm.

Yu Gubei suddenly frowned and stared at Lu Xiaoman. After two seconds, he said coldly, “I will marry Qiao family.”

In a word, Lu Xiaoman’s eyes were lost in an instant.

She lowered her head, her body trembled gently, and a sense of powerlessness came from her heart. Originally, she wanted to draw some strength from his answer, but now, his words seemed to crush the camel’s last straw, and made her hopeless.

She asked, almost gasping, “so I What is it? “

Yu Gubei was silent and did not answer.

Lu Xiaoman pulled up the corner of his lip and laughed at himself. Then he said, “in this case, if you want to marry Qiao Zhijin, you will let me go.”

As soon as her voice fell, Yu Gubei’s voice began to ring, “impossible!”

Then, the man stood up and strode toward her, “you don’t want to leave me, Lu Xiaoman! Even if I marry Qiao Zhijin, you are still my man! “

Lu Xiaoman heart pain, “I’m the Canary you imprisoned, right?”

Yu Gu Bei stared at her deeply. After a moment, he said, “in a word, you have no choice!”

With that, he turned and left quickly.

The door closed, as if the lock of the cage had been locked again. Lu Xiaoman’s tears welled up. The next second, she felt sick, and the things in her stomach rolled up. She couldn’t bear it any more and vomited directly

As if eating a very disgusting green fly, at this moment, she just wanted to spit out the cheated heart together!

Hearing this, Auntie rushed over and saw her face. She couldn’t help frowning, “Miss Lu, why are you doing this?”

Lu Xiaoman vomited for a long time, and finally felt that everything in her stomach had vomited out. If she vomited again, she could only vomit out some sour water. She raised her hand, grabbed her head, wiped her face and mouth, and suddenly laughed coldly, with tears in her eyes and tears in her eyes. She pressed her teeth hard and said, “since he won’t let me go, he will be disgusted in this life At the end of the day… “

Love and kill each other, who is willing to let go of who.

It was the next morning when Ruan Shishi got the household register of the Song family. She waited until song yean left home. Then she slipped into the study and opened the drawer with the marriage certificate she had just read yesterday, some other certificates and the household register at the bottom.

Chapter 1350

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, took out the Hukou book and looked at it again, but he didn’t leave.

In the past 20 years, she has never done such a sneaky thing, but now, for the sake of her best friend’s happiness, she can only let it go.

Ruan Shishi grits her teeth, takes out her mobile phone, takes a picture of the Hukou book, and sends it to song yun’an. Then she puts the Hukou book in her arms and sneaks out of the study.

Everything is so smooth, she secretly relieved, walked toward his room, who knows suddenly feel something wrong, a tight body, immediately turned to a direction to see.

At the end of the stairs, there was a villain who was staring at her, obviously taking a panoramic view of all her actions just now.

Ruan Shishi was so hot that she felt guilty and flustered. She took a cool breath and quickly walked to Ziji over there. She pretended to smile at him calmly. “Ziji, why are you here?”

“When I wake up, I’ll come out and have a look.”

Ziji said, looking at the Hukou book in her arms. He asked curiously, “what’s this?”

Ruan Shishi’s face was a little bit unnatural. He said with a fake smile, “nothing. It’s just a pamphlet.”

But Ziji was very curious about the pamphlet. He said seriously, “I want to see it.”

Ruan Shishi, with black lines all over her head, said, “this is not a funny thing. Ziji, please go back to your room. I’ll tell you to get up for dinner later.”

Zi Ji “Oh” a, then stare at her to see, softly say, “aunt, you seem very nervous.”

Since Ziji was arranged to stay at home, the child also knew that she was close to her and called her “aunt”.

But now, facing him like this, Ruan Shishi was even more flustered, “no! Maybe it’s too hot today. Go back to your room. “

Ruan Shishi casually prevaricated, stretched out another hand and pushed Ziji back to the room. Then he ran to his room in a panic.

When she closed the door, she let her heart down. She took a deep breath and heard the “Ding Dong” and “Ding Dong” of her mobile phone ring several times. Then she quickly put out her mobile phone.

It’s from Song yun’an. Although it’s just words and expressions, it can’t hide her excitement. Ruan Shishi can be sure that if she and song yun’an face to face at this moment, she will scream and run over to hold her.

This scene, flash in her mind quickly, let her involuntarily hit a spirit.

Song yun’an is the largest Civil Affairs Bureau in Jiangzhou city.

Ruan Shishi chuckled and sent her a message, “I’m going to find you.”

She quickly changed clothes, beige windbreaker with white cigarette pants, looks fresh and clean, she quickly went downstairs, picked up the car key to leave.

Ms. Liu stopped her, “this breakfast is not ready, what do you run out for?”

Ruan Shishi winked at her, picked up the freshly baked bread on the table and walked out, “something’s up, something’s up, mom, I’ll tell you when I come back.”

Ms. Liu also can’t stop her, listen to her say so, had no choice but to shake his head, smile and turned.

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