The Warmest Romance Chapter 1351 -1352

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Chapter 1351

Ruan Shishi drove and galloped all the way to his destination in less than an hour.

As soon as she got off the bus, she saw song yun’an and Du Yue standing at the door looking forward to them.

She quickly ran over and looked at the white shirts they both wore today. Suddenly, the corners of her mouth were already at the root of her ears. “Song yun’an, song yun’an, I didn’t expect you would have today.”

Song yun’an gave her a white look with a smile and quickly extended his hand to her

Ruan Shishi laughed and pretended to be stupid, “what is it! I don’t know! “

Song yun’an was teased by her, angry and smiling, and scratched her with a smile, “Shishi, you tease me again! Give it to me, or it’s not a sister! “

Ruan Shishi hid around, quickly raised his hand to surrender, “OK, OK, I’ll give it to you. Why do you do it?”

With that, she took out the Hukou book from her bag like a baby, and gave it to song yun’an with both hands. Song yun’an quickly took it, rushed over and hugged Ruan Shishi and gave her a kiss, “I love you so much!”

Du Yue looked at them fighting with a smile. When they let go, he looked at Ruan Shishi and said seriously, “Shishi, thank you for this.”

“Thank you. You’re all friends. You’ve helped me a lot, haven’t you?”

Ruan Shishi smiles and turns to look at Song yun’an next to her. Her tone suddenly becomes serious. “But from now on, you should treat An’an well, or if she is bullied, I will never forgive you!”

On hearing this, song yun’an immediately poked Du Yue beside him with his elbow and winked at him, “do you hear me? Don’t try to bully me

Du Yue said with a smile, “I know. Don’t worry.”

“Well, well, you’d better line up. There will be a lot of people later.”

Song yun’an winked at her happily, “then we’ll go first! You find a place to wait for us, and then we’ll eat hot pot together! “

Ruan Shishi waved to them, “OK, go quickly!”

Watching them walk into the Civil Affairs Bureau, Ruan Shishi is in a trance, as if she went back a few years ago. When she walked into the Civil Affairs Bureau, she was not in this mood.

At that time, she had just given birth to Sensen and Sasha. She lived in tension all the time. She was nervous and uncomfortable all over

Now, looking back on that time, she can’t help feeling cold on her back. Fortunately, with Sensen and Sasha, she has survived to the present.

With a relieved smile, she went to the side of the road and found a bench to sit down. Then she took out her mobile phone and looked through it. It happened that song yean sent her a message, which was a few pictures for her reference.

“Look, do you like this style of wedding?”

Nordic style, wedding is held on a large green lawn, white decoration, very simple style, decoration and furnishings are very delicate, is a small wedding, the venue is not big, but warm and beautiful.

Song yean is always such a proper person. She is familiar with her preferences and always arranges everything properly. She raises her lips and gives him a message back, “very good, I like it very much.”

Soon, song yean replied, “OK, I’ll arrange someone to do it.”

Ruan Shishi holds her mobile phone, and her heart is inexplicably warm. The better song yean treats her, the more she feels guilty. What’s more, she has done such a sorry thing to him behind his back today. However, from now on, she is willing to return it with the rest of her life.

Chapter 1352

After the life, she only thought of simple, and song yean live together, seems to be good.

Ruan Shishi sat on the bench at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau for a long time, watching all kinds of couples come and go, the couples who came to get the certificate were all happy, the couples who came to divorce were all sad and cold, and the image seemed to be watching the family ethics drama.

After a while, she saw the smiling song yun’an and Du Yue come out from the inside hand in hand. Song yun’an saw her and ran towards her quickly. Du Yue was afraid that she would bump into her, so he quickly took her by hand and controlled her speed.

“Poetry, you see!” In front of Ruan Shishi, song yun’an happily lifted up the two little red copies in his hand and showed them off to her

“Show me.”

With a smile, Ruan Shishi reached out and took the red book from her hand. He opened it and saw that song yun’an and Du Yue were wearing white shirts in front of the red cloth, smiling brightly and happily. Song yun’an’s eyes were bent, and the sweetness was almost overflowing from the corner of their eyes.

Ruan Shishi looked at the photo and couldn’t help nodding and boasting, “it’s so good…”

The picture on the marriage certificate of her and song ye’an unconsciously came to mind, and my heart was a little chilly.

A couple, happy, happy or not, can really be seen from the photos.

“Well, let’s go to eat hot pot! Celebrate

Song yun’an’s voice rang out, which pulled her out of her mind. Ruan Shishi nodded, handed her the photo, then looked at her and said with a smile, “this time, I’ll open my stomach. Get your wallet ready!”

Song yun’an patted her chest and said, “don’t worry! That’s enough

Several people looked at each other and laughed. They immediately went to the hot pot restaurant. They talked and laughed excitedly all the way. The atmosphere was pleasant.

It took nearly two hours for this hot pot to finish. It seems that song yun’an was not in a good state after a busy morning. Ruan Shishi saw it and said, “OK, I should go back too. While your brother didn’t come back, I quickly put the Hukou back to the original place.”

Song yun’an nodded and held her hand. Suddenly, she said, “poetry, I really don’t have the right person.”

Hearing the words, Ruan Shishi’s heart warmed and said to her with a smile, “OK, you are weak now. Go back to have a rest quickly!”

Song yun’an quickly nodded, did not forget to wink at her, meaningfully said, “yes, it is to rest, there is a hard fight in the evening.”

Ruan Shishi didn’t care. After saying goodbye to her, she drove home directly. Before Song yean came back, she put the household register back in the drawer and quietly left the room.

Although she knew that song yean would find out about it sooner or later, she could try to hide it for a while. As long as song Yunan could deal with her parents, it would be easy to say what happened later.

In the afternoon, Ruan Shishi wanted to be at home with the three little guys. But after the nap, her phone at the head of the bed suddenly rang.

Seeing the name jumping on the mobile phone, Ruan Shishi was slightly surprised.

It turned out to be a call from Chen Jun.

In a word, they haven’t contacted each other for some time. Since he sent her to the hospital to see Ziji last time, none of them has contacted anymore.

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