The Warmest Romance Chapter 1385 -1386

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Chapter 1385

She is almost crazy, and now she doesn’t care what she looks like in front of Yu Yimo.

The next second, her wrist was suddenly clasped. Yu Yimo suddenly pulled her, as if trying to make her sober again. “Wan’er, if you do too many bad things, you will have nightmares at night, and once someone sends the evidence of your bumping to the police station, the rest of your life will be over.”

He was reminding her that he hoped she would stop in time and stop at the precipice.

But unexpectedly, ye Wan’er threw away his hand and said firmly, “I’m not afraid! Since I dare to do it, I’m not afraid to be caught. Yu Yimo, from the moment you resolutely divorce me, you have no right to control me! You told me so much, in the final analysis, not for me, but for Ruan Shishi, that bitch, right? “

She was hysterical at him. The car was full of her voice. The next second, it suddenly quieted down.

Yu Yimo and ye Waner look at each other without speaking.

A few seconds later, ye Wan’er sneers, takes back her eyes, pushes the door open and goes out, then slams the door down.

Yu Yimo frowned and didn’t make a sound. A few seconds later, the front door was pulled open and Xiao Meng got into the car. Aware of the cold atmosphere in the car, he hesitated and asked, “president Yu…”

Yu Yimo turned back and said, “back to the company.”

Xiao Meng immediately responded and started the car.

Yu Yimo looks out of the window, his face becoming more and more heavy.

Just after meeting with ye Wan’er, his uneasiness becomes more and more intense. He always feels that ye Wan’er is firm and firm now, and even has no fear that the evidence of her bumping into others will be handed over.

Her lack of fear is enough to show that she is fully confident that she can be alone, but it can’t be the Ye family who can protect her with such great ability. In other words, she may have a stronger backing behind her.

However, before everything is clear, this is just his guess, but the only thing that can be sure is that ye Wan’er’s revenge on Ruan Shishi will never stop here.

When Ruan Shishi and song yean returned to Xiqiao garden, it was late.

Tired, she went back to her room, changed her clothes and took a bath. As soon as she got to the kitchen downstairs to make some tea, she saw Ms. Liu and Professor Ruan sitting on the sofa.

They didn’t speak, they didn’t watch TV, they just sat there, obviously waiting for someone.

Ruan Shishi’s heart “clattered” for a while. She took a deep breath, went to the side, made a pot of tea with hot water, then brought it to them, poured them a cup, and said in a soft voice, “Mom and Dad, drink tea.”

Ms. Liu frowned and said, “do you still have leisure to drink tea?”

The outside speech can turn the sky, she can be so not anxious.

She took a sip of tea and said softly, “it’s no use worrying now. Even if I explain that I’m just friends with that person, I’m afraid others won’t believe me.”

Ms. Liu frowned and asked, “then you tell us what happened to you and that man?”

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply and said solemnly, “his name is Chen Jun, a friend of mine. He was helping when he was looking for Ziji before. I owe him a favor. This time, he wanted to buy a gift for his sister. He didn’t know what to buy, so he asked me to help him do a reference. We went shopping together, picked out a gift, ate a meal, and had nothing else.”

Chapter 1386

When she said that, Ms. Liu and Professor Ruan looked at each other, but no one spoke.


Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply and said word by word, “Mom and Dad, I don’t have to cheat you.”

After a while, Professor Ruan said, “but this time it’s so big, even if our family knows it’s a misunderstanding, how can we explain it to the Song family?”

In a word, Ruan Shi didn’t know what to say.

Three people fell into silence, no one spoke, at this time, a low male voice came, “you don’t worry, my parents there, I will go to explain.”

Three people look up and see song yean standing on the stairs.

Professor Ruan sighed, “good night, what happened today…”

“Dad, it’s OK.”

“You Don’t you blame poetry? “

“I believe in her.”

Song yean said, with some warm eyes toward her side looked over.

Ruan’s poems are a little trance, but inexplicably moved.

She didn’t have time to explain to him. She was surprised and moved that he should say so.

As soon as her throat was tight, her nose was a little sour, but her thanks came to her mouth, but she couldn’t say, “good night…”

Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu looked at each other, then stood up and left consciously.

Soon, the whole living room was just her and song yean.

Song yean looked at the woman in front of her eyes red, he hooked the corner of his lips, voice warm, “what’s the matter?”

Then he took out two paper towels and was about to wipe her tears.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, stepped forward, gently hugged him, nestled his head in his chest, and whispered, “good night, this time I really thank you, thank you for believing me, thank you for understanding me, and thank you for not blaming me…”

He carries all the pressure on his shoulders, undertakes it alone, and sacrifices secretly.

I’m afraid the only man who can do this for her is Professor Ruan, right?

Song yean raised her hand, gently stroked her head, and said in a soft tone, “we are all a family, no need to thank you.”

Ruan Shishi was moved, and his hands around his waist slowly tightened and nodded seriously.

A moment later, she looked up and said with a wry smile, “but it’s a pity that our wedding was screwed up today.”

Song yean’s generous smile comforted her and said, “it doesn’t matter. It’s enough in my heart. From now on, we’ll have a good life by ourselves.”

Ruan Shishi’s heart was full of warmth. Looking at him, he nodded seriously, “yes, you’re right. We’ll have a good life in the future.”

This sentence is not only her promise to him, but also her hypnosis to herself. From now on, after this event, she must accept her heart, and song yean is also the person she has determined to go hand in hand for the rest of her life.

In this way, it is enough.

The next day, the sun rises and the morning light shines into the bed of the room. Lu Xiaoman wakes up naturally and slowly opens his eyes.

It’s the third day she’s seen the sunshine again. As soon as she wakes up, she can feel the light and warmth, which is precious to her.

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