The Warmest Romance Chapter 1393 -1394

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Chapter 1393

Yanchen is just a small subsidiary of Yu’s group. In the first two years, his business was not very good. Every year, he had to give relief to the group. However, during his absence, Yanchen received several special grants from the group, and the amount was not small. All this had something to do with Yu Gubei.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Now that he’s back, he must make a thorough investigation from beginning to end!

During this period of time, he has been trying to clean up the door, picking out all the people Yu Gubei arranged, and patiently figuring out where each sum of money he approved went. This is a big project, but also a good way to see Yu Gubei’s inner intention.

Therefore, he must do it himself and make a good investigation.

At the same time, Ruan Shishi has made a circle on the first floor where the president’s office is located. Six years ago, she worked here, but now she feels the scene, naturally thinking of the time six years ago, and unconsciously walking along the familiar and strange corridor.

There are a lot of new faces in the company. She is walking among them, and other people don’t know her. On the contrary, she feels relaxed.

She went to the staff rest area on this floor, where, as before, there were tables and sofas on the inside and a small balcony on the outside. It was just renovated and looked more bright.

She casually found a seat to sit down, the memories of the past like a wave in general, at this time, there are small voice came, he pulled back from his thoughts.

“I tell you, you should leave as soon as possible. Look at Xiao Li in the marketing department. He left as soon as he found his next home. You are loyal to your position. Do you think the leaders above can see it?”

Another weak female voice said, “but I’ve been here for more than two years, and I don’t want to change…”

“What do you know? What do you think the company is like now? Everyone is looking for a horse. You stick to your post foolishly and are hard to please. Besides, look at the state of general manager Yu, how can you lead the company to the next peak when your leg is broken? “

“Sister Chen, we can’t say that. Yu is always very capable, and his legs are not so good…”

“You know what!” The woman who just spoke abruptly interrupted her, “I’m afraid you just don’t know. The company has spread all over the world in private. Our Yu Zong’s two legs have been completely broken. It’s hopeless! You see now, everyone in the company has no enthusiasm, who still wants to do it? “


“But what? Xiao Feng, I just told you this as if you were my sister. Now I have several headhunters coming to me. I advise you to think about it earlier, and you have to choose. Otherwise, the company won’t work, and you will… “

Listening to them, Ruan Shishi involuntarily frowned. She took a deep breath and looked up in the direction of the voice. On the small balcony, there were two women. One was wearing a suit and a high horsetail, dressed as a strong woman, and the other was much more conservative.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, and finally got up and left.

In what capacity is she now involved in the Yu group? But when she heard them say that, Yu Yimo was very upset, as if she was holding a breath, very uncomfortable.

Ruan Shishi left Yu’s group a little dejected. On the way home, she was in a low mood.

Chapter 1394

If it wasn’t for her, Yu Yimo would not be cheated into the castle peak temple and fall into a trap. In other words, her responsibility is very big. In other words, Yu Gubei and Lord Luo Jiuye are the direct causes of Yu Yimo’s leg injury, while she is the indirect cause.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt uneasy and guilty. This kind of emotion, like a seed, was buried in her heart and slowly took root.

She owes this favor to her. Sooner or later, she will pay it back.

The next day, as soon as the sun rose, Ruan Shishi got up from the bed and quickly washed. Then she went to Ziji’s bedroom and gently woke him up.

Ziji looked at her sleepily and asked, “aunt What’s the matter? “

Ruan Shishi leaned close to his ear and said softly, “get up and take you to meet Master Wuen today.”

Smell speech, son Ji Dun when stare big eyes, an excited spirit sat up from the bed, “Wu en master?”

Ruan Shishi nodded seriously, touched his little head, “go to wash.”

The little guy immediately jumped out of bed and went out to the bathroom without saying a word.

Looking at his fiery appearance, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help stirring up his lips.

She had already thought about it yesterday. No matter whether Wu en would agree or not, she would try it today and bring Zi Ji with her. In this way, the possibility of success might be greater.

After an hour’s running, Ruan Shishi and Ziji finally arrived at their destination.

They have moved people from the last place. Now they are in one of the houses in a dilapidated community. Wu en is locked up in one of the bedrooms with two bodyguards outside.

When Ruan Shishi arrived at the gate, Xiaomeng had been waiting there in advance, “elder sister, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

At the sight of her, Xiao Meng smiles at her and talks to her.

Ruan Shishi was in no mood. He hooked his lips at him and then asked softly, “where is master Wuen now?”

“In one of the bedrooms inside.” Xiaomeng said, his eyes slowly passed over Ziji, and then said, “are you going to take him in directly?”

Ruan Shishi was slightly stunned. She quickly responded. She squatted down and comforted in a soft voice, “ziji, I’m going to see the situation. You wait for me here. I’ll come out soon.”

Hearing the speech, Ziji nodded obediently and said softly, “OK, I’ll wait for you here.”

With that, Xiao Meng came over and took Ziji to one side to play. Then Ruan Shishi was relieved and went to the bedroom door. The bodyguard opened the door and she walked in slowly.

In the bedroom, Wu en sat by the window with his back more and more bent. He was as thin as dry wood. He sat there and didn’t move even when he heard the door opening.

Ruan stood still and looked at him for a long time before he said, “Master Wu en.”

Hearing her voice, the figure moved slightly, didn’t turn and didn’t speak.

Ruan Shishi took two steps forward, looked at him and said, “I came here to have a talk with you.”

Wu en was still quiet. After waiting for Ruan Shi, he simply went to the other chair and sat down. He whispered to himself, “in life, we should give up. In the face of hatred, some people will choose to revenge, while others will choose to live again.”

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