The Warmest Romance Chapter 1395 -1396

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Chapter 1395

Then she turned to Wu en and asked softly, “Master Wu en, you know more about forgiveness and redemption than I do. Instead of living in hatred and revenge for the rest of your life, why don’t you choose to start a new life with the people you should cherish?”

Wu en finally had some movement, he turned his head, a pair of pale pupil gently moved.

Ruan Shishi was relieved. She stood up and said softly, “that’s all I want to say. I think you should miss Ziji very much. I’ve brought him.”

This time, Wu en’s face changed and his eyes burst out with light.

Ruan Shishi stepped to the door, opened the door, looked at Ziji, and called softly, “ziji, come here.”

Hearing this, Ziji stood up and trotted over.

Ruan Shishi lowered his head and touched his little head, and said in a soft voice, “go in.”

Ziji nodded and walked in. Then, she heard Ziji’s excited cry, “Master Wu en…”

She gently put the door on, and the corners of her eyes were a little wet.

She quietly went to the sofa and sat down, feeling a little strange.

At this time, next to her, Xiao Meng came to see that she was in a low mood, so he found a topic to chat with her, “sister, you How are you doing? “

Ruan Shishi suddenly thought of something. He looked up at him and answered softly, “it’s very good.”

Then, after a pause, she asked, “what’s going on in the company these days?”

At the mention of the company, Xiaomeng’s relaxed face suddenly became serious. He shook his head and truthfully replied, “not very optimistic.”

Ruan continued to ask, “how to say it?”

Xiaomeng hesitated for a moment, or said, “recently there are many people in the company to leave, can’t stay, and the company is not very good words spread, make everyone panic.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi immediately frowned, and the scene she accidentally bumped into yesterday came to her mind. At that time, the woman was persuading another woman to leave as soon as possible.

It turns out that this is not a single case, but a common phenomenon.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and asked, “what’s the matter without checking?”

Xiaomeng shook his head and said, “there is no way to check. Recently, the group has been in some turbulence. Several major industries, including stocks, have an impact on it. In addition, some people maliciously spread rumors. They come and go, and they can’t control it.”

Ruan Shishi frowned, and for a moment there was no way.

According to the current trend, it will gradually form a vicious circle. There will be more people leaving the company. In addition, there will be someone deliberately fanning the flames. I’m afraid that Yu’s group will soon have a big trouble again.

A moment later, she began to say, “I think it’s still Yu Gu Bei who sent people to make ghosts. He doesn’t show up now and has been hiding all the time. It’s supposed that he’s holding some big moves…”

Xiaomeng said with some distress, “the problem is that there is no evidence, and people can’t stay. This matter is urgent.”

Ruan Shishi was silent. After a while, she said firmly, “it’s better to change a group of people.”


Ruan Shishi nodded and said firmly, “yes, first find those people who make rumors everywhere, replace them, and then find some new people to inject into the company. On the one hand, they can clean up the door, eliminate dissidents, and infuse new blood into the company.”

Chapter 1396

Xiaomeng shook his head, “Yu always thought of it, but these people are not easy to catch, surveillance can’t get, and they talk in private, we don’t know.”

Ruan said with a smile, “I know how to grasp.”

With that, she found a piece of paper and a pen from the side, wrote and drew directly on it, and marked the place.

Xiaomeng looked at it, puzzled, “rest area, small balcony, tea room, staff canteen…”

Looking at Ruan’s poems, he couldn’t help asking, “what do you mean, sister?”

“Generally, those who stir up the flames will persuade and brainwash some employees in these places, especially in some dead corners where there is no monitoring, so it’s not difficult to catch those people. As long as you determine a good place and time, you can send some fresh faced people, don’t wear work clothes, and catch one by one.”

Xiaomeng looked at her in a daze, “sister, how do you know so well?”

Ruan’s poems raised his lips, smiling but not speaking.

She has more than two years of working experience in Yu’s group before, and has a general understanding of the internal situation of the company. Usually, what colleagues have to say will be in those occasions where there is no monitoring, and several places are the center of gossip topics. Now, those who fan the fire will certainly start in those places, which is beyond doubt.

The tall horsetail woman she met yesterday, who was brainwashing her colleagues, should also be one of the people who was bribed.

From this inference, she could probably think of the ways and habits of those people.

“It’s just my guess. You can go back and talk to Yu Yimo, but remember, don’t say it’s me.”

Xiaomeng smelled the speech, smirked mysteriously, nodded and said, “OK, I’ll keep it a secret.”

While they were talking, the door of Wu en’s room was suddenly pushed open. As soon as Ruan Shishi looked up, he saw Wu en and Ziji standing at the door.

Ziji’s big eyes were covered with mist, and he had just finished crying.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and slowly stood up. Before he could ask, he heard Wu en say, “I’ve thought about it. You’re right. It’s better to live a good life than live in hatred.”

Hearing the words, Ruan Shishi was deeply moved. She took a deep breath and went forward, “Master Wu en, I know there is a place where life is comfortable and suitable for…”

“No more.” Wu en shook his head. “I’m going to return to Qingshan temple with Ziji and several other disciples.”

Ruan Shiwei was stunned. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

Qingshan Buddhist temple is a sad place. If they go back, they will feel sad. So she thought, they might as well change their place and start their life again.

But she did not expect that Wu en would be so determined.

Looking at her appearance, Wu en said softly, “it’s not necessarily. Ziqing and I will discuss with each other later. Maybe we will go back to Qingshan to rebuild Qingshan Temple together, or go to Lishan to take refuge with the Abbot’s old friends. In a word, you don’t have to worry about us.”

Listening to him, Ruan Shishi’s heart sank. She nodded and said in a soft voice, “now that you have plans, I can rest assured.”

“If you need any help, you can call me and Xiao Meng. Where are you going now, we can send someone to send you there.”

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