The Warmest Romance Chapter 1403 -1404

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Chapter 1403

Several servants panting ran to the door of the security post, blocking her.

Lu Xiaoman’s eyes swept them coldly. He didn’t struggle and didn’t speak. He just let them buckle themselves back.

My aunt stood at the door, her face twisted together. Seeing that Lu Xiaoman was arrested again, she was relieved. If she was really run away today, I’m afraid she would be finished.

The aunt looked at her, sighed, shook her head and said, “Why are you doing this?”

Lu Xiaoman didn’t speak up. He lowered his head and let them lock her into the room.

She lay in bed, not anxious to touch the mobile phone, but calmly reviewed what happened today.

Yu Gubei knew that she vomited in the morning and that she didn’t eat meat. That is to say, this room is equipped with surveillance!

Realizing this, she got goose bumps all over her body.

Unexpectedly, he was such a mean and terrible person!

No wonder he knows all her whereabouts and actions. He is watching her all the time!

Lu Xiaoman sighed, and on the other hand secretly congratulated that she didn’t immediately take out the stolen mobile phone as soon as she came back, otherwise everything would be over.

Lying for a while, she slowly stood up, took out a new quilt from the cupboard, spread it on the bed, and got in. After a while, she crept out of her pocket.

It was a very old cell phone, but it was enough for her.

First, she added all the existing contacts in her mobile phone to the blacklist, then set all the prompt tones on her mobile phone to mute, and then logged in to wechat.

Pop up a few messages, are some friends daily greetings, in addition, there are mom sent to her message, are hissing, asking her to eat, sleep well greetings, watching, her tears fell down.

Over the years, she has been pretending to be in front of her mother, pretending that she has been working in a big hospital, and that she has no worries about food and drink. Before, she and Yu Gubei lived happily together, but now she lives and dies as if she were living in hell.

But she did not dare to say, and even more did not dare to ask her mother for help, because such pain, she felt on the line, never to pull her mother in again.

Lu Xiaoman shrank in the quilt and quietly wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes. Then he told his mother back in a relaxed and happy tone, with a joyful tone, which did not let her worry at all.

Then, she went through the whole wechat, and found no one who could help her at this moment.

The only one who can be trusted is probably Ruan Shishi. But she once betrayed her. How can she help her?

Lu Xiaoman struggles and regrets very much. She once cut off all her retreats. She naively thinks that Yu Gubei is her guarantee and her retreat. But the reality is always beating her face so fast. For the first time, she clearly realizes what is desperate.

When the most trusted person around her becomes a devil, she experiences what hell is for the first time.

Unconsciously, more than half an hour has passed. She doesn’t know when Yu Gubei will come back, but once he comes back, she can’t predict what will happen later.

Chapter 1404

Maybe he would put him in that dark little room again, and put handcuffs and chains on her, so that she could no longer see the light outside.

Therefore, she has to prepare for the worst and turn to the outside world for help before Yu Gubei comes back.

After thinking about it, she finally opened the dialog box of Ruan Shishi and sent out a sentence with trembling fingers.

After waiting for a while, there was no response. Lu Xiaoman began to panic. She took a deep breath, edited her situation into a long message and sent it again.

This time, wechat got a response.

Ruan Shishi replied coldly, “Lu Xiaoman, I regard you as my friend. What about you? It’s enough for you to cheat me once. I’ll never be fooled again this time. “

Looking at those words, Lu Xiaoman was desperate. She was shaking all over. After thinking about it, she dialed a video phone.

After ringing for a long time, someone answered at last. Lu Xiaoman didn’t dare to make a sound. At the same time, she didn’t dare to turn up the video, because she knew very well that there was a monitor installed in a corner of the room. Once she made a sound, she was completely exposed.

Ruan Shishi at the other end of the video is shocked to see the woman suddenly appearing on the screen. At this moment, Lu Xiaoman doesn’t know where she is. It’s dark all around. Only the slight light of her mobile phone can clearly illuminate her cheek. Her cheekbones are protruding and her cheeks are sunken on both sides. She’s lost a lot of weight, almost out of shape. Her face is sallow and simple, and she doesn’t have make-up Her eyes are red and swollen. What’s more, her eyes are full of intense fear and uneasiness.

This is by no means a casual performance, but a state that can be presented only after a person has gone through inhuman torture and extreme fear in his heart.

Ruan Shishi immediately tightened her brows and asked, “what’s the matter with you? Where are you now? “

Lu Xiaoman at the other end of the video shook his head and did not dare to make any sound. She seemed to pick up her mobile phone and light something on the screen. Soon, she received the message from her.

“I can’t talk. I have surveillance.”

Suddenly, Ruan Shishi’s heart suddenly tightened. She inhaled deeply, closed her mouth wisely, and also sent her a message, “what’s the situation?”

“I was imprisoned by Yu Gubei and was pregnant with his child. He cut off my contact with the outside world and I couldn’t escape…”

Ruan Shishi looks at Lu Xiaoman’s words and the pictures on the screen. Her body is chilly.

Although she is very clear that these things Lu Xiaoman has told her after simplification, it also makes her feel deep fear and cold.

What kind of man can make such abnormal behavior? And how much inhuman torture did Lu Xiaoman experience before he became what he is now?

She didn’t dare to think deeply, but there was a voice in her heart, calling all the time. She must help her, even if she had betrayed her!

All of a sudden, Lu Xiaoman didn’t know what voice she heard. She was shocked and looked scared. She quickly hung up the phone, and then sent a message to her, “he seems to be back.”

Ruan Shishi clenched her mobile phone and was stiff. She didn’t know what to do for a moment. The only thing she could be sure of was that she could never contact Lu Xiaoman on her own initiative. Otherwise, she might be exposed. In this way, she would have no chance.

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