The Warmest Romance Chapter 1401 -1402

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Chapter 1401

This kind of fear was born from the heart, like a vine, extending to the four limbs, no one belongs to her own place.

She is very clear about Yu Gubei’s temperament. She will never be careless when she says and does what she says. If he really takes her to the hospital today, she will never escape.

So the secret can’t be kept? She didn’t think about how to kill the child, but he found out.

Seeing that she was pulled to the stairway, Lu Xiaoman shook her head. Every cell in her body was resisting. She deadlocked with him with limited strength, “I won’t go I’m not going to… “

“Why don’t you go?”

Yu Gu Bei stops abruptly, pushes her to the wall and sticks her neck with his hand. His face is gloomy and frightening. “Lu Xiaoman, you are afraid! You’re afraid I’ll find out something, aren’t you? “

The man’s voice shook her whole body, she finally could not hold on, closed her eyes, tears had gushed out.

Up to now, all her insistence and resistance are futile and useless, but she doesn’t want to admit it and insists on the last stubbornness.

Lu Xiaoman leaned against the wall, slowly slid down, and finally shrunk into a ball, burying his face between his knees.

“Well, since you don’t want to go, I’ll send for someone to check.”

Yu Gubei said, immediately took out the mobile phone, dialed a phone, soon, ten minutes later, a man on the door.

That’s Yu Gubei’s family doctor. He came to help Lu Xiaoman deal with the wound several times before. He was familiar with her face. Without waiting for Lu Xiaoman to resist, Yu Gubei had already called several servants to hold her limbs and let the family doctor draw blood by force.

Looking at the bright red liquid, Lu Xiaoman’s eyes showed despair.

This time, she couldn’t escape anyway.

With a heavy sound of closing the door, the house suddenly quieted down. Lu Xiaoman was lying on the bed, gasping for breath. Tears ran down the corner of his eyes and ran to his ears.

Blood test for pregnancy is more accurate than stick, and there is no way to fake, even if it can, she has no chance.

At that moment, the four words echoing back and forth in her mind were “powerless to return to heaven”.

Unless Yu Gu Bei doesn’t want the child, her nightmare will start from scratch.

At the gate of the villa, Yu Gu stood there, listening to the family doctor.

“I’ll send the blood sample back to the studio, check it, and the results will be available in half an hour.”

Yu Gubei said slowly, “OK, please.”

As the doctor left, his face became more and more gloomy.

Why does Lu Xiaoman not want him to know about pregnancy? Does she want to stay or kill her?

Without waiting for him to think clearly, the sound of footsteps came from behind. Shao Zhuo came to remind him in a low voice, “young master, it’s late, it’s time to go out, otherwise miss Qiao will wait for us.”

When he heard the word “Miss Qiao”, Yu Gu Bei came back to his senses. He gathered the shadow of his eyes, then turned and walked toward the second floor, “change clothes and set out.”

Today is an important day. It’s an important day for him and Qiao Zhijin. After chasing the Qiao family for so long, they have finally established a relationship. This is their first date after they have established a relationship. It’s very important and crucial.

Chapter 1402

But I didn’t expect that it was at this time that such a thing happened. It was inevitable that he would not be distracted.

He put on his clothes and became a modest and noble young man. Before he went out, he told Lu Xiaoman’s aunt to take care of her. “I will take care of her.”

Auntie knew that she had dereliction of duty. She didn’t dare to neglect her this time. She nodded, “yes, sir, I’m sure I’ll take good care of her!”

Smell speech, Yu Gu North swept her one eye, step on the car to leave.

My aunt stood on the steps and watched the car leave respectfully.

As the car drove away, she turned and went back to the house without noticing that something had fallen from the second floor window.

Lu Xiaoman looked down on the balcony wall and bit her teeth. She still couldn’t make up her mind. If she was so tall, she would be hurt if she didn’t jump on the quilt.

However, she has no way back. Now she’s going out while Yu Gubei. She has to escape from the house, or she will have no chance when he comes back.

Thinking about this, she bit her teeth and slowly climbed to the windowsill. She took a deep breath and was ready to jump.

Just then, the sound of turning the doorknob came out of the door. Then, the aunt’s voice rang out, “Miss Lu, how can you turn the door upside down? Open it quickly!”

Lu Xiaoman clenched his teeth, closed his eyes and jumped out.

With “bang!” A sound, she felt her body heavy fall, body pain, shock she coughed a few times.

But fortunately, she just jumped on the quilt, in addition to some pain in the body, and did not fall.

She looked up at the gate not far away, but she could not care about the pain. She immediately got up and ran towards the door.

Running to the iron gate, she immediately opened the door and ran out.

When she set foot on the land outside the villa, she was excited and happy at that moment. Her whole body was wrapped up in freedom. But just after a few steps, she heard a cry coming from the villa, “there she is! Run out

All of a sudden, the tension suddenly hit, she did not dare to stop, did not dare to turn her head, ran forward with big strides, did not dare to relax for a moment.

Soon, there was a chase and a cry from behind. Lu Xiaoman was looking for a place to escape, but the villa area was empty except for greening. Just then, she saw the security guard at the gate.

She quickly ran to the security post and saw that it was empty. She didn’t even think about it, so she went straight in.

Through monitoring, she can clearly see those people running this way. If she runs out again at this time, she will only be caught.

What about her? What to do!

All of a sudden, her eyes aimed at the shabby mobile phone on the table. Without thinking about it, she immediately grabbed it and stuffed it into her clothes.

At this moment, she had seen those people have run over, hesitated for a moment, she gritted her teeth, took out a few hundred yuan bills from her pocket and put them on the table.

If caught back, what she needs most is a communication tool that can communicate with the outside world.

Obviously, she can’t run away, and this mobile phone is her last hope.

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