The Warmest Romance Chapter 1411 -1412

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Chapter 1411

Ruan Shishi noticed that Yu Yimo was looking at her with hot and dry cheeks.

In fact, Yu Yimo’s words outside just now were clearly heard in the room, including his words to protect her.

Inexplicably, the heart is always flowing with a warm current.

At this time, Yu Yimo took the lead in breaking the deadlock, “wait a minute, I’ll let her hide in the crowd of bodyguards and send her out.”

Then he glanced at Lu Xiaoman.

At last, he turned his head and looked at Ruan Shishi and said, “we can only guarantee that she will be sent to the car safely, but we can’t guarantee anything after that.”

Ruan Shishi nodded, “I am very grateful that you can help us to this step. Thank you.”

Although she didn’t know how Yu Yimo knew about her, all in all, he was able to bring so many people to come quickly in an emergency, which was enough to show that he was prepared in advance. Maybe it was said by Xiao Meng, but anyway, he helped her a lot.

Yu Yimo said solemnly, “it’s late. You clean up and come out as soon as possible. I’ll let Xiao Meng wait outside.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and watched them leave the room. His heart relaxed completely.

She turned her head and was about to say something to Lu Xiaoman. She suddenly noticed her ugly face and was stunned. Then she asked, “what’s the matter?”

Lu Xiaoman took a deep breath and said, “I I don’t know whether to keep the child or not. “

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi did not speak.

Because when Lu Xiaoman sent a message to her that day, she clearly said in the message that she didn’t want the child. Now that she has escaped, she is a little uncertain.

“In fact, I didn’t intend to have this child from the beginning. I didn’t want to have any connection with that man. I wanted to do it directly in the hospital, but…”

Lu Xiaoman said, voice pause, do not know what to say.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, looked at her and said, “but you can’t make up your mind now, can you?”

Lu Xiaoman looked embarrassed. She nodded and didn’t speak.

Ruan Shishi pauses and says in a sincere tone, “as a past person, I advise you to be cautious about giving birth to children. All the decisions you made before were made when you were not calm enough, so what you need most now is to calm yourself down, decide to stay or kill, and make a careful decision.”

At the beginning, she didn’t know whether she should stay or not. Later, she made a decision and gave birth to two little angels, sensenshasha. Although sometimes she was very hard and tired, when she looked back, she felt that she was enjoying life.

If a man drinks, he knows the cold and the warm.

Such a thing, you have to make your own decisions.

Lu Xiaoman listened to her and thought for a moment. He nodded quickly and said softly, “you’re right. I’d better wait until I calm down.”

Ruan Shishi nodded gently, and then said, “well, as for your recent arrangement, let’s live in my house first, because I don’t know where to arrange you. After a while, when the spotlight is over, you can think about it.”

“Good.” Lu Xiaoman looked at her gratefully, “Shishi, thank you very much…”

Chapter 1412

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi gave her a deep look. Instead of speaking, she raised her foot and walked out.

Although they were good friends who talked about everything before, after Lu Xiaoman betrayed her last time, there was still some estrangement and estrangement between them.

They walked out of the ward one by one and quickly arrived at the gate of the hospital. After getting on the bus, they went directly to Ruan Shishi’s home, the direction of Xiqiao garden.

Xiaomeng sat in the driver’s seat, looking at the two women in the back row are silent, one by one silent, can not help but take the lead to break the silence.

“Sister Shi What do you think of my performance just now in front of Yugu north? “

This is to adjust the atmosphere of a sentence, and who knows his voice down, the atmosphere has become even more embarrassing than just now.

Ruan Shishi slightly side head, see Lu Xiaoman’s face expression is not quite right, can’t help but gasp, changed the topic, quietly asked, “by the way, Xiaomeng, how can Yu Yimo suddenly arrive today?”

“I…” Xiaomeng stammered and felt guilty. “I said it. I’m afraid that something might happen and I can’t hold it by myself, so I sent a short message to Mr. Yu to explain the situation. I didn’t expect that he suddenly appeared in such an emergency. It’s so handsome to save the field in time!”

Looking at the expression on Xiaomeng’s face from guilty to excited, Ruan Shishi hooked her lips and didn’t speak.

This event is equivalent to Yu Yimo saving her once again. She owes him a favor and will pay it back sooner or later.

Soon, the car arrives at Xiqiao garden. Ruan Shishi and Lu Xiaoman push the door open and get off. After saying goodbye to Xiaomeng, they go directly into the yard.

Because Ms. Liu and Prof. Ruan have been traveling abroad during this period of time, there are only servants and Sensen Shasha in their family, which is quite quiet.

Ruan Shishi led Lu Xiaoman to the door of a room on the first floor, turned to her and said, “you can live here. You can tell me anything you need.”

Lu Xiaoman nodded, her eyes full of gratitude. At this moment, she suddenly thought of something, hesitated for a moment, and said, “by the way, Shishi, didn’t you say you have something to ask me?”

The day before yesterday, they reached an agreement through mobile phone contact. Ruan Shishi once said that she had something to ask her.

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi gave a little pause, pondered for a moment, and asked, “what I want to know is how Yu Gubei’s leg was cured?”

When Lu Xiaoman heard this, he was a little tense. I’m afraid no one knew the answer better than her. At the beginning, she met Yu Gubei. She was his private nurse who was with him to treat his legs. She knew nothing more about the hardships and difficulties they had experienced.

She took a deep breath and said, “it’s a long story…”

Ruan Shi Wen Yan, silent did not speak, Lu Xiaoman will continue to speak.

“In fact, at the beginning, I also felt that his legs were no longer good. His legs were totally unconscious. There was no significant effect in doing rehabilitation massage and looking for traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Until later, he found a doctor who used a method to do recovery training, plus a special medicine to stimulate nerves…”

Lu Xiaoman told Ruan Shi everything she knew. She listened and fell into silence unconsciously.

It’s really a long and complicated process. It’s not easy for Lu Xiaoman to stay with Yu Gubei for so long and help him recover his action ability bit by bit.

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