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Chapter 679

Dixon Lily didn’t even have the intention to pay attention to him, her eyes were red, and she looked at the man who was panicking on the opposite side, “Sir, do you know Lucy?”

Dixon Lily’s sudden questioning made the two men beside her startled, and Lewis Justin looked sideways at Dixon Lily with a somewhat complicated expression.

“Are you not Allen Lucy?” the man asked her suspiciously.

“I am not!” Dixon Lily shook her head with tears in her eyes. “Sir, I am the twin sister of Lucy. Do you know about her? I have been looking for her for nearly ten years! Can you tell me about her?” Dixon Lily was excited to catch him.

However, in the next second, Lewis Justin grabbed her hand back aggressively.

As she speaks she even driving hands and feet!

The strange man didn’t seem to expect this to be the case, “I saw her…also, it happened a few years ago, she…she was a young lady in Ball Nelson before, and that would be better with her for a while, so …” The man didn’t dare to go on with the words behind, because he felt the paler face of the “woman” opposite and the colder eyes of the man opposite.


Dixon Lily almost couldn’t believe it, her tears were like broken pearls, falling constantly, her small body staggered and almost dizzy, but fortunately, Lewis Justin kept supporting her.

Lewis Justin was even more surprised. He didn’t expect Dixon Lily to have a twin sister. However, he had never found this in her information. What’s even stranger was why her surname was Dixon, and her sister’s surname is Allen? Or do they follow their mother’s surname and their father’s surname?

“Ball Nelson? Where is Ball Nelson?” Dixon Lily looked at the man opposite, and then at Lewis Justin beside her.

There were all anxious tears in her eyes, and that appearance was even more pitiful.

“What’s the matter? Girl.” Suddenly, a gentle voice was inserted into the conversation between them.

“Brook Mark, will you take me to Ball Nelson? Take me now!” Seeing Brook Mark appear, Dixon Lily’s eyes showed joy, and the feeling of dependence deeply pierced Lewis Justin beside her.

“Why are you crying? First, tell me what’s going on!” Brook Mark said as he gently wiped Dixon Lily’s tears, the tenderness in his eyes made the “female” around her look more envious and jealous.

“Say while walking.”

“OK!” Brook mark seemed to sense the seriousness of the matter and walked outside after pulling her.

The two of them just got in the car to leave, but suddenly, Lewis Justin appeared, opened the door of the passenger seat, and arrogantly pulled Dixon Lily to leave, “I’ll take you there!”

“Lewis Justin, what are you doing?” Dixon Lily was completely absent, a little surprised at Lewis Justin’s sudden movements.

“Lewis!” Brook Mark got out of the car and pulled Dixon Lily over to protect her behind him. “Today I’m a face, so many people inside are watching!”

Lewis Justin sneered, half-hit, pointed at Dixon Lily behind him, nodded slightly, “Girl, you choose, between me and Mark, who do you want!”

What’s going on…?

Dixon Lily looked at the confronting man with a dazed expression and felt sparks running between them.

This situation surprised her, but this is not the time when she thinks so much.

Lewis Justin, who was on the opposite side, decided, “It’s better to let Brook Mark take me there!”

After finishing talking, she pulled Brook Mark and hurriedly got into the car.

Brook Mark was right. Many people inside were watching, and his grandfather might also be looking at them in a corner upstairs. If she abandons him and follows Lewis Justin at this time, wouldn’t it be possible for others to watch Brook mark? A joke? However, perhaps without this, Dixon Lily would still choose Brook Mark tonight, for no reason, everything depends on feelings.

She feels that the relationship between her and Brook Mark is better! At least, it’s easier between them!

The car left.

Lewis Justin was left standing indifferently by the fountain, staring at the Bentley disappearing into the night, his eyes were icy and extremely cold.

“Lewis Justin!” Suddenly someone behind him called him.

It’s Brown Emily.

He walked away without looking back.

“Lewis Justin, stop first!” Brown Emily stopped him quickly.

Lewis Justin paused, staring coldly at the “female” opposite.

“Lewis Justin likes Dixon Lily?”

A terrifying murderous aura flashed in Lewis Justin’s icy black eyes, “I need a “female” like you to report things about this young master?”

His words made Brown Emily pale instantly.

What does he call a “female” like her… This man doesn’t leave her any face when he speaks.

“Lewis Justin, I like Brook Mark! And you like Dixon Lily, maybe we can consider joining hands to get them back to ourselves!” Brown Emily summoned the courage.

She just wanted to win Brook Mark with the help of Lewis Justin!

Lewis Justin chuckled as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world, “Does Miss Brown often humiliate herself like this?”


Lewis Justin snorted coldly, “I have no problem with Mark’s idea, but I have to remind you first that the “female” named Dixon Lily is not something you can move at will!”

After speaking, he left without looking back, leaving only a piece of cold to wrap Brown Emily tightly.


Along the way, Dixon Lily simply told Brook Mark what had just happened, but she was even more uncomfortable in her heart.

What the strange man said just now was still confusing.

“She used to be a young lady in Ball Nelson…”


How could Lucy do such a thing? Impossible, she doesn’t believe it!

“Girl, don’t be like this…” Brook Mark’s heart sank a little when he looked at Dixon Lily like this. He wanted to be comforted, but he didn’t know how to speak. After all, he had never experienced comforting people.

He pulled some tissues to her, “Girl, don’t cry, I don’t know if what he said is true or false!”

Dixon Lily shook her head, tears falling more and more, “It won’t be fake, he knows the name she reads…”

Brook Mark didn’t want to talk anymore, so he could only let her cry, while he was driving her while constantly drawing tissues for her.

It was the first time he saw the girl’s fragile appearance, even when she was mobbed and mobbed by the net name, he didn’t see her so fragile.

Soon, she arrived at Ball Nelson.

However, to Dixon Lily’s disappointment, the manager of Ball Nelson told them that Allen Lucy had been a lady with them three years ago, and now she has disappeared.

When she heard these words, Dixon Lily felt that she was about to collapse.

Three years ago…

Her thoughts are here…

Tears, bursting down the embankment, Dixon Lily’s pale face, grabbing the manager’s tie, whimpered out of control, “Three years ago…Three years ago, how old was Lucy! She was still a minor adult!!! How can you let her? How can she do this kind of thing!! Frenzy, freaking out…”

Three years ago, she was only sixteen years old! Sixteen-year-old female, but she is trapped in this place, doing that kind of trade!

“Miss! Could you please let go, if you don’t let go, I have to call the police!”

“Call the police?” Dixon Lily sneered. “Call the police. I will call the police if you don’t!”

Dixon Lily sneered at the corners of her lips, like a devil.

“Girl, let’s go first!” Brook Mark pulled over Dixon Lily, who was a little emotional and walked out.

Dixon Lily kept smiling, with a ridiculous smile on her lips, tears in her eyes, and her distress as if she was about to suffocate.

Seeing Dixon Lily’s appearance, Brook Mark wanted to comfort her but didn’t know how to proceed.

“Girl, I’ll take you home first! Don’t think about anything tonight, get a good night’s sleep, okay?”
Dixon Lily did not speak, just nodded.

Brook Mark sent Dixon Lily back home and sat with her for a while until he felt Dixon Lily’s mood stabilized a little, and then Brook Mark left.

That night, Ball Nelson, who had never been investigated by the police, was investigated. The reason was simple, involving pornography! Moreover, the methods are tough, even if there are too many high-ranking officials behind Ball Nelson, they can’t. The police of the anti-vice team only said that this time it must be done!

Late at night, Dixon Lily still did not go upstairs to rest.

Just lying on the sofa, staring blankly at the big screen in front of her, the remote control in her hand kept pressing, changing from one platform to another, but there was no intention to stop.

Now her thoughts are still chaotic and uncomfortable.

Her heart seemed to be blocked by a large rock, which made her breathless, and even every time she breathed, her chest would ache sharply.


Suddenly, only a soft sound was heard from the door lock of the hallway, the door was pushed open, and a tall and tall figure walked in.

It’s Lewis Justin.

Dixon Lily turned her head to look at him, then turned away again, her eyes still sluggish, and she didn’t even want to pay attention to him.

His steps, without the slightest pause, walked directly towards her on the sofa.

Approaching her, the next moment, leaning over, sexually thin lips, with obvious anger, domineeringly hit her seductive red lips.

“Girl, you annoyed me today!!”

He said angrily, but his big hand had already been put in Dixon Lily’s robe.

Dixon Lily frowned, reached out to grab his big hand, and struggling to escape from his kiss, her eyes were red, and she looked at the man indifferently, “I’m not in the mood tonight…”

Her voice was very cold and indifferent as if she was extremely strange to anyone and everything in the world, especially this man!

Lewis Justin was taken aback, but quickly, his lips kissed her cold lips again, “Girl, I won’t let you go tonight!!”

Anyone can feel the anger in his voice clearly, not to mention Dixon Lily who is so close to him.

With the sound of “Wow-“, Dixon Lily could not return to her senses in the future, but she felt cold on her body, and her nightgown was easily torn away by the man on her body.

He picked her up and sat down, stretched out his hands to untie his shirt and belt.

The action is eager but still elegant.

And Dixon Lily, sitting opposite him, looked at everything in front of her indifferently, her eyes almost hollow.

It seems that almost everything in this world is illusory…

She was full of thoughts, but she had no intention of thinking about anything else.

Two people meet frankly.

Lewis Justin asked her to sit on his lap, his forehead against her cold forehead, his voice hoarse, “Girl, give me some reaction!”

Dixon Lily’s pupils rolled and stared at him stupidly, “Do you have to do this?”

When the voice fell, Lewis Justin opened his lips and bit on Dixon Lily’s lips. Dixon Lily couldn’t help but whispered in pain, staring at the man in front of her with low anger.

“You like Mark?”

The voice was as cold as ice and asked the “woman” opposite.

The look in his eyes could almost swallow her.

Dixon Lily nodded indifferently, “Yes…”

Chapter 680

She liked him, and even, liked him more than the man in front of her.

However, for her likes, it is just a simple like!

As the voice fell, Lewis Justin’s eyes could almost burst into flames. The next moment, he suddenly picked her up, and then, without warning, severely demanded the “woman” on him.

“Lewis… Lewis Justin, let me go!!! It hurts, hurts!!! Bird-beast, you are a bird-beast!! Quickly let me go…”

Her tears couldn’t stop flowing out…

It hurts so much!!!

The whole body was struggling, however, she was always held tightly by his tight arms, and the force almost crushed her alive.

Lewis Justin sneered at the corners of his mouth, feeling gloomy like a devil, “Does it hurt? Girl, when you were working with Brook Mark, would you suddenly remember the pain?”

He smiled horribly and triumphantly.

Dixon Lily was convulsive-twitching, her face pale, her small body was about to bend into a ball because of pain, tears flew out, “Lewis Justin, you are a bird-beast!!! A veritable bird-beast!!!”

Lewis Justin sneered dryly, very penetrating, “Girl, I am a bird-beast, a bird-beast without blood and meat!!!”

Therefore, even though she was in tears, he was indifferent at all. Therefore, even if she looked pale and convulsed and spasm, he could still vent the suppressed anger in his heart. !!!

A crisp sound of “pop” sounded throughout the hall.

Two people were startled for a second at the same time.

Lewis Justin didn’t expect Dixon Lily to slap him.

Dixon Lily did not expect that she would slap him.

However, she quickly came back to her senses, her eyebrows were locked from the pain, and she stared at the man opposite, “Let go of me!”

On Lewis Justin’s stern face, the five fingerprints were extremely clear.

There was a devilish sneer on the corner of his lips, “Girl, the beast will not let go if he is not full! And…The beast cannot tolerate betrayal! So, on the day you like Brook Mark, you should expect it so this day!!!”

As soon as the voice fell, he opened his lips and teeth and bit down Dixon Lily’s left atrium without mercy.

“Ah -” Dixon Lily screamed in pain, only feeling bright red blood seeping out of her chest. At that moment, her whole body was almost cold.

This man is a beast!!! Still always, beasts that can eat people!!!

With her actions, he became fiercer.

And while biting her lips and teeth, he didn’t mean to let go.

Dixon Lily’s face was pale, and her whole body trembled…

Tears, keep flowing…

She felt that if this continued, she would be tortured to death by this man!

“Girl, does it hurt?” He asked her with a smile, his voice seemed to be proud, and the corners of his lips were still flushed with blood.

Dixon Lily trembled with panic, her face was terrible, but the next second, she lowered her head, opened her mouth, and bitten Lewis Justin’s rolling apple.

She spent twelve points of effort!!! Almost exhausted all the power…

Sweat, along with tears, keeps falling…

His throat was bitten between her lips and teeth…

He exhaled in pain but found that the pain in his chest was even more…

Not a fleshy pain, but the twitching pain in the chest!!!

It turns out that even if he is a bird-beast, he still feels pain!!!

Bitten by her, he did not struggle, nor did he push her away.

Even, it made him feel…this feeling is extraordinarily real!!!

He held her arms and held her arms tighter and tighter…

“Girl…” He felt that blood had begun to ooze from his throat.

He curled his eyebrows, his voice was low and whispered.

Dixon Lily was trembling and sobbing, but always biting him, without any intention to let go, it felt like she was going to be bitten to death alive.

Between them…

It’s just been hurting each other!!!

The pain is not reduced by half!

Finally, Dixon Lily cried, letting go of her biting lips and teeth.

For an instant, the whole person seemed to collapse, and fell weakly on his shoulder, hissing in pain.

Her sudden strong emotions caused Lewis Justin to panic…

He was stunned for a second…

But he suddenly understood that he just now really hurt her.

A few complicated emotions flashed through his eyes, and the next moment, he hurriedly put on his clothes, ready to go upstairs to get medicine.

But suddenly, the pace took one step, but the big hand was clasped by Dixon Lily, who looked a little trance on the sofa.

Lewis Justin looked back at her.

A cold sneer hung on the corner of her lips, “Lewis Justin, you have committed a foul!”

She smiled, looked at him, her eyes so sure, and continued, “Are you in love with me?”

Even if she asked rhetorically, her tone was so determined, and her eyes looked indifferent.

Lewis Justin was taken aback, his whole body stiffened for a second, a complex emotion flashed in his eyes…

Suddenly thought of brown Emily’s words…

After a while, he turned around, leaned close to Dixon Lily on the sofa, and stroked her pale cheek with his big hand, “Girl, will loving someone make her suffer this torture?”

He laughed coldly, then said, “If I love someone, I will not even touch her…just like the little one in my heart, even if I want her much, I dare not want her because I am afraid I will defile her so clean and holy, and you…”

He paused for a moment, his eyes seemed to be the inevitable gentleness, “And you are just a tool of Lewis Justin! Want to use yourself and Ava to weigh the weight in my heart, do you think you are qualified? Sometimes… don’t be too self-righteous…”

“Also…” A deep sneer flicked from the corner of his lips, “I will prove to you how deep my love for Ava is, and for you…soon, you will understand that I, Lewis Justin do I love you or not!”

After speaking with a sneer, he turned and left.

This time, instead of going upstairs, he walked directly to the door.

Dixon Lily sat on the sofa indifferently for a long, long time, expressionless, her eyes hollow, but her fingers were still pressing the remote control, turning one stage after another…

She doesn’t know how long she has persisted like this…

Until the end, she couldn’t help but buried her head in her arms and wept bitterly.

No one knows how fragile Dixon Lily is today.

Just when her heart was hurting into the bone marrow, this man appeared…

However, what brought her did not have any warmth, but what gave her was a dark abyss even more terrifying than cold…

At that second, she seemed to hear the glass-like heart in her chest, and the heart was broken with a cry.

So, she opened her lips and bit his throat hard…

At that second, she had a thought, what would happen if she bit his throat…

However, at the last second, he suddenly stretched out his hand and hugged her affectionately. At that moment, all the tight strings collapsed.

She is helpless as a child…

Can only cry…

At that moment, she wanted to have a warm embrace, holding her, telling her, no matter how painful and painful, there is still him! She wants someone to comfort her so warmly, her thoughts will come back sooner or later…

However, in addition to the coldness for her, he is still cold…

Even so hurt, so painful!

She asked him if he fell in love with her. She just wanted to drive him away…

She knew where his fatal point was! Such an arrogant man would never allow himself to be tempted by a “female” like her! Such an infatuated man would never allow himself to be tempted by the second “woman”!

So… as she wished, he left!

Only left, a room of pain…

Dragging the painful body, in the darkness, step by step, slowly walked upstairs.

Every step she takes, it hurts once…

Every step is a torment! This is almost an unforgettable experience!

However, the next second, when Dixon Lily lifted her foot, she felt her body vacant for a while, and a pair suddenly came out from behind her, hugged her sideways, and walked into her room quickly.

Dixon Lily screamed in fright, but heard a cold voice above her head, “It’s me!”

Lewis Justin!!!

Dixon Lily’s red and swollen lips moved slightly, but she never spoke.

“The phone is dropped, come back and get it.”

He explained.

However, the darkness blocked his twinkling eyes, so that Dixon Lily couldn’t see the panic and guilty conscience in his eyes at this moment.

He didn’t drop any mobile phones at all.

In other words… what is falling is his heart.

The car has already driven a long way, but Dixon Lily’s painful figure is always in his mind…

He regretted it! At least, he regrets not caring about her pain!

Finally, the front of the car turned, and he turned back again…

He saw her climbing the stairs so hard!

It was already an hour since he came out of Lijingyuan again.

The car drove fast on the empty street, and it felt like a race against time. The wind of late autumn whizzed past his ears, so cold, just like his messy heart at this moment.

The car drove aimlessly…

Until stopped in front of a luxurious community.

Allison Ava opened the door, and when she saw Lewis Justin at the door, she was slightly startled and a little surprised.


The surprised eyes quickly showed joyful eyes, some surprise, he unexpectedly came to her suddenly.

“Ava…” Lewis Justin’s voice was faintly hoarse.

In the next moment, he stretched out his hand to hold her tightly in his arms.

That feeling, as if to learn more and more things from her.

Or maybe, eager to prove something…

“Justin, why did you come over suddenly?” Allison Ava hugged him with both hands and asked suspiciously.

Lewis Justin hugged her tightly, “It’s nothing, I just miss you…”

Yes, he misses her, he wants to tell her that at this moment, there is only her in his heart!

“Ava, I’ll spend the night with you tonight, okay?”

“Of course…” Allison Ava’s eyes showed joy.

Lewis Justin let go of her, and in the next moment, he held her small face, and an eager kiss fell madly towards her.

“Little Ava, I love you…”

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