The Warmest Romance Chapter 1417 -1418

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Chapter 1417

Smell speech, Yu Gu North sneer voice, “sure as expected.”

He said, his eyes suddenly became sharp and cold, straight toward song yean looked over, “your woman, is not honest at all, that day in the hospital, she was like a turtle, killed and refused to go out of the ward, there was someone to defend her, who do you guess?”

Song yean frowned. He didn’t know there would be such a scene. He took a deep breath and asked coldly, “what’s the situation?”

“It seems you don’t know yet!” Yu Gubei looked at him with a meaningful expression, “didn’t your wife tell you? The person who helped her take Lu Xiaoman away from me is your rival

Hearing the name, song yean’s face changed. He stared at him coldly, his lips moved and didn’t say a word.

“What’s more, do you know what it is? Your wife’s ex husband told me to protect her forever… “

Yu Gubei said, and specially “tut tut” twice, “the relationship between the two people is broken, cut constantly, but also chaos, too ambiguous…”

“Enough!” Song yean interrupted him with a cold voice. He clenched his fists, and the tendons on his forearm had already burst. He stared coldly at Yu Gubei, trying to suppress his anger. “Do you think I will believe your one-sided words?”

Yu Gubei said with a smile, “even if I don’t believe it, I didn’t lie. But there were many people on the scene that day. It’s not difficult to know the truth with song Zong’s ability.”

When he said that, song yean’s face was even more ugly. He didn’t expect that Ruan Shishi had concealed so many things from him. She would rather turn to Yu Yimo than to him. This fact really made him cold.

He repressed his emotions and adjusted his facial expression. Then he looked up at Yu Gubei and said in a cold voice, “vice president Yu didn’t come here just to tell me this, did he?”

“I came to you, of course, for something more important.” Yu Gu Bei squinted slightly, “I want you to do something for me.”

Said, he raised his eyes to the side of Shao Zhuo, Shao Zhuo understanding, immediately stretched out his hand out what, put in front of song yean.

Yu Gu north tone light said his plan, “Lu Xiaoman is now in your home, you want to do something more easy.”

Song yean’s eyes widened in amazement and looked at him deeply. Then he looked at the things on the table and subconsciously refused, “I can’t do it.”

Yu Gubei interrupts him directly and says firmly, “you did it.”

Song yean once again refused, “I can’t do that.”

Yu Gubei is not worried. He says with a smile, “it doesn’t matter. It’s ok if you don’t do it, but from now on, I have no obligation to keep your secrets for you.”

These two words, like a basin of cold water, poured down from the top of song yean’s head, instantly made him stiff. He looked at Yu Gubei warily, frowned and asked, “what do you mean?”

“Literally.” Yu Gu Bei leaned back, his posture was arbitrary, and said in a low voice, “do you remember that I was able to find Qingshan Buddhist temple because of you, if you hadn’t informed me…”

“Shut up

Song yean frowned and interrupted, his heart beating wildly in his chest.

Chapter 1418

This is the last thing he wants to mention, because he knows very well that if Ruan Shishi knows the truth, she will not forgive him. To put it another way, it is because he informs Yu Gubei that he can find Qingshan temple and kill the abbot. All this has something to do with him.

Once Yu Gubei says it, the “facts” he deliberately created before will be broken without attack. The trust he gained through unremitting efforts will disappear completely. Therefore, he can never compromise!

Yu Gubei seems to be very satisfied with his reaction. He raises his chin to the things on the table and says faintly, “if you don’t want me to say it, help me do it.”

Song yean frowns and looks at Yu Gubei with more hatred and disgust. But now, he seems to have no other choice.

Yu Gubei saw that he didn’t speak any more. With a smile on his lips, he stood up and walked towards the door. When he passed him, he stopped slightly. “I’ll give you three days. I’ll wait for your good news.”

Finish saying, he takes Shao Zhuo to leave directly.

As the door slammed shut, song yean sat on the sofa, motionless, as if petrified.

From the moment he saw Lu Xiaoman at home yesterday, he had a bad feeling. He knew very well that he couldn’t have anything to do with Yu Gubei, but in the end he didn’t escape.

He sat there for a long time, finally took a deep breath, looked at the thing on the table, hesitated to pick it up and put it in his pocket.

In any case, he must do it this time, otherwise all his efforts in recent years will be in vain.

Determined, he clenched his fist slightly and walked out.

That night, when he got home, he called a servant to his study.

This servant is usually responsible for the purchase of materials at home, as well as the jurisdiction of the kitchen area. In a word, he has been with song yean for several years, so he is an old man.

Song yean took a deep breath, took out the things in his pocket and put them on the table, “you take this…”

Here, a voice came from outside the study, “good night, are you back?”

Song yean’s body was shocked, and he almost subconsciously took things back.

Just then, Ruan Shishi opened the door and came in.

As soon as she came in, she saw a servant in the study besides song yean. She was stunned and said, “are you busy?”

Song yean coughed twice, looked at the servant, then whispered, “no, I’ll ask him to report what he bought this month.”

Then he stood up, took a look at the servant, and said softly, “go down first, and I’ll see the bill some other day.”

On hearing this, the servant nodded and immediately left the room.

Seeing that he had left, song yean walked to Ruan Shishi and asked softly, “what’s the matter?”

After a pause, Ruan Shishi said, “it’s nothing. I just want to ask if you know a doctor in a private hospital. I want to take Xiaoman to have a physical examination.”

Song yean hesitated for a moment, a dark light flashed through his eyes, and then he said, “yes, I’ll contact you back and give you the contact information.”

As soon as Ruan Shishi heard it, she laughed happily, and her worries disappeared. “OK, I’ll wait for your news.”

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