The Warmest Romance Chapter 1415 -1416

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Chapter 1415

Her face was pale, her eyes were dark, and she was thin. She looked haggard.

Ruan Shishi frowned, worried, and asked, “what’s the matter with you? Is there something wrong? “

Lu Xiaoman pulled lip, some helpless smile, “in the morning, nausea is fierce, no appetite.”

When she said that, Ruan Shishi understood what was going on. She stepped forward and said in a soft voice, “before, I vomited a lot when I was pregnant. During that time, two little guys were tossing back and forth in their stomachs, almost killing me. I had some small methods. Although they couldn’t essentially change this state, they could at least be more comfortable…”

Lu Xiaoman’s eyes flashed light and asked softly, “what can I do?”

Ruan Shishi smiles, takes her hand and walks into the room, “you come with me.”

They went to the bed one after the other. Ruan Shishi found several acupoints on her body, gently massaged them, and told her the method, “this, and this acupoint, it’s very uncomfortable. You can gently press it, it will relieve some pain, and here…”

Ruan Shishi’s fingers seem to have magic power. When she presses them, Lu Xiaoman’s tight brows slowly stretch out. She looks at Ruan Shishi with a warm smile. “Thank you, Shishi.”

Ruan Shishi said in a soft voice, “it’s just a little thing. Thank you…”

The atmosphere suddenly quieted down, and the atmosphere in the room was much warmer. Just then, Lu Xiaoman suddenly whispered, “actually I kind of want to keep this kid. “

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi turned to look at her with a smile and said softly, “I’m not surprised at all.”

Lu Xiaoman looked at her in surprise and asked, “why?”

Ruan Shishi said leisurely, “because when I was pregnant with sensenshasha, I was still hesitant at the beginning, but slowly, I felt that this was the gift from God, and I was not willing to abandon them.”

With that, her eyes softened a lot. “Pregnant in October, I really had to suffer a lot, but from the moment I gave birth to them, I never regretted. The happiness and joy they brought me was much more than the pain. According to the transaction, I think this business will only make money but not lose money.”

Lu Xiaoman’s heart softened a lot when she heard Ruan’s words. She raised her lips, and her original idea became more firm at this moment.

She suddenly opened her mouth and called, “Shishi, I really decided to leave the child. Listen to you, I have a lot of expectations for this child, even if it may be very difficult in the future, but I am willing to bear it.”

Hearing the words, Ruan Shishi hooked the corners of her lips, and her eyes were a little softer. “Being a mother, you will be stronger than you are now, but first of all, you have to be stronger.”

Said, she pinched Lu Xiaoman’s slender arm, “even if it’s pregnant vomiting, also try to eat a little, otherwise the child will be hungry.”

Smell speech, Lu Xiaoman can’t help but hook up the corner of the lip, smile, softly said, “well, although it’s disgusting, but I also want to force myself to eat.”

With that, she got up and walked out of the room with Ruan Shishi.

At the same time, in the meeting room of the high-level office of cloud technology, song yean was having a meeting. At this time, his mobile phone rang and received a new text message.

Chapter 1416

He glanced at it casually and saw the remark of “company Xiaogu”. His eyes were fixed and his face slowly sank.

He remembers it very clearly. This is the remark he made to Yu Gu Beigai last time. Speaking of it, they haven’t contacted each other for some time. Unexpectedly, he suddenly sent him a short message at this time.

Song yean took a deep breath and listened to the ongoing Department report. He picked up his mobile phone and scanned the information.

“See you later.”

Song ye’an was stunned, his brows tightened, his face sank, and he held his mobile phone motionless.

Yu Gubei, what does that mean? Is he coming for him?

At this moment, the door of the conference room was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Then song yean’s assistant came in quickly and whispered in his ear, “just now the front desk called and said that Yu Gubei, the vice president of Yu group, had come here and asked if he would let it go.”

Song yean frowned.

I didn’t expect him to come. He just received a text message from him, and then received the news of his coming. Obviously, he didn’t have the chance to make a decision.

Seeing that he was silent all the time, the assistant could not help asking in a soft voice, “Mr. Song, look…”

Song yean came back and said coldly, “let him come up.”

Yu Gubei’s temperament is more or less understood by him. He will definitely be determined to do what he wants to do. Even if he finds a reason not to see him today, he will find another way to come to him another day, which is too hard to prevent.

It’s better to find out what’s going on today.

After the meeting, song yean was absent-minded. Finally, when the meeting was over, he announced the end of the meeting, took the documents and walked out of the meeting room.

The assistant has arranged Yu Gubei in the conference room next to the office. When song yean passed by, he heard a burst of laughter just at the door.

Pushing the door open, Yu Gubei sits on the sofa and looks at the secretary with a smile on his face. As soon as he sees song yean coming in, he immediately suppresses his smile and leans slightly towards him. Then he consciously exits the room.

When the door was closed, there were only two of them in the room except Shao Zhuo who was guarding Yu Gubei.

Song yean glanced at him, sat down on the sofa and said in a low voice, “vice president Yu is really merciful everywhere. Everywhere she goes, she is the type that women like.”

Yu Gu beiwen said, “no matter how many women I have around me, I can’t match the one around president Song, right?”

This sentence light floating, but four two dial a thousand jin, said Song Ye an heart a shock, some vigilant raised eyes to look at him.

He stopped for two seconds, then straight to the point, “vice president Yu came to see me today, I’m afraid there’s something important?”

When it comes to business, Yu Gu’s smile on the north side of Yu Gu slightly converges. He looks at Song yean with serious eyes and asks in a soft voice, “is Lu Xiaoman with Ruan Shi?”

Hearing the speech, song yean was slightly stunned and delayed for a moment. Then he leaned over the back of the sofa and said softly, “is vice president Yu here to ask this?”

Yu Gubei stared at him and said, “yes, you just need to answer whether I am right or not.”

Song yean pulled the corner of his lips and said the answer with a smile, “together, what’s the matter?”

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