The Warmest Romance Chapter 1425 -1426

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Chapter 1425

“He not only told me about your whereabouts, but also sent his men to follow you. Finally, he reported it to me and led us to find it. This is the surveillance video of my office that day. I specially saved it to tell you the truth.”

Although he was laughing, the laughter was like a needle quenched with poison, penetrating into Ruan Shishi’s heart. The needle hit, and the pain came into his heart.

Monitoring in the broadcast, the person on the screen is song yean, no doubt, the voice is his voice, his every word has been clearly recorded, at the same time, every word also makes Ruan poetry difficult to believe.

I didn’t expect It’s really him, it’s really him!

She can not accept, subconsciously will be playing the video tablet away, eyelids have been constantly shaking, tears whirling.

“Do you think I believe it? Yu Gubei, you can find anyone to make such a fake video just to deceive me! “

Then she raised her hand and patted the door next to her, shouting to the driver, “open the door and let me down! Open the door

Yu Gubei smiles, “the truth is not so easy to accept, is it?”

Then, without waiting for Ruan Shishi to answer, he had already told the driver, “let her go down.”

His purpose has been achieved, and it’s time to let her go.

Getting off Yu Gubei’s car, Ruan Shishi seems to be in winter. Even though the sun is warm outside, she feels the cold wind piercing her bones. She walks along the road in confusion. Everything is like a paste, which makes her unable to be rational and calm.

At this moment, the balance in her heart has completely collapsed. She has completely believed what Yu Gubei said. Because she has known song yean for so many years, she knows him too well. She knows his subconscious little movements when he talks, and his right index finger and thumb rubbing back and forth when she can’t make up her mind.

And just now in that video, she clearly saw those familiar little movements.

She can be 100% sure that the man in the video is song yean, but at the same time, she can’t believe that he can do such a thing. Betraying her is a small matter, but his decision is too reckless. He is always gentle, patient, kind and considerate, but the man who can do such a thing is selfish and has a dark heart.

This is the most difficult point for her to accept.

She walked forward aimlessly, and her thoughts had already floated thousands of miles away. Suddenly, the sharp light and the loud and harsh whistle instantly pulled her back from her own world.

She turned her head in panic, only to find that she didn’t know when she had reached the middle of the road. At this moment, it was the red light, and the drivers on both sides stopped to whistle at her. Even a driver stuck his head out of the window and yelled at her, “I want to die! No eyes

Ruan Shishi’s body shakes and she wakes up a lot in a moment. She steps forward quickly and runs through the noisy whistle. The pain from the bottom of her heart rushes to her heart and turns into tears.

She clenched her lower lip and choked back the tears in her eyes. Just when she didn’t know where to go, the mobile phone rang.

She took a deep breath and quickly took out the mobile phone in her pocket. At the moment when she saw the screen, she was cold all over. With a shake of her fingers, she subconsciously hung up the phone.

It was called by song yean. I don’t know why. Now when she saw the three words “Song yean”, she was cold and subconsciously resisted.

Chapter 1426

At this time, she absolutely can’t answer his phone. She can’t face him with a calm attitude before she thinks about it and makes a good decision.

Unconsciously, she went to a small park. She found a quiet corner and sat down on the bench. What flashed back and forth in her mind were the scenes of song an accompanying her. How could such a good man do such a thing?

Before she knew it, the sky was gloomy, and Ruan Shishi’s heart was cold. She thought a lot and advised herself a lot, but the heart was like a piece of glass. Even if it was glued again after it was broken, there would be cracks that could not be erased.

It’s the same with song yean. She can’t forgive him, let alone accept him, because what he did has exceeded the moral bottom line, and she can’t forgive him.

She took a deep breath, stood up, walked to the side of the road, stopped a taxi and reported the address of xiqiaoyuan directly.

More than half an hour later, she arrived at Xiqiao garden smoothly. She stood at the gate and looked at the brightly lit villa. It seemed that she had no taste.

Once she completely took it as her home, but now she has no sense of belonging except strangeness.

She took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, went forward, opened the door, and walked across the yard to the entrance of the hall.

The servant, who was packing, saw her first, and his face was both surprised and happy. He said, “madam, you’re back! Sir, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time

Listening to this address, Ruan Shishi was uncomfortable all over. She frowned slightly and turned white. She asked directly, “where are Sensen and Sasha?”

“All reading in the children’s room.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and walked quickly towards the children’s room.

Servant Leng Leng, quickly came forward and asked, “madam, have you eaten?”


Leaving this sentence behind, Ruan Shishi continued to walk on her feet and quickly walked towards the other side.

Looking at the back of Ruan Shishi, the servant felt uneasy. After thinking about it, he went to the table and picked up the landline to dial song yean on the second floor.

Soon, someone answered over there. The man’s voice was a little hoarse, “what’s the matter?”

The servant said in a low voice, “my wife is back. As soon as she comes back, she goes to the children’s room. Her face is very ugly. I don’t know what happened…”

The man paused and quickly replied, “well, I see.”

Within two minutes, there was a rush of footsteps coming from the stairway, and then song yean’s tall figure appeared at the stairway. He quickly came down, glanced at the servant, and walked towards the children’s room without saying a word.

Just at this time, the door of the room was pushed open with a click, and Ruan Shishi pulled Sensen and Shasha out of the room, just bumping into song yean.

Ruan Shishi’s face darkened in a moment. Their eyes met briefly in mid air, and the air was filled with a sense of coldness and coldness.

Song yean took the lead in opening his mouth and raised a smile at her

Instead of answering, Ruan Shishi pulls Sensen and Shasha back to the children’s room, and whispers to them, “you two go in first, and then play for a while.”

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