The Warmest Romance Chapter 1433 -1434

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Chapter 1433

Hearing this familiar voice, Yu Yimo couldn’t help but raise his lips. He paused and said softly, “it’s me, your handsome uncle.”

The room was quiet for a few seconds, then came the “click” sound of opening the door. The door opened a small crack, and Mori was staring out with big eyes.

Yu Yimo hooked his lips and said, “come and give you something.”

Sen Sen looked at him with vigilance in his eyes. “What is it? It’s very late. We’ve all gone to sleep…”

Looking at him like a little adult, Yu Yimo felt more interesting. He handed the box in his hand and said, “some cakes for you.”

Sensen glanced and saw all kinds of colorful crystal snacks in the translucent box. Immediately, the greedy insects were hooked up. Even if he wanted to eat them, he was still very calm on his face. “It’s too late, mom doesn’t agree…”

Before he had finished his words, a small head suddenly came out.

As soon as Sasha saw that the man at the door was Yu Yimo, her eyes suddenly burst out with light, “Uncle Shuai! Why are you here! “

Said, she immediately opened the door, “you come in to play with us!”

Yu Yimo raised his lips, looked at her and said, “another day, it’s too late today.”

As he was saying this, the door of the bathroom was suddenly opened, and Ruan Shishi stretched out her head wrapped in a bath towel. When she saw Yu Yimo at the door, she immediately widened her eyes, yelled and went back to the bathroom, slamming the door

the next second, a woman’s scream sounded in the door, “you Why are you here! Who let you in! Hooligans! Sex wolf

Standing at the door of a big two small mutual gaze, are a face of muddle.

Soon, Yu Yimo regained his mind, raised the corner of his lips slightly, handed the box of snacks to Shasha, and then said softly, “I’m back. You have a rest early.”

Then he drove the wheelchair and left.

Although he would like to talk to Ruan Shishi at this time, I’m afraid her present state is not suitable.

He couldn’t help smiling at the thought of the woman’s surprise just now. For several years, she is now a mother of two, and she is still so impetuous.

But also extremely lovely.

At the end of his eyes, there was a warm smile. He went to the next room and brushed the card.

Next door, Ruan Shishi hid behind the door and did not move. His head was swollen.

She never thought that she would see Yu Yimo as soon as the door was opened. Is she not ready?

Just at this time, there was a tap on the door outside the bathroom door, followed by a small milk sound, “Mom, uncle Shuai has gone, you can come out.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath. Before she thought about coming out, Sasha also said, “Mom, come out quickly. Uncle Shuai has sent us snacks. It looks delicious.”

After listening to them, Ruan Shishi was sure that Yu Yimo had left. She was relieved to open the bathroom door slowly.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw two cubs standing outside, smiling at her with narrow eyes. They were innocent and innocent.

For a moment, Ruan Shishi couldn’t get angry with them. Even so, she pretended to squeeze their faces and asked in a low voice, “what happened just now? Tell me, who opened the door? “

Chapter 1434

She clearly told them, but unexpectedly, they still opened the door to Yu Yimo!

But as soon as she finished, Sasha said seriously, “Uncle Shuai is not a bad man. It’s OK, mom.”

Ruan’s poems were speechless.

Is it hard to say that her precious daughter is haunted by silence?

Without waiting for Ruan Shishi to say anything, Shasha handed over the snacks she had received, “Mom, look, this is from Uncle Shuai!”

Ruan Shishi glanced down. When she saw the logo of the hotel, she was shocked. This is the VIP gift of the hotel. Only the VIP of the five-star hotel can enjoy it. The three of them are not qualified. Although the room they are living in now is opened with the metaphorical ID card, this gift can’t reach them.

Yu Yimo came to give them this, that is to say, he also stayed in this hotel

The meeting just now was also emotional. He came to deliver things, but she scolded him nervously, which was also her fault.

Ruan Shishi’s mood was inexplicably low. He settled two children into bed, but he couldn’t sleep.

In a word, the house they live in today is tacit, and she would like to thank him. What happened just now was really unexpected.

She hesitated for a moment, opened the dialog box of Yu Yimo on her mobile phone, turned the room fee over, and then apologized softly, “sorry just now And today, thank you very much. “

I don’t know why, after sending a text message, her cheek was a little hot.

She took a deep breath. Without waiting for a reply from the other side, she took the lead in turning off her mobile phone, putting it on the bedside table and getting into bed.

If you have any news, you’d better see it tomorrow.

She breathed a sigh of relief in the dark. After lying down, she looked at the two little guys sleeping soundly, and her heart softened.

Soon, drowsiness invaded, and she fell asleep in the haze.

Early the next morning, she was woken up by room service. As soon as she heard that the person coming at the door was a hotel waiter, she opened the door and saw two men pushing a dining car waiting at the door.

Ruan took a deep breath and asked, “that I don’t seem to have ordered these, do I? “

The pretty little brother standing in the front replied with a smile, “this is from Mr. Yu next door.”

Mr. Yu next door?

Ruan Shishi was stunned, and soon responded. Looking at the closed door beside him in surprise, he motioned, “that Is that Mr. Yu’s room? “

The little brother nodded, “yes.”

Ruan Shishi’s voice was so tight that he couldn’t speak.

He lives next door to them? No wonder he came and knocked at the door in the middle of last night.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and turned to let them in.

After the hotel staff delivered the meal, they left soon. Ruan Shishi went to the head of the bed, picked up the mobile phone and turned it on.

There is a new reply to the message she sent to Yu Yimo last night. Just click on it, and it’s just a very simple sentence, “come to me tomorrow morning and have something to say.”

Looking at this very simple sentence, Ruan Shishi frowned, but he didn’t refuse.

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