The Warmest Romance Chapter 1435 -1436

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Chapter 1435

She is very curious. What is Yu Yimo going to say to her when he wants to see her?

Ruan Shishi couldn’t understand it for a while. After returning to the room, he didn’t know whether it was the aroma of delicious food or the sound of opening the door just now. The two little guys sat up from the bed in a daze.

“Mom, I’m so hungry…”

Hearing Sensen’s voice, Ruan Shishi hooked the corner of her lips, quickly put down her mobile phone, took them out of bed and took them to wash.

After a sumptuous breakfast, the kids were all full and contented and began to watch TV. Ruan Shishi took the dry clothes he had washed yesterday and slowly fell into meditation.

She can’t live here with her children all the time. What’s more, many of their things are left in the villa of xiqiaoyuan, and she and song yean’s divorce

These things, like a mess, tightly around her, let her just born good mood instantly disappeared, she took a deep breath, inexplicably some anxiety.

In the past, she never had to worry about her life. As long as Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu were safe beside her, she felt that everything was enough. But now, when she came out of Xiqiao garden, she felt that her life was like entering a fault, confused and terrible.

All the things pressed on her shoulder at this moment, she even felt a little out of breath, but all the things needed to be done by her own. Now the situation is forcing her to move forward, and she can’t go backward.

It’s better to divorce song yean as soon as possible, and she wants to go back to Xiqiao garden as soon as possible to take her luggage away, but after that, she hasn’t thought about the arrangement with Sensen Shasha.

She can’t take sensenshasha to talk about divorce with song yean, but she can’t leave them in the hotel. For a moment, she is in a dilemma.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through her mind.

She hesitated, but slowly, the idea settled down in her mind. She took a deep breath and turned to look at Sensen and Sasha, who were sitting on the bed watching TV. She said, “honey, mom, go out for a while and come back in ten minutes. You two are staying in the room. If someone tells me not to open the door, please wait for me to come back. Do you hear me Have you seen it? “

After Ruan Shishi’s “reprimand” to them last night, now the two little guys are not good enough. They both nodded their heads and then turned to watch TV together.

Ruan Shishi was relieved. Then she stepped out of the room. She took the card, gently closed the door and went to the door of the next room.

At that moment, she hesitated.

Just before breakfast, she saw that Yu Yimo had sent her a message asking her to find him. She was hesitant to come, but now she has something to ask him, so she can only come.

She took a deep breath, raised her hand and buttoned the door.

Soon, the door opened, and Xiaomeng appeared at the door. Seeing that it was her, she immediately said with a smile, “good morning, sister Shishi! Mr. Yu has been waiting for you for a long time! He’s in there. You go in

Then he turned over and gave her a way. Ruan Shishi opened her mouth and hesitated to say something. Unexpectedly, Xiaomeng had already walked out of the room and closed the door directly.

Chapter 1436

Ruan Shishi was stunned, took a breath, and then walked forward.

The structure of this room is almost the same as that of the room they live in. Yu Yimo is sitting at the table in front of the French window, wearing a white shirt and no tie. His collar is open at will to reveal the color of his skin. His sleeve is rolled to his forearm, and his slender fingers are turning over the documents at will.

The light came in through the window and covered him with a layer of hazy white light and shadow. It was like an oil painting. It was quite beautiful.

Ruan Shishi only felt her heart beating more forcefully. She inhaled deeply, bit her teeth, maintained her apparent composure, and coughed softly.

At this time, the man turned the hand of the document slightly, and then turned his head to look at her side.

Serious eyes in the moment to see her a little more soft, he stopped the action in the hand, light voice way, “thought you won’t come.”

Ruan Shishi pulled his lips. “I didn’t really think about whether to come or not…”

But now, she has something to ask him for.

Seeing that she hesitated and did not speak, Yu Yimo hooked her lips and said in a soft voice, “just come.”

Then he took back his eyes. The air was quiet for a moment, and he said, “you and song yean…”

Before she finished, Ruan Shishi’s face changed slightly. She took a deep breath and said, “I’m going to divorce him.”

The voice fell, and the air was quiet for a moment. There was a flash of surprise in her eyes. Then she looked at her and asked, “isn’t it a whim?”

He can infer that there must be something wrong between Ruan Shishi and song yean from the state that she ran to the hotel with her child drenched yesterday and what the little guy said.

“No Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, and his hand on his side tightened unconsciously. “He He betrayed me. That time, Yu Gubei was able to track me to Qingshan Buddhist temple. In fact, he sent someone to track me and reveal my whereabouts. Then the abbot… “

Ruan’s voice was too tight to speak.

In an instant, Yu Yimo frowned, his face darkened, and his hand on the handle of the chair slowly tightened.

It was him

Although he has long recognized that song yean is not a simple man, and he is not as considerate and pure as he was in front of Ruan Shishi, he did not expect that he would participate in the last event, let alone that he would join hands with Yu Gubei

Soon, he responded and said coldly, “it seems that his goal is me. He wants to use Yu Gubei’s hand to find me and get rid of me, in case I get in his way and hinder his eyes.”

Hearing this, Ruan’s heart sank suddenly. It turned out that

After she learned the truth yesterday, she was in a violent stage, and she had no time to think about song yean’s motive. Now when she heard Yu Yimo’s words, she was suddenly enlightened.

It turns out that his goal is to be silent

His heart was a little chilly again. Ruan Shishi bit his lip and his body trembled uncontrollably.

She did not expect that the person around her would have such a dark heart.

She took a deep breath and stood there for a long time without speaking.

Just then, Yu Yimo’s voice rang out, which brought her back from her thoughts.

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