The Warmest Romance Chapter 1437 -1438

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Chapter 1437

“What about Samson and Sasha if they get divorced?”

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes, just to the man’s dark eyes. She was slightly stunned, and quickly reflected the meaning of his words. She looked away with some guilty heart, “follow me.”

Yu Yimo doesn’t know the real identity of sensenshasha. It’s normal for him to regard them as her and song yean’s children.

Over there, Yu Yimo, who is sitting at the table, catches the woman’s confusion in the blink of her eyes.

Soon, he returned to his senses, looked at Ruan Shishi and said, “after that, what are you going to do?”

Ruan Shishi hesitated and replied, “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Now professor Ruan and Ms. Liu have gone on a trip, and they are not in China. She has experienced such a thing, and she does not know how to open her mouth to them. It is difficult to deal with this fact.

After hesitating for a while, she thought of something again and looked up at Yu Yimo, “you Can you do me a favor? “

Yu Yimo slightly raises his eyebrows, “what’s up?”

“I want to go back and handle the divorce. There is no one to take care of the children. I think if they are young…”

Before she finished, Yu Yimo agreed, “I’ll take care of you.”

Ruan Shi opened his mouth, surprised and surprised.

What she wanted to say was to ask Xiao Meng to take care of Sen Sen and Sha Sha. But before she finished, he promised to take care of them

Yu Yimo said with disapproval, “you can do what you should do, and give me the rest.”

The nature of his words made Ruan’s poems in a trance, and seemed to return to the state of a few years ago.

She inhaled deeply, some feel uneasy, originally wanted to show his original intention, but looked at him and inexplicably did not open his mouth.

It’s obvious that she is the one who asks people to do things, so it’s not very good to be choosy.

After thinking about it, she had to swallow what she said and nodded, “please.”

She took a deep breath, but always felt that something was wrong. Then she turned her head and looked in the direction of Yu Yimo. Finally, she had to walk out.

Out of the room, Ruan Shishi went back to her room. When she came in, she saw two little guys sitting on the bed watching TV. She moved her lips and didn’t know how to talk to them.

“Babies, my mother may have to go out to get some things. I may not be able to be with you for a few hours. I’ve found someone else to take care of you…”

Sasha raised her head to her side and asked curiously, “is it uncle Shuai?”

Ruan Shishi hesitated for two seconds, pulled out a dry smile, nodded and said, “it’s him.”

Sasha was so happy, “Ouye! Great

Ruan Shishi didn’t expect that Shasha would like Yu Yimo so much. She turned to look at Sensen, who looked down and fiddled with the remote control. She didn’t speak.

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment, stepped forward and asked, “Sensen, would you like to?”

Facing Yu Yimo, Sen Sen doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as Sha Sha.

At this time, Sen Sen looked up at her and nodded, “yes.”

Although he said that, he was disappointed. Ruan Shishi didn’t know how to ask. After thinking about it, he didn’t say anything.

Chapter 1438

At this time, Sensen suddenly stretched out a small hand, gently grabbed the corner of her clothes, gently pulled and said, “Mom, I feel that uncle Shuai likes Sasha better than me…”

There was a certain disappointment in his voice.

Ruan Shishi’s heart was shaken. She bent slightly, approached him and asked, “do you like Uncle Shuai very much?”

Sensen gently nodded his head.

For this fact, Ruan Shishi is still a little surprised. She only knew that Shasha especially liked Yu Yimo, but did not expect that Sensen also liked him. Is this the so-called blood thicker than water?

Even if they don’t know each other’s identity, they are still firmly connected by their blood relationship. Virtually, they are close to each other.

Ruan Shishi hooked his lips and scratched his little nose. “Don’t worry, uncle Shuai likes you very much. If you don’t believe it, you can ask him today.”

Morimori’s eyes were shining with hope, “really?”

Ruan Shishi nodded with a smile, “of course!”

Seeing the smile on the little guy’s face again, Ruan Shishi was relieved and helped them pack up. Then she took them out of the room.

Taking them to the door of the next room, she raised her hand and knocked on the door. Soon, the door opened. Inside, Yu Yimo was sitting in a wheelchair with a kind of gentle smile on her face.

“Handsome uncle!”

Sasha ran over and said hello to him.

Yu Yimo smiles and lets them all come in. Then he looks at Ruan Shishi and says in a low voice, “OK, you go. I’ll take care of them.”

Ruan Shishi hesitated to look at Sensen and Sasha, took a deep breath, then nodded and decided to go out.

In fact, she is reluctant to let the two children live alone with Yu Yimo, but now, all her certificates are in Xiqiao garden, and she has to go back to get them.

The only thing she can do is go and get back.

After walking out of the hotel, Ruan Shishi took a look at the time, immediately forgot all her worries, stopped a taxi and reported the address of xiqiaoyuan to the driver.

The most urgent thing is to get there immediately and deal with the things over there well. The more important thing is to talk about divorce with song yean.

Now, she has made up her mind, and it is more and more clear that the reason why she failed to accept him in recent years is that she did not regard him as her future.

Some people, if not suitable, even if they get along with each other for a long time, will eventually be separated.

She took a deep breath and bit her lips. Her thoughts slowly returned. She picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to song yean, “I’m going back to Xiqiao garden now. Let’s meet and talk.”

Now, the dust settled, including her heart, has been extremely firm.

Before long, when she arrived at the villa in Xiqiao garden, she just came to the door. When the servant saw her, he met her in surprise. “Madam, you’re back!”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, laughed at her and said in a soft voice, “from now on, I will not be the wife of this family. Just call me Shishi.”

Smell speech, the servant’s face “brush” of white, she moved lips, as if to persuade, but can’t say words.

Just then, Ruan Shishi looked back at her and asked, “is song yean there?”

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