The Warmest Romance Chapter 1443 -1444

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Chapter 1443

Slowly, she felt as if she had entered a chaotic world. She suddenly lost sensensenshasha and ran to find her, but she couldn’t find her.

Suddenly, a man threw bloody clothes to her. She fixed her eyes and found that they were the clothes of Sensen and Sasha! She cried hoarse throat, ran forward to chase, who knows that the man turned around, is a familiar face.

It’s Yu Gu Bei, who has a smile on his face and a hidden sword in his smile!

The nightmares came one after another, and Ruan Shishi cried out in horror. His forehead was covered with sweat.

Yu Yimo is beside the bed, looking at the woman on the bed, struggling painfully and locking her eyebrows.

Ruan Shishi had a fever, just so suddenly, without any sign. When he heard her scream in the room, he rushed to find that the two children on the bed had been awakened by her, and she was lying beside the bed, sobbing in a low voice.

Touching her forehead, it was so hot and frightening that he realized that she had a fever.

Pacify the two children, and then send Ruan Shishi to bed, and then call the doctor, when he finished all this, Ruan Shishi is still having a nightmare.

From time to time, she called out the names of Sen Sen and Sha Sha. He was deeply distressed by the appearance of crying in her dream. Finally, his mood became more and more agitated.

Xiaomeng came in and reported the latest situation, “the doctor said that there is an emergency on hand now, I’m afraid there’s no way to rush here at the first time. He said several ways to reduce the fever first.”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly and looked up at him, “what can I do?”

Xiaomeng answered, “first of all, let the patient take antipyretic, which is the capsule left by the doctor before. There are two capsules left at home. Second, to calm the patient, it’s best to keep her calm. Finally, physical cooling.”

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo’s eyes sank. Then, he stretched out his arms, supported the armrests on both sides of the wheelchair, and stood up directly.

Little mengdun was shocked, “Mr. Yu, don’t you mean to hide the things that your legs are better first…”

Yu Yimo frowned and said in a low voice, “now at home, who do you want to hide?”

Xiaomeng shut up, nodded, and said nothing.

At this time, a cold light looked at him, Yu Yimo coldly asked, “you go to look at Sen Sen and Sha Sha, don’t let them worry.”

As soon as he heard that Samson Shasha, little Monton’s eyes were shining, he hastened to reply, “good!”

With that, he immediately turned and went out to another room.

Little mengben is full of childishness and likes children. He can’t see what Sensen and Shasha like. After a while, he got together with them and asked him to accompany them. He was very happy.

Seeing Xiaomeng leave, Yu Yimo steps out.

I don’t know if it’s because he hasn’t moved his legs for a long time. Now his legs are wooden and he walks slowly.

After so long treatment, there was some effect, but the doctor advised him to take his time, practice and recover slowly.

Now his legs are all right, except that he is not suitable for walking, but he is still in the wheelchair, as usual, because he does not want to let some people know about his legs recovery.

Especially Yu Gubei, if he knows that his legs have completely recovered now, he is afraid that he will be like a hungry wolf chasing him. Now, it is the most critical moment. If he wants to win at one stroke, he can’t go wrong.

Chapter 1444

He walked slowly to the bathroom, took a basin of cold water, found a clean towel, and went back to the room.

Ruan Shishi was lying on the bed, his brow was locked and his forehead was sweating. It seemed that he was still having a nightmare.

Yu Yimo frowned, put down the basin, sat down beside the bed, and then slowly stretched out his hand to gently untie the buttons of her clothes. At this moment, he didn’t have any superfluous ideas, but when the back of his hand inadvertently crossed the delicate skin of a woman, it seemed that an electric current quickly ran through his whole body.

He frowned, calmed down, beware of his own mind, fingers quickly untied the button on her body, and took it off.

His eyes are white. Yu Yimo grabs her arm and turns her over with her back up. He quickly wet the towel with cold water and covers her hot back. From neck to back, he wipes her arm with cold water towel several times. He feels her temperature has really dropped. Then he picks up the sheet next to her and covers it for her.

After all this, he took the water basin to the bathroom, bowed his head, and found that he had a reaction.

He frowned and scolded himself.

Damn it!

Strange to say, from the time he got injured in his legs to now, there are fewer and fewer things that can make him feel. He even feels that his desire has been separated from his body, but now, it turns out that there is no such thing.

There was a bitter smile on his face, and he didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

Yu Yimo is a bit uncomfortable because of the long-standing heat. He hesitates for a moment, then takes off his clothes, opens the shower head and takes a cold bath.

When he came out of the bathroom, he changed his clothes and then went back to the bedroom where Ruan Shishi was.

Walking to the bedside, the state of the woman on the bed has calmed down a lot. Although her eyebrows are still locked, at least she is not struggling.

The temperature of her forehead is not as hot as it was just now.

Suddenly, Yu Yimo’s heart is soft. He takes a deep breath, pulls a chair from the side, sits by the bed, guards her, and quietly looks at the woman on the bed.

When she breathes evenly, she is like a small animal with a weak sense of existence. She is warm and soft. She looks at it quietly. Yu Yimo unconsciously raises the corner of her lip, slowly gets close to her and stares at her seriously.

I have to say that this woman’s skin is really good, white, smooth and tender, even a pore can not be seen.

At this moment, the door opened a crack, Sensen and Sasha poked their little heads and looked inside. The two cubs held their breath, one was more nervous than the other.

All of a sudden, Sasha tugged at the corner of Mori’s clothes. In a low voice, she said excitedly, “Uncle Shuai wants to steal his mother!”

“He dares!”

Sensen suddenly pushes the door open, rushes in, pounces on Yu Yimo, grabs his arm, and bites him without thinking about it.

“Hiss -“

the sudden pain made Yu Yimo want to get rid of it. But he turned his head and saw that it was a fierce and fierce person, and the hand to push it out stopped.

If he pushes out this time, I’m afraid he will fall down and get hurt!

But who knows, the little guy didn’t let go. His teeth are sharp and sharp. He won’t let go when he bites.

Yu Yimo frowned, stretched out his other hand, grabbed the little guy’s arm, lifted him up and put him on his leg.

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