The Warmest Romance Chapter 1449 -1450

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Chapter 1449

Ruan Shishi saw him, hesitated for a moment, came to him and said in a soft voice, “I’ve already thought about it. I’ll listen to you and live here first.”

Yu Yimo hooked his lips and said, “I’m finally enlightened.”

“But I’ll say it in advance.” Ruan Shishi looked at him defensively and said with righteous words, “we should keep a distance between the two of us. The well water should not violate the river water!”

Yu Yimo hooked his lips and promised, “no problem.”

Isn’t that what’s written in the storybook? The wolf always has to use some tricks to get the rabbit on the boat first.

At this moment, Ruan Shishi is not clear about Yu Yimo’s thoughts. She is still thinking about the packaged daily necessities. Many things are necessities for her and the kids. Before her divorce, she packed them up and gave them to the property of xiqiaoyuan for temporary custody. Now she has determined the life address for the next period. She wants to think about it There’s a way to get those things here.

She turned back and asked hesitantly, “well, there’s another thing. I’m going out tomorrow morning to carry things. Can you lend me Xiao Meng?”

Yu Yimo had no problem at all. He said with a smile, “Xiao Meng will be at your disposal in the future.”

Ruan’s heart warmed, “you’d better talk to him.”

Yu Yimo nodded slightly and walked towards the children’s room as if in a good mood. As soon as he reached the door, he could vaguely hear the children’s noisy voice coming from inside. At the moment when he pushed the door open, Ruan Shishi was a little silly to see the scene inside.

Xiaomeng is sitting on the ground, with a white face turned into a cat with a black marker. Sasha is standing behind him, braiding his hair one by one, while Mori is “creating” with a pen on his arm.

Seeing them, Xiaomeng’s eyes flashed a surprise light, but he didn’t dare to move, completely acting as a tool man.

Seeing this scene, Ruan could not help laughing.

Yu Yimo can’t help laughing at him.

When he was in despair, little Monton reached out to him and said, “Mr. Yu, help…”

Before he finished speaking, Sensen stood up and gently touched Xiaomeng’s head and said, “don’t move.”

Seeing that Xiaomeng nodded, he turned to run towards Ruan Shishi with a satisfied smile, and rushed into her arms, “Mom, you finally wake up!”

At this time, Shasha also ran over, hugged Ruan Shishi’s leg and said, “Mom, I miss you so much.”

Ruan Shishi’s heart was suddenly soft and in a mess. She couldn’t help reaching out and touching the heads of the two little guys. “When I fell asleep, were you obedient?”

The little guy said with one voice, “be obedient!”

At this time, Sensen suddenly looked at Yu Yimo and said in a positive tone, “but Uncle Shuai is not good! He wanted to kiss you while you were sleeping just now

At the moment when this sentence came out, Yu Yimo choked his throat with a mouthful of ice water. As soon as he turned his head, he suddenly looked at Ruan Shishi’s suspicious eyes and didn’t know how to explain it.

Seeing his reaction, Ruan Shishi was dubious, turned to Shasha and asked, “is it true?”

Shasha shyly smile, “at that time, my mother had a nightmare, uncle Shuai was by the side, maybe my mother was too good-looking, can’t help it?”

Chapter 1450

Smell speech, Yu Yimo almost a mouthful of old blood directly spit out, these two little guys say so in front of Ruan Shishi, isn’t it obvious to pull him into the water!

Seeing Ruan Shishi’s cold eyes, he tried to explain, “it’s not like that…”

But when Ruan Shishi turned her head, she couldn’t listen to him at all. She looked at the two little guys and said softly, “you two don’t want to be like him! This is the behavior of hooligans

Sasa smell speech, puff hiss of laugh voice, Sen Sen also schadenfreude looked at him in the past, a look like watching a good play.

Yu Yimo felt his scalp numb. At the beginning, he was put on a rogue hat by her in front of the children. His normal dignity was destroyed.

Looking at the woman with two children left with a smile, Yu Yimo was angry and smiling, but shook his head, suddenly found that Xiao Meng was looking at him with a smile of his aunt.

Originally, Xiaomeng was wearing a big face and braided his hair, which was strange enough. Now he stares at him with such an expression. Suddenly, his back is cold and he asks, “what are you laughing at?”

Xiaomeng scratched his head and said in a low voice, “nothing. I just think you are like a noisy family. You are very happy and have fun.”

I don’t know why, when he said that, Yu Yimo’s heart suddenly became soft.

In the past, he didn’t experience the happiness in his family. His parents’ failed marriage set a bad example for him. But now, the bickering and bickering in his life have become quite interesting.

He took a deep breath and looked at Xiaomeng, but he felt more pleasant. He hooked his lips, glanced at his hair and said with a smile, “it’s a good hairstyle. It’s very suitable for you.”

Leaving this sentence behind, he turned and left the room directly.

Xiao Meng was stunned. He immediately took out his mobile phone and turned on the camera. When he saw what he was like on the screen, he was startled.

He said to himself that Yu was always joking with him, right?

He looked at himself in the camera again and was more sure. He must have been joking just now!

Suddenly a few more people, the small apartment suddenly lively, a few of them make a little noise, but the home has added a bit of fireworks and happiness.

The next morning, Xiaomeng arrived at the door of the apartment on time to accompany Ruan Shishi to deal with the parcel.

As soon as they go out, Yu Yimo and Sen senshasha are left in the small apartment.

Yu Yimo thought, this is the best chance for him to get in touch with the two little guys. How could he miss it?

Thinking, he went to the door of Sensen and Sasha’s bedroom, raised his hand and buttoned the door. Looking at Sensen and Sasha, who were reading and playing with toys, he took the initiative to join in the fun.

He looked at the book in Sensen’s hand. It was a popular science drawing book of astronomy. Suddenly, he had an idea and asked, “do you want to go to the planetarium?”

Mori said without raising his head, “the planetarium in Jiangzhou has been there many times.”

Yu Yimo choked, turned to Shasha and asked, “does Shasha want to go out to play? Uncle Shuai, take you out! “

All of a sudden, Sasha’s eyes brightened, and she nodded excitedly. But the next second, she noticed that Sen Sen was casting her eyes at her, and her face collapsed and shook her head.

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