The Warmest Romance Chapter 1451 -1452

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Chapter 1451

Morimori added at the right time, “mom said, let’s stay at home and not go out with others!”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo’s mouth corner smoked.

You know, he is sensenshasha’s father. In the mouth of the damned woman Ruan Shishi, he turned into someone else!

Yu Yimo’s lungs are bulging, but in front of the two little guys, he can only force a smile.

I sat beside them for half an hour, coercing and luring, but there was no progress.

In the end, Yu Yimo, a little distressed, walks out of the room, pacing in the living room, even takes out his mobile phone.

He can’t help sighing that it’s more difficult to coax children than to talk about projects. He thought he could talk about five projects in three days, but now he’s got a nose in front of two six-year-old kids. It’s a shame to say that.

In the end, it’s too big for him to let his son and daughter recognize their ancestors. He thinks about it, and his eyes sweep to the screen of his mobile phone, on which there is a message sent to him by Su Yucheng.

It’s just some jokes about his recent disappearance. It’s very boring. He doesn’t bother to come back.

Just about to put down the mobile phone that moment, he suddenly thought of something, quickly issued a mobile phone to Su Yucheng call back.

Then, followed by Su Yucheng’s voice, “Hey, who do I say? Finally willing to contact me? “

Listening to Su Yucheng’s cheap tone, Yu Yimo frowned and said to the point, “don’t talk nonsense. I have something to ask you.”

That Su Yu becomes a to hear him say so, immediately serious a few minutes, “what matter?”

Yu Yimo moved his lips. Just as he was about to open his mouth, his lips seemed to be glued with glue. He said with great difficulty, “you Do you know how to coax children? “

That Su Yucheng smell speech, “Puff Chi” a smile to come out, “how is this? There are also things that are difficult for us? “

“You don’t know.”

Yu Yimo is about to hang up.

“Oh, wait!” Su Yucheng quickly called him, “I have experience in coaxing children! Don’t you think I was the one who played with those little farts in my aunt’s house? “

Yu Yimo pursed his lips, “then tell me about your experience.”

Su Yucheng naturally said, “children, just give in to what they like, it’s so simple.”

Yu Yimo certainly understood this truth, but Sensen was quite rational, and his offer was not attractive to him at all.

Yu Yimo hesitates for a moment and talks about the specific situation with Su Yucheng.

When he finished, Su Yucheng giggled at the end, “he doesn’t move. That means your chips are not surprising enough. If I were you, I would try to set up an astronomical telescope and take him to watch the sky at night. Isn’t it more interesting than reading books by himself?”

In an instant, Yu Yimo suddenly brightened up and agreed, “good way!”

Su Yucheng continued with a smile, “Sasha is originally your little fan sister, as long as you get Sensen done, all this will be unimpeded!”

Yu Yimo nodded slightly, brows stretched out, and said to Su Yucheng, “I’ll invite you to drink another day.”

With that, he immediately hung up and ordered to prepare an astronomical telescope and send it as soon as possible!

Whether this move is effective or not will be known today.

Chapter 1452

More than an hour later, Yu Yimo’s staff sent him a professional version of the telescope. After it was installed by professionals, they began to teach him how to debug and use it.

The use of precision instruments is complicated, but it is said that the memory is superior and the learning ability is very strong. It took one hour to find out the general method of use.

After all this, when his staff and professionals leave, Yu Yimo takes Sensen and Sasha to lunch. Then he seems to walk to the balcony and lift the black cloth on the telescope.

Balcony suddenly more than a black instrument is quite obvious, through the transparent glass, in the living room can see clearly.

At this moment, Sensen and Sasha are sitting on the sofa watching TV, as long as they scan the balcony next to them, they can see.

Soon, Sensen saw Yu Yimo standing on the balcony playing with this “new friend”. He immediately jumped down from the sofa and trotted to the balcony. Looking at the instrument, his eyes burst out with surprise.

He stepped forward curiously and asked, “is this an astronomical telescope?”

Yu Yimo doesn’t turn his head to look at him. Instead, he takes a cloth and wipes the tube of the telescope. With a slight hum, it’s a response.

“Can you see the stars here?”

“Can you use it?”


Suddenly, Sensen’s words suddenly increased. He kept asking around Yu Yimo and the telescope. Yu Yimo didn’t show any enthusiasm either. He was cold and didn’t speak much. He answered with a professional attitude.

Finally, he went to Yu Yimo’s side, raised his head and asked, “Uncle Shuai, can we see the stars in the sky at night?”

Listening to the little guy’s voice, there was a little more respect and expectation. Yu Yimo’s happy lips rose, but in front of him, he was still calm and cold. “I can show you when I have time.”

The little guy jumped up in the same place happily, “Ouye!”

Due to the magic crisis of the astronomical telescope, in the afternoon, Sensen is taking the initiative to chat with Yu Yimo, which is much better than before.

In the afternoon, when Ruan Shishi came back from the outside, he opened the door and saw three people sitting in a row on the sofa watching TV.

Yu Yimo sits in the middle, while Sensen and Sasha sit on one side, leaning on Yu Yimo intimately.

Seeing this scene, Ruan Shishi was so surprised that she was about to break her glasses. The day before, they were still bickering and quarreling. Unexpectedly, today they began to cuddle with each other, which really surprised her.

Is Yu Yimo really magical?

Ruan Shishi was just surprised when he saw the extra astronomical telescope on the balcony. He suddenly understood something.

Morimori is an astronomy enthusiast. He has long wanted to experience an astronomical telescope. Yu Yimo suddenly built a telescope to go home. Morimori is naturally not happy. This is also a reasonable thing.

In the blink of an eye, it’s dark at night. As soon as dinner is over, Sensen yells to let Yu Yimo take him to watch the sky.

Yu Yimo is in full bloom. At last, when he shows off his skills, he takes sensenshasha to the balcony and uses all the knowledge he learned for an hour in the morning.

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