The Warmest Romance Chapter 1465 -1466

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Chapter 1465

At this moment, all the mysteries are in a mess. He can’t understand it, but anyway, as long as Yu Qingshan can be left around at this moment to ensure his safety, that’s enough.

Lord Luo was arrested three days later.

Su Yucheng and the police ambushed around the old factory building and laid a net. When Luo Jiuye took people back to the nest, he was arrested at one stroke and successfully seized a batch of goods.

Luo Jiuye, an evil desperado, finally fell into the hands of justice.

At the same time, Yu Gubei is sitting in the main seat of the conference room, listening to the people next to him seriously. Suddenly, the door of the conference room is pushed open. Shao Zhuo, his intimate man, comes forward with a stern face, quickly walks to Yu Gubei, bends down and says something in his ear.

In an instant, Yu Gubei’s face suddenly changed. He slapped the pen he was playing with on the table, and his upper body became stiff. “What do you say?”

He didn’t believe that Lord Luo would be caught by those rubbish anyway!

He almost gritted his teeth to get up and went out, Shao Zhuo also quickly followed out, lowered his voice and said, “my father, have you been found by the police?”

Shao Zhuo shook his head. “I didn’t see it at the scene. I suspect it was taken away ahead of time.”

Take it early?

Yu Gu repeats these words, his eyes are suddenly gloomy.

Besides Yu Yimo, I’m afraid there are no other people who can do such things.

In an instant, the atmosphere around Yu Gubei’s body became extremely cold. He looked cold and said, “send someone to check it immediately!”

Shao Zhuo immediately said, “yes.”

But just as he turned to leave, Yu Gubei suddenly spoke again and stopped him, “wait a minute!”

Shao Zhuo looked back at him, “young master, what else can I do for you?”

“As well as the recent traces of Ruan’s poems, check them together.”


Seeing Shao Zhuo leave, Yu Gubei’s face becomes more and more ugly. His hand hanging on his side has unconsciously clenched into a fist, and his knuckles “click”.

He did not expect that such a big change would happen suddenly.

Luo Jiuye was arrested, which was completely unexpected. It was because he believed in his ability that he gave his father to him to watch.

Unexpectedly, it’s all over!

Before he pryed out his will from the old man’s mouth, he fell into Yu Yimo’s hands. What a miscalculation!

He still remembers that a lawyer once said that Yu Gubei’s will is not a written document, but a video will. That is to say, they can’t forge it if they want to.

Therefore, we must learn from the old fox! But now, people are no longer in his hands. The only thing he can do is to use another piece.

In the afternoon after work time, Yu Gubei had already rushed back to the villa. As soon as he came in, he took off his coat and looked around. He didn’t see the woman. He took a look at the time and called the servant.

He frowned a little displeased, “Liu Ma, didn’t I tell you? In the afternoon, she is allowed to move freely on the upper and lower floors. “

“I know that, but Miss Lu doesn’t want to walk around. It’s useless for me to persuade her,” she said

Chapter 1466

Smell speech, Yu Gu North frowned, without saying a word, stride toward the direction of the second floor.

Arriving at the door of Lu Xiaoman’s bedroom, he hesitated for a moment. His hand that had been put on the doorknob stuttered. Then he raised his hand to button the door and said, “I’m in.”

As expected, no one opened the door and no one answered.

Yugu beidun, and then push the door in, the room is quiet, there is no sound, the curtain is pulled, the light is not open, he walked forward two steps, instinctively frowned.

The next second, there was a slight sound behind him. Before he could react, he felt something wrapped around his neck from behind. At the moment when he felt the feeling of binding and pulling, he subconsciously stretched out his hand to pull the thing on his neck and yanked it away.

The people behind him were pulled by his strength and fell to the ground.

Yu Gubei looks down at Lu Xiaoman with his hair on his head and gasps. His anger rises from the bottom of his heart.

He once pulled the “murder weapon” in her hand, which was a hand-made rope wrapped with torn clothes and cloth strips. The clothes of various cloth were twisted into such a rope, rough but strong.

Just this rope, I don’t know how much effort Lu Xiaoman put down and how long he did it.

Yu Gu North gas of gnash teeth, bend over, stretch out a hand to pinch her chin, ruthless force, to her that pair of despair eyes, “you so want to kill me?”

Lu Xiaoman’s pupils seem to be covered with a layer of ash, lifeless and hopeless.

Yu Gubei’s hand is exerting, but Lu Xiaoman doesn’t even blink his eyes as if he doesn’t know the pain.

Looking at her silent and dejected appearance, Yu Gubei was furious and said, “Lu Xiaoman, you’ve done too much!”

Since he brought her back, she began to make trouble, pretending to be crazy and acting like a fool. She went on a hunger strike for death, without stopping for half a day.

These two days have just eased, I didn’t expect it was to plan to kill him!

Lu Xiaoman moved his lifeless eyes, slowly focused on him and said, “return my child…”

Her voice has been hoarse for a long time. It’s like rowing back and forth on sandpaper. It’s hard to hear.

Yu Gu North eyes slightly shake, mind began to be confused, even dare not with her, his guilty, incomparable guilty.

At that time, in order to get Lu Xiaoman out of Ruan Shishi’s hands, he asked song yean to give Lu Xiaoman medicine. The medicine would make Lu Xiaoman bleed temporarily and lead to premature birth, but it would not really hurt the child. As long as they took her away in time and fed her antidote, nothing would happen.

She and the children will be safe and sound.

But unexpectedly, there was an accident that day, and the time to get the antidote was later than expected. Although the blood stopped on that day, the next day and the third day, Lu Xiaoman met with blood when she went to the toilet. I don’t know if it was because of her panic or the side effect of the drug. After the examination, she found that the fetus stopped and the baby in her abdomen no longer developed.

For Lu Xiaoman, this incident is no doubt not a heavy blow.

After that, she regarded Yu Gubei as the enemy, hated him to the bone, and tried every means to make trouble for him.

“Give me back my child!”

The lone voice is still reverberating in the room. Yu Gu Bei is in a trance for a moment. Before he can react, he suddenly feels a pain in the back of his hand and shakes it off subconsciously.

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