The Warmest Romance Chapter 1467 -1468

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Chapter 1467

He frowned in pain. When he raised his hand again, there were two rows of teeth marks on the back of his hand.

How cruel!

Yu Gubei looks up at her, bites her teeth, grabs her collar, drags her to the other side, and pushes her to the bed.

In the final analysis, Lu Xiaoman is a woman. Besides, he has not eaten much. He is as thin as a wood and is about to fall down. He pushed him so hard that he fell on the bed and couldn’t get up.

Yu Gubei looked at her and sneered, “Lu Xiaoman, do you really think you can get rid of me? You make me miserable, and I’ll make you miserable. We’ll torture each other and see who lives longer! “

Hard to leave this sentence, he angrily stepped out of the room.

The door slammed, and Gu Beida called his servant, “Liu Ma! From now on, send one more person to watch her! If she doesn’t eat three meals a day, you can do something! As long as she loses one jin! I’ll deduct your salary for one month! “

Liu Ma Cheng was terrified, shivering and nodding.

Leaving these words behind, Yu Gu takes a big step to leave. When he arrives at the stairway, he happens to see Shao Zhuo coming up quickly.

Shao Zhuo’s face was not right. He called, “young master…”

He was about to report, but was interrupted by a gesture from Yu Gubei. They looked at each other, and then quickly walked into the next study.

After the door closed, Yu Gu Bei looked back at him and said coldly, “say it.”

Shao Zhuo continued to report, “it has just been found out that the arrest of Luo Jiuye is the work of the police, but Yu Yimo is really involved.”

Smell speech, Yu Gu North Cold hum, “without him, the police can’t find Luo Jiuye.”

After a pause, Shao Zhuo continued, “and the whereabouts of Ruan Shishi have been found. She broke up with song yean, and they divorced. Recently, she lived in Yu Yimo’s apartment, the one on Huacheng road.”

Smelling speech, Yu Gu Bei narrowed his eyes and asked, “what about the child?”

“With her.”

After listening to him, Yu Gu Bei hummed coldly and clenched his teeth. At last, he said coldly, “up to now, I can only do this…”

When Ruan received the video, it was a sunny afternoon.

She just advised the two just woke up little guys to wash their faces with cold water, and then her mobile phone vibrated and rang a few times.

She thought it was an entertainment news push without nutrition. She picked it up and glanced at it. When she saw that it was the wechat sent by Lu Xiaoman to her, she was frozen.

She hesitated for a moment, looked up to the bathroom, two little guys are obediently washing their hands and face, she breathed a sigh of relief, turned to the other side and opened the message.

It’s a video. She clicks and the video starts playing.

In the dark room, a disheveled woman was lying on the bed. Her wrists and ankles were tied together, and she couldn’t move. At this moment, a middle-aged woman came forward with a bowl of porridge, reached out and pinched her chin, broke it off, and poured porridge directly into it.

The woman obviously felt unwell and twisted her body, but she couldn’t do much. The bowl of porridge spilled out a lot. The middle-aged woman lifted her hair and showed her face as white as paper.

Chapter 1468

That’s Lu Xiaoman!

Ruan Shishi’s body was shaking violently. Almost at this moment, the temperature of her body was cold, and her hands and feet were cold.

She didn’t expect that Lu Xiaoman would be treated in this way, in that way, in that way, just like treating livestock, violent and cruel!

Ruan Shishi’s hair stood up. Before she could recover from her panic, her mobile phone vibrated again.

Or the message from Lu Xiaoman: “see your good sister like this? Do you feel bad? “

This is not Lu Xiaoman’s tone!

That can only be Yu Gu Bei!

Ruan Shishi’s body was chilly. She took a deep breath, forced her composure, and returned the news, “what do you want to do?”

I didn’t wait a few seconds, but I got back to you soon. This time it was the address of a teahouse.

The next second, another sentence came, “meet and talk.”

Ruan Shishi’s body was cold unconsciously. She took a deep breath and didn’t know what to do.

She doesn’t want to worry about it. What’s more, Lu Xiaoman’s affairs have nothing to do with her in the final analysis. However, the pictures in the video just now are staged in her mind again and again, like nightmares, which make her suffer all the time.


At this time, the voices of Sen Sen and Sasha came, which brought Ruan Shishi back to reality. She took a deep breath, looked at the strange faces of Sen Sen and Sasha, forced calm, pulled out a smile at them, and said softly, “honey, go to drink the juice first, and then go to the room to read.”

Little guys to save effort, nodded, then a jump left.

As soon as they left, Ruan Shishi seemed to be in the ice again, and the dense coldness and fear began to spread in her heart.

Even if Lu Xiaoman betrayed her, she couldn’t pretend nothing happened after seeing the video.

Maybe it’s the pity left in her heart, or the same woman’s understanding of Lu Xiaoman. These complex emotions have doomed her to be unable to sit and watch.

But because sensenshasha is still at home, she can’t leave, so she doesn’t want to find an excuse to go out until Yu Yimo comes back.

Looking at her wearing a hat and a mask, her behavior is really abnormal. Before she goes out, Yu Yimo can’t help asking the situation, “where are you going?”

Ruan Shishi looked back at him and tried to be calm. “Go shopping and come back soon. Take it with you first.”

Yu Yimo didn’t say anything, but when she left, she was suspicious.

But without waiting for him to think clearly, there was a “bang bang” sound from the children’s room. He quickly got up and went to see the situation.

It turned out that sensenshasha was learning to dance on TV, and he let go of his hanging heart. It happened that two little guys came to play with him by holding his hand, and the doubts and worries that just emerged were temporarily forgotten by him.

When he arrived at Jinming teahouse, it was a bit gloomy suddenly. Ruan Shishi stopped his car at the door of the teahouse, looked up at the door, took a deep breath and walked in.

As soon as she walked in, someone came to greet her and asked her warmly. Ruan Shishi said “Mr. Yu”. Immediately someone led her upstairs to the private room.

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