The Warmest Romance Chapter 1471 -1472

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Chapter 1471

She gritted her teeth, reached out and grabbed the U-disk on the table. She said in a cold voice, “tell me what I want to do!”

Now the lives of Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu are in her hands. She can’t take the risk! Of these two choices, she can only choose the most urgent one.

Yu Gubei said, “you go to Yu’s group, find an opportunity to go to Yu Yimo’s office and import these things into the computer. As a friendly reminder, his computer has a password, which is hard to crack, so you have to get the password out of his mouth.”

Wen Yan and Ruan Shishi understand why Yu Gubei wants to find her. With Yu Yimo’s strict nature, his computer will definitely set protection to prevent being hacked. Moreover, this computer can only be used by other people, and no one else has the opportunity to get close to it. Therefore, Yu Gubei is hard to find the opportunity to import those things, so he finds her

She slowly calmed down, took a deep breath, sneered and said, “I can’t guarantee that I can get his computer password.”

“Or it doesn’t matter.” Yu Gubei took a sip of tea and said in a low voice, “in a word, your parents’ lives are in your hands. It depends on whether you can grasp them.”

In a few words, Ruan’s face turned red and white.

Now Yu Gubei is too rogue to threaten her. She has no choice but to promise.

“To remind you, don’t try to play tricks. We have installed a pinhole camera in Yu Yimo’s office, so I’m very clear whether you did what I asked you to do.”

Ruan Shishi’s body is cool again when he hears the words. His eyes to Yu Gubei are like looking at a monster.

He is really mean, shameless and mean!

Ruan Shishi slowly clenched the U-disk in his hand, looked at him with deep eyes, bit his teeth and asked, “if I do, then my parents and Xiaoman…”

Yu Gubei interrupted her straightforwardly, “I will let your parents go. As for Lu Xiaoman, it has nothing to do with you, and what you do is only enough to get your parents’ two lives.”


Ruan Shi was angry, but he could not say anything.

It seems that this time Lu Xiaoman is just a cover to lure her out, and her parents are the trump card in his hand. This man is too dark!

After a long silence in the room, Yu Gubei finally said, “I’ll give you three days. Before the 17th, do it well.”

Ruan Shishi came back, calmed down, pretended to be calm, nodded and left.

On the way home, she was completely in a free state, those things piled up in her mind, a mess, she had no clue.

Is she really going to betray Yu Yimo in order to save her parents this time? The struggle in her heart played out over and over again. Until she arrived at the downstairs of the apartment, she still had no choice.

Back to the apartment, as soon as she opened the door, she saw Yu Yimo sitting in the living room. It seemed that she was waiting for her to come back.

When Yu Yimo heard the sound, he turned his head and looked in her direction. Seeing that she was empty handed and pale, he knew that something was not right. He got up and went straight to her. “What’s the matter? Didn’t you say you went shopping? “

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked at the man. She suddenly felt guilty. She quickly shook her head and said, “I’m a little tired. I’ll go back to my room first.”

Chapter 1472

With that, she immediately took back her eyes to avoid looking at him, and then turned away in a hurry.

Yu Yimo stands in the same place, looking at the closed door, frowning and saying nothing.

Today’s Ruan poetry is abnormal. What did she do when she went out?

With doubts in his heart, Yu Yimo frowned, got up and went to the balcony, looking into the distance.

He wanted to stand for a while and then go back to his room, but before long, Ruan Shishi’s door was pushed open, and she came out with a light step and carefully closed the door.

Sensen and Sasha had been playing all day. At this time, they were exhausted and had a good sleep. But at this time, Ruan Shishi didn’t feel like going to sleep. Her complicated mind kept her awake and upset.

In fact, she was very worried about Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu. On the way back just now, she tried to call them several times, because she was afraid that she could not help crying, so she kept trying.

Her parents are being watched now. She doesn’t know how much Yu Gubei has achieved. She is afraid that Ziji will show something strange in front of her parents, and she is also afraid of frightening them. So she doesn’t contact them at all. Seeing all kinds of small videos sent by Ms. Liu, she knows that they are safe for the time being.

But in the future? She has to betray Yu Yimo in order to get their safety. It’s more likely that even if she does what Yu Gu tells her, he will not let her and her parents go, but endlessly blackmail her.

Ruan Shishi is more and more afraid, and her mind becomes a mess. She bites her teeth. As soon as she comes out of the room, she looks up and sees Yu Yimo standing on the balcony looking back at her.

She gasped, went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of beer.

Yu Yimo over there saw her taking the wine, and his eyes flashed a little surprised. The next second he saw Ruan Shishi looking up at him, gesturing to him for the beer in his hand, “do you want it?”

Yu Yimo pursed his lips and whispered, “give me a bottle.”

Ruan Shishi took another bottle, closed the fridge, and walked this way.

On the balcony, there is a small round table and two small reclining chairs. It’s cool. It’s very pleasant to sit here at night to enjoy the moon and drink. Ruan Shishi handed him a bottle, then sat down and drank silently.

Yu Yimo turned to look at her, then took a sip from the wine bottle and asked in a low voice, “is there something bothering you?”

Ruan Shishi was silent for a moment, but didn’t answer. After a long time, he said, “Yu Yimo, strange to say, I always feel that after meeting you, my life has become more complicated and dangerous.”

Her tone seems to be chatting casually, and she doesn’t mean to blame, but she feels uncomfortable when she listens to it.

Indeed, because of his reasons, she experienced many things that she had never experienced before, and also met many dangers. So he only wanted to give her a peaceful and stable living atmosphere. He would rather go through all the darkness himself, so that she and her family could only see the light.

Both of them were silent and did not speak. After a while, Yu Yimo turned his head and looked at her and said softly, “Lord Luo has been arrested.”

Hearing this familiar and strange name, Ruan Shishi subconsciously turned his head, looked at him and asked, “he Got caught? “

Yu Yimo nodded without hesitation, “caught.”

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