The Warmest Romance Chapter 1473 -1474

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Chapter 1473

Ruan Shishi was relieved to get his affirmative answer. The news is good news for her.

Yu Yimo saw the relaxed expression on Ruan Shishi’s face and said in a soft voice, “don’t worry, as long as you and Sensen Shasha are still here, I will protect you.”

Ruan Shishi nodded thoughtfully and drank a few beers. Then she turned to look at him and said with a smile, “it’s hard to be a mother. If there’s any danger, I’ll protect sensasa. I can’t always owe you…”

She seemed to be joking. When she laughed, her eyes narrowed into crescent moon, curved and bright, like two flashing lights in the middle of the night.

He held the bottle a little tight and muttered to himself, “it’s OK to owe me a favor, just pay it back.”

Ruan Shishi heard what she said, half joking with a smile, “I can’t afford it.”

They looked at each other and laughed. No one continued to talk about this topic.

Looking out at the sky covered with black curtain, three or two stars scattered in it, both of them didn’t speak. Unconsciously, a bottle of wine was down.

After drinking a bottle of wine, Ruan Shishi seemed to feel that it was not enough. He went back and took two bottles, put them on the round table, opened one and continued to drink.

When Yu Yimo looks at her like this, he knows that she has something on her mind. Even if he asks, I’m afraid Ruan Shishi won’t tell him.

Yu Yimo took a deep breath, picked up another bottle of wine, opened it and drank it with her. Then he told her faintly, “Lord Luo has just been arrested. It’s better not to go out these days. The situation outside is not very good, including Yu Gubei. The best way to avoid risks is not to show up.”

Ruan Shishi’s mind sank slightly, thinking of the agreement she had reached with Yu Gubei, she couldn’t help asking, “what if it’s inevitable to go out?”

Yu Gu Bei looked at her and said in a soft voice, “take me with you.”

Smell speech, Ruan poetry only feel funny, “you now go out and sit in a wheelchair, make sure if you really encounter danger, you can take care of me?”

Yu Yimo’s face became more serious, and the original smile dissipated. “From today on, if you want to go out, you should finally take Xiao Meng with you. Sensenshasha can’t go out these days. I will send someone to protect her in the vicinity of the apartment…”

He solemnly ordered, unknowingly said a lot, and then turned his head, only to find that the woman sitting on the reclining chair had fallen asleep with her head tilted.

Yu Yimo was angry and laughing for a moment. She didn’t listen to all the things he said just now?

After a pause, aware of the coolness outside, Yu Yimo gets up and walks to her side. Without saying a word, he picks her up from the couch and walks directly towards the room.

He gently carried her back to the room and put her on the bed. With the dim light, he looked at the woman’s quiet eyebrows. His heart was like a wave blown by the wind. He moved his lips and whispered, “no matter what danger I encounter, I won’t leave you.”

His voice is very light. After that, it seems to fade with the air. Finally, he takes a deep look at the woman on the bed, gets up and walks out.

Chapter 1474

But just as he closed the door, the woman’s eyelashes on the bed vibrated a little

When Yu Yimo returns to his room, he thinks a lot unconsciously. Maybe it’s out of instinct or because he has a bad feeling. He always thinks that Yu Gubei will do something in recent days.

There is a saying that the dog leaps over the wall in a hurry. Lord Luo is arrested. Yu Qingshan, who was hidden by him, is also found and taken away by him. In order to describe Gu Bei’s temperament, he should not be so calm.

Thinking, he immediately took out his mobile phone and gave instructions to several subordinates to make emergency deployment.

One day, he and Yu Gu beilai will fight head-on. Now he is not alone. He has people who want to protect, so he must be safe!

Yu Yimo’s worries made him prepare completely, but the next few days were extremely calm, just like every other day in the past.

As usual, he went back to the company to deal with things during the day. As soon as he went out, he sat in a wheelchair and pretended that his legs hadn’t recovered. When he returned to the apartment, he would become another person. He would get together with Sensen Shasha and treat Ruan Shishi like a good father and husband.

In the evening, because of watching a baking program on TV, sensenshasha suddenly became interested in bread and noisily took Ruan Shishi to experiment with them. Ruan Shishi was not in the mood, but could not stand the two little guys’ coquetry. Finally, she had no choice but to smile and agree.

Not to mention, there are all kinds of things in the small apartment, such as low gluten flour, light cream, cheese and so on. Ruan Shishi prepared the ingredients and utensils, rolled up her sleeves and watched the video with the kids to learn how to make cakes.

“Mom, should it be stirred like this?”

“Yes! Clockwise, mom. Didn’t you listen carefully? “

Sensen and Sasha are surrounded by her, pointing out her little mistake directly, and being told by the little guy, they feel embarrassed.

In fact, it’s not that she’s not serious, but that there are other things in her heart. The three days she agreed with Yu Gubei passed in the blink of an eye, and now there is only the last day tomorrow.

If she doesn’t import the contents of the USB flash drive into Yu Yimo’s computer tomorrow, I’m afraid something will happen to Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu.

She was absent-minded because her heart was hanging.

“Mom, is that about it?”

Hearing Sensen’s voice, she was relieved to see the even batter. She nodded, looked at the kids with a smile and said, “now it’s the last step. Pour the batter into the mold and put it in the oven!”

“Yes! Great

The kids danced happily. She laughed and finished the last step. She adjusted the pattern of baking cake.

After all this, Ruan Shishi breathed a sigh of relief and went to the sofa to have a rest.

Imperceptibly, more than an hour later, the oven “Ding -” rang, and senshasha immediately excitedly took Ruan Shishi to see the finished product.

Ruan Shishi put on his gloves and carefully brought out the baking tray. The golden cheese cake embryo was very beautiful and sweet.

I didn’t expect to make a cake for the first time, but it was quite successful.

Ruan Shishi’s haze was a little clearer, and then he and the kids put strawberries and blueberries on the cake embryo, and sprinkled a thin layer of icing, so the finished product was finished!

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