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Chapter 1479

While waiting for the food to be delivered, she went back to her room and received a new text message with a “Ding Dong” sound from her mobile phone.

She took it out and saw that it was a text message from a strange number. When she opened it, her body suddenly became stiff.

“You only have the last fourteen hours.”

In the photo, Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu are taking a group photo next to a wishing pool on the street of Europe. Not far away, there is a man dressed in sunspots, staring at them, with a small Swiss Army knife pinned to his waist

Ruan’s whole body was cold, and a chill came from the bottom of his heart. His original firmness and courage turned into fear at this moment.

She bit her lower lip and tried to wake herself up with the pain. She stood still for several minutes, then slowly recovered.

With trembling hands, she replied with a message, “action in the afternoon.”

After returning the news, she went to the dresser, opened the drawer, took out the U disk that Yu Gubei gave her, and was silent for a long time.

I don’t know how long later, the mobile phone vibrated, and the vegetable ingredients she ordered online were delivered. She picked them up at the door and then prepared to cook.

She made three dishes and one soup. She was very careful. The three dishes were delicious and delicious. She was so greedy that Shasha and Sensen were drooling.

After dinner with them, Ruan Shishi took the lunch box packed in advance to the living room, cleaned it up and planned to go out.

It happened that Xiao Meng also arrived. They met at the door.

Seeing Xiaomeng, Ruan Shishi took the lead in asking, “has Yu Yimo had lunch?”

Xiaomeng truthfully replied, “Yu always hasn’t had time to eat. There is something wrong with the recent project. He is discussing with the person in charge how to solve it.”

“That’s just right. I’ll send him one.” Ruan Shishi shakes the lunch box in her hand, and then says, “you can watch Sensen and Shasha at home. Yu Yimo, I’ll ask for leave for you.”

“But Mr. Yu told me that if you go out, I must accompany you.”

Ruan Shishi smiles at him, “it doesn’t matter. Isn’t there a driver downstairs? He can send me there. “

It’s hard for Xiaomeng to refuse, because if Ruan Shishi left home, he would follow, and there would be only two people left in the family.

He nodded and agreed.

Ruan Shishi went downstairs, got on the bus and went directly to Yu group.

During this period of time, she was very busy. She didn’t go to Yu Group for a while.

She sat in the car and didn’t know that her every move had been monitored by Yu Gubei since she left the house.

Half an hour later, he arrived at the President Office of Yu’s group. As soon as Ruan Shishi came to the door, he heard Yu Yimo’s low voice. He seemed to be a little angry. His voice was a bit of criticism. After a while, an employee came out with his head down and his face like a dish.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment, and walked slowly towards the door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Yu Yimo frowning and holding a pen to annotate something on the document.

Hearing the sound, his face was slightly heavy, and he said impatiently, “get out!”

Ruan Shishi’s action is a meal. Standing in the same place, he doesn’t know what to do. Neither does he advance nor retreat.

Chapter 1480

At this time, Yu Yimo frowned and looked up. At the moment when she saw her, her eyes were slightly surprised, and then her face softened a lot. “What’s the matter with you?”

“I think you haven’t eaten yet. I’ll bring you some today when the meal is too much.”

Smelling speech, Yu Yimo said in a soft voice, “just let Xiao Meng send it? Why do you have to go

Ruan Shishi stepped forward, opened the lunch box and said in a low voice, “I haven’t been out these days. I feel bored. Come out and breathe. OK, you can eat it quickly. The dishes are cold.”

Then she picked up the papers on his desk and made room for the lunch box.

Maybe he was really hungry. Yu Yimo didn’t say much. He picked up his chopsticks and began to eat. Ruan Shishi stood by and glanced at the computer on the table next to him.

This is what Yu Gubei said.

She took a deep breath, put her hand into her pocket, and gently rubbed the U disk in her pocket, thinking about what excuse to borrow Yu Yimo’s computer.

Because Yu Gubei said that Yu Yimo’s computer has a password, and it is equipped with a special firewall system, which can’t be broken through. Moreover, once you enter the wrong password, it will enter the lock mode and can’t be opened at all.

Therefore, if she wants to get close to the computer, she has to find out the password from Yu Yimo’s mouth.

She stood there and didn’t move, because she knew that Yu Gubei might be watching her at this moment, so she had to find a way as soon as possible

Suddenly, her eyes fell on a document on the desk. She reached out and picked it up.

“Is the business district to be developed in the west of the city?”

Yu Yimo, who was having dinner, said in a slow voice, “well, the plans handed in by the following people are the same, without any new ideas. Chengxi district is the new development zone of Jiangzhou in the future. If the economic development model is copied from Chengdong district and Chengbei District, there will be no breakthrough.”

While listening to him, Ruan Shishi turned over the plan in her hand. Suddenly, she said, “why don’t you let me have a try?”

Yu Yimo was a little surprised and turned to look at her, “try what?”

“Try to make this plan better.” Ruan Shishi smiles at him, and then pushes him, “you go to the side to eat, I use the computer, when you finish eating, this side can be changed.”

Looking at the woman’s eager expression, Yu Yimo hesitated for a moment, then asked, “are you sure you can change it?”

“Of course Ruan Shishi quite definitely nodded, “you didn’t know my business ability before!”

Seeing this, Yu Yimo slightly hooks the corner of her lip, and then gets up to give her a place. He takes the lunch box to the direction of the coffee table, then pauses back, gives her the password and turns on the computer.

He entered the code very quickly, but Ruan Shishi read it clearly. After she wrote it down silently, she put the plan to the desk and started to write a new plan by manipulating the computer on the other side.

Seeing Yu Yimo sitting down at the coffee table, Ruan Shishi’s heart slowly dropped.

Now, when I come across the computer and untie the password, the next step is to import the things in the U disk into the computer while Yu Yimo doesn’t pay attention.

This is the first time that Ruan Shishi has done such a thing. In addition, Yu Yimo is not far from her. When she is nervous, she accidentally touches the folder beside her with her elbow, “pa!” The folder fell to the ground.

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