The Warmest Romance Chapter 1481 -1482

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Chapter 1481

After the sudden sound, it was very calm. Two seconds later, Ruan Shishi summoned up the courage to look up and look at Yu Yimo. Yu Yimo was looking at her, frowning slightly with a faint doubt.

Ruan Shiqiang pulled out a smile, bent down to pick up the folder on the ground, sorry, “not on purpose.”

With that, she put the folder back, looked at the computer again as if nothing had happened, pretending to be calm.

At the same time, Yu Gubei, who is monitoring every move here in real time, saw the scene and pulled his lips disdainfully, sneering and mocking, “waste.”

He thought how brave this woman was. He heard that she didn’t flinch and fear when she faced Lord Luo. He thought how brave and tough she was. Now she just asked her to import some things into the USB flash drive. She was so guilty.

Gradually, his thoughts gradually returned. His vision was focused on the computer screen again, and the monitoring probe was in the corner, that is, behind Ruan Shishi. He could see the screen vaguely. Although it was not true, it was enough.

At this moment, in the picture on the screen, Yu Yimo receives a phone call, gets up and goes to the other side to answer it. At this time, Ruan Shishi, who is sitting in front of the computer, quickly inserts the U-disk that he hid in his hand, quickly opens it, and moves the contents to the computer.

A progress bar showing the download percentage pops up on the screen. The green one slowly swallows the gray one. Ruan Shishi stares at the computer screen without blinking, while Yu Gubei here also unconsciously holds his breath.

Success or failure depends on this!

At this moment, Yu Yimo, who was on the other side, seems to have finished the call, hung up the phone, put down his mobile phone, and suddenly walked towards this side. In an instant, Ruan Shishi’s body stiffened.

She tried not to show a nervous look, holding the hand of the mouse, quickly opened the document, began to type on the keyboard, pretending to be writing a plan.

Yu Yimo walks up to her, reaches out his hand, picks up a document on the desk, turns two pages, then slowly turns around, takes out his mobile phone and dials a call.

The tense atmosphere was relieved instantly, and Ruan Shishi was relieved. Then he withdrew from the document and looked at the progress bar. He had downloaded more than half of it.

At the same time, Yu Gubei, on the other side of the screen, breathes a sigh of relief. Then he raises his hand to unbutton his shirt, turns to Shao Zhuo on the other side, and says with a smile, “it’s her who wins, and it’s her who loses. Yu Yimo can’t imagine that it’s a woman who makes him fall down again and again.”

Shao Zhuo hesitated and asked, “young master, are you sure this can be done?”

Smelling speech, Yu Gu Bei glanced at the screen, glanced at the progress bar on the computer, which had all turned green, and the download was completed. He checked the corner of his lips and said, “90% sure.”

Shao Zhuo hesitated and said, “I’m afraid that woman will play tricks.”

“How dare she?” Yu Gubei sneers, “this kind of woman, once she knows her cards, she will lose. Her weakness is nothing more than two children and two elders. Even if she wants to play tricks, she has to think about the two old guys in our hands.”

This time, Shao Zhuo has no objection.

Yu Gubei returns to his senses and sees Ruan Shishi secretly unplug the USB flash drive from the monitor. He continues to write the plan without moving. He smiles and then turns off the monitor.

Chapter 1482

He’s not interested in the rest.

Thinking about it, he turned his head to look at Shao Zhuo and asked in a deep voice, “what’s going on over there?”

Shao Zhuo reported in a low voice, “don’t worry, young master, all the plans have been made. As long as this side is stable, I will immediately let people out to build up public opinion. Coupled with the recent policy reform, there will be unexpected results.”

Smell speech, Yu Gu North fundus suddenly rolled up a wave of excitement, waiting for so many years, he has some can’t wait to see the final outcome.

I wonder if yu Yimo will be as excited as he is?

After more than half an hour, Ruan Shishi printed out the revised plan and handed it to Yu Yimo. At the same time, he was secretly relieved.

She just performed in front of the desk that paragraph, should not show any flaws?

Thinking about this, she was still a little nervous. At this moment, her palms were sweating and her back was hot, but she didn’t dare to look around.

At this time, Yu Yimo closed the planning documents that she was browsing, looked up at her and said in a light voice, “it’s well written, and the innovative ideas are very good. I asked the planning department to improve it, and then I gave it to the partners to have a look.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi was a little surprised. At the same time, there was a surprise in her heart. Just now, she just wanted to make a show. Unexpectedly, she wrote well.

Seeing the surprise on the woman’s face, Yu Yimo picked her eyebrows, looked at her with a smile and said, “after a while, when everything is settled, will you go back to work?”

His tone was not as serious as it used to be, with the meaning of a few separate jokes. Ruan Shishi was stunned. After a moment, he came back and said with a smile, “are you kidding

“Who’s kidding?” Yu Yimo said in a low voice, “I’ll be the only one to support my family? It’s not fair. “

He said it naturally, as if they were already husband and wife. Ruan Shishi was stunned for two seconds, and then she realized that he had taken advantage of them. Suddenly, she looked slightly serious, “what are you talking about?”

Yu Yimo smiles instead of anger. He slowly picks up the lunch box, looks up at her and says, “I’m very satisfied with today’s food. Tomorrow I want to eat sweet and sour ribs.”

Ruan’s poems are dumb.

They are still fighting, this guy, the topic changes so fast, also openly order the dishes to be cooked tomorrow, she is not angry, angrily bent down to pick up the lunch box, pretended to be angry and said, “do you want to eat my dishes tomorrow? Dream

She quickly walked out of the office and closed the door.

At the moment when the door slammed and closed, Ruan Shishi took a few steps forward. Somehow, he was not angry, but unconsciously raised his lips.

Although she quarreled with Yu Yimo constantly, she somehow felt that life had added a bit of fun, except What happened today.

In a second, Ruan Shishi became serious, and her hand clung to her side unconsciously. She began to feel uneasy.

I don’t know if what she did can work.

It seems that from the beginning to the end, she did not escape the surveillance range of Yu Gubei. As soon as she walked out of the gate of Yu group, the next second, the mobile phone in her coat pocket rang.

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