The Warmest Romance Chapter 1483 -1484

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Chapter 1483

Ruan Shishi was shocked. When he took it out, a string of virtual random code was displayed on the screen. It was really from Yu Gubei.

She calmly pressed the answer button and put it in her ear, “hello?”

Over there came the voice of a man who seemed to smile rather than smile, “have you done it?”

Ruan asked, “shouldn’t you monitor the whole process?”

Yu Gubei chuckles and asks after two seconds, “what is the computer password?”

Hearing the words, Ruan Shishi burst into a rage. “It seems that you didn’t explain to me at the beginning, did you let me ask for the password? I did what you did. What else do you want? And since you’re looking at the surveillance, you should be very clear that he didn’t tell me the password at all. “

Ruan’s poems are quite reasonable, but it seems that her sentences are true. Yu Gubei over there was not upset when she said that. He said in a soft voice, “what’s the hurry? I just want to ask if you happen to see it.”

Here, Ruan Shishi’s hand holding the phone is tight.

In fact, she really saw Yu Yimo’s password and wrote it down, but she replied quietly, “no, if you doubt me, you shouldn’t have let me do it at the beginning.”

Gu beiwen, the Yu over there, laughs. Unexpectedly, Ruan Shishi sees through his meaning.

He did have such a faint suspicion. Now listening to her saying, it is completely reduced. Even so, on the surface, he still said softly, “don’t let me find out what tricks you are playing, or I won’t let you live.”

Although he said this sentence with a smile, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help being clever. She paused and asked directly, “where are my parents?”

“Don’t worry, they’re fine.”

Ruan Shishi frowned, “didn’t you say I let them go when I finished?”

“They are now moving from Holland to South France. They are having a good time. Why do you want to spoil it?” Yu Gu North Light said, “don’t worry, promise you I will do.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi snorted angrily, “Yu Gubei, are you so interesting?”

Now that Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu are far away in Europe, she has no way to be sure that they are safe. Yu Gubei has sent people to follow them, so they should not retreat easily.

So, this is tantamount to her being cheated. Originally, she wanted to contact her parents immediately to let them buy air tickets to return home, but now it seems that many things are not up to her.

Yu Gubei over there seems to want to say something else. Ruan Shishi at this end has already gritted her teeth. She blushed and said to that end angrily, “liar!”

Yu Gubei chuckles and laughs, “I didn’t cheat you. I’m just a little later than you think. Don’t make any wrong ideas, or my men will do something. I can’t guarantee it.”

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth, hung up the phone and stood in the same place for a long time.

Before long, a car stopped in front of her. It was Yu Yimo who ordered the driver to take her home. Ruan Shishi, with a gloomy face, stepped on the car and closed the door.

Slowly, the car started, and the original coldness and anger on Ruan Shishi’s face slowly faded, until at last he was expressionless.

At this moment, she suddenly some understanding of the actors, acting is also a technical work, at this moment, her face is a little stiff.

Chapter 1484

When she returned to the apartment, her heart slowly settled down. When she pushed the door open, she heard a noise inside.

The living room is in a mess. Xiaomeng is being chased by Sensen Shasha. All kinds of patterns are painted on her cheeks, forehead and even arms.

In a trance, Ruan Shishi thought he had entered the wrong house and recognized the wrong person!

When she glanced down at all kinds of colored pens in Sansha’s hand, she could not laugh or cry.

When Xiao Meng saw her, it was like seeing the Savior and the hope. He ran towards her with tears in his eyes and cried, “sister! Help

Now some young and strong young men with some skills shuttle behind her. Ruan Shishi can’t laugh or cry. He looks at Sensen and Shasha running over with colored pens and asks, “what are you doing?”

Sensen shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, “play games with Uncle Xiaomeng. He always loses. There’s no way!”

Shasha nodded seriously and said, “yes! Uncle Xiaomeng is too stupid, but he has to admit defeat by gambling! “

Just then, behind Ruan Shishi, Xiao Meng grabbed one of her clothes and said pitifully, “elder sister, what kind of universe stars and fashion games do they play with me? I don’t know! You must lose! “

Ruan Shishi couldn’t help laughing. Looking at the two lovely little guys in front of her, she couldn’t say any words of blame at the moment. She turned her head, looked at Xiaomeng’s face and arm, and said with a smile, “go to the bathroom, there are makeup remover and facial cleanser, you can wash it.”

Smell speech, small Mongolia long sigh of relief, quickly walked into the bathroom.

Ruan Shishi turned to take away the colored pen from sensenshasha’s hand and said softly, “you two, go to the kitchen sink and wash your hands.”

Sensen and Sasha smell speech, pout a small mouth, then point a little head, clever turn to do.

Ruan Shishi had the time to sit down beside the sofa and let out a long sigh of relief.

Even so, she knew very well in her heart that this time was just the beginning. She didn’t know what would happen and what situation it would become.

In a word, before that day comes, she wants to take every step she has determined. Only in this way can she have a better chance of winning.

For three days in a row, Yu Yimo hardly went back to his apartment.

Jiangzhou city set off an upsurge of reform. The new orders were strict and resolute, and quickly swept the business community in Jiangzhou.

Large corporate consortia are the driving force of local economic development. How many people have been employed, how much GDP has been increased, and what kind of urban development has been promoted have become more and more important. At the same time, the society has higher requirements for corporate consortia, which are open, transparent, and refuse any form of corruption.

This is a good thing, and some people just want to take advantage of this trend to seek personal benefits.

For three days in a row, at least five groups of people have been to Yu’s group to do research and explore the situation. The meaning is somewhat speculative.

Yu Yimo is busy with the company’s affairs, but also with the above work, busy before and after, almost no time to go back.

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