The Warmest Romance Chapter 1491 -1492

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Chapter 1491

Ruan Shishi looked at him sarcastically, silent and silent.

Yu Gubei smiles and suddenly says, “you said, have my elder brother found out that you have disappeared for so long?”

Ruan Shishi was silent. She took a deep breath and slowly grasped the mobile phone in her pocket.

Just then, a voice came from the entrance of the roof, “are you waiting for me?”

Yu Yimo and Du Yue appear at the door. He is sitting in a wheelchair, so far away that his sharp eyes quickly lock on Ruan Shishi to make sure she is intact. Then he looks at Yu Gubei.

When Yu Gubei saw him appear, he laughed. He looked at Ruan Shishi and Yu Yimo, and said, “together, this game is really more and more fun!”

With that, he strode toward Yu Yimo and said with a smile, “brother, although you’re here, it’s a pity that you missed a good play.”

With that, he motioned to Yu Yimo to look at the ground not far away from there, and said madly, “just now, your two women had a big fight. They had to kill each other. The scene was wonderful! But you missed… “

Yu Gubei’s tone is Yin-Yang and strange, with some madness, “but there will be more wonderful ones in the back!”

At this moment, Yu Yimo is sitting in a wheelchair, less than 10 meters away from Yu Gubei. On the other side of Yu Gubei, there is Ruan Shishi. The three of them confront each other in a delicate atmosphere.

Ruan Shishi and Yu Yimo exchange their eyes. They are silent. No one talks. Their eyes are firmly locked on Yu Gubei.

It seems that it’s because of the sudden silence. Yu Gubei pulls the corner of his lip, continues to look at Yu Yimo and says, “brother, the two women around you betray you together. What’s the taste of this?”

The two women in his mouth naturally refer to Ruan Shi and ye Wan’er.

Without waiting for Yu Yimo to speak, Yu Gubei reached out and pointed to ye Wan’er, who fainted on the ground. He said with a smile, “your childhood sweetheart, you say that you love you, but at last you listen to me and use it for me.”

He said without hesitation. Suddenly, his eyes turned and he looked in the direction of Ruan Shishi. “And you miss Ruan, who is extremely concerned, is my biggest helper. At this moment, the investigation team set up above should have arrived at the company. Guess what they can find out from the company’s accounts and what unexpected discoveries they can make?”

Yu Yimo’s eyes were fixed on him without words.

But now Du Yue’s face on the other side is a little bit wrong. He holds his mobile phone in his hand and looks at the incoming calls and letters. His eyebrows are a little more anxious.

He stepped forward and said in Yu Yimo’s ear, “Mr. Yu, someone has really come to check. It’s the investigation team sent from above. Now it’s investigating the company’s accounts and confidential documents. The company is in a mess, and the senior executives are looking for you everywhere.”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly and his face became cold.

The company’s accounts are clean and are not afraid to be checked, but Yu Gubei says so, obviously he has already done something.

“Miss Ruan, whom you love deeply, personally imported the private files I gave her into your computer. Once the investigation team found your computer, everything…”

Yu Gubei said with a smile, and his tone became slower and slower. Finally, he made an explosive gesture, “boom, it’s all exploded. Yu’s group is completely destroyed, and you can’t escape the legal sanction.”

Chapter 1492

His tone is slow, but extremely firm, as if he is the chief director of the film, has long known the ending, determined the future, and Yu Yimo and Ruan Shi, even the whole Yu Shi, are nothing but his master.

Yu Gubei looks at Yu Yimo with a smile, which is cold and creepy. “What’s the feeling of being betrayed?”

Yu Yimo is quite calm, not surprised, as if he had known all this for a long time, while Ruan Shishi on the other side also looks at him with almost indifferent eyes.

It seems that this one-man show is not as exciting as he imagined. Yu Gu Bei touched his nose, then spread out his hand and asked, “is it Isn’t it exciting? “

At this time, Ruan Shishi suddenly said, “what if things are different from what you imagined? Or, what kind of reversal

“Reverse?” Yu Gu North Cold hum, disdain said, “does not exist.”

As soon as his voice fell, Yu Yimo’s voice came over, “let you down, everything you just said is hypothetical, and the reality will not develop according to your script.”

Yu Gu’s face color suddenly becomes serious and gloomy, and subconsciously denies her saying, “how can it be! Yu Yimo, you are too arrogant! “

“everything you had before has the final say! In Yu family, in the group, you shine all over the world, you are the only one, but this matter! I have to decide the final outcome! “

He walked quickly to Yu Yimo and approached his wheelchair. His eyes were cold and resentful. He said angrily, “Yu Yimo, you are bound to lose!”

Yu Yimo is not flustered, raises his eyes to look at him, “is that right?”

Yu Gubei moved his lips. Before he had time to speak, Ruan Shishi on the other side had already said, “Yu Gubei, you can count thousands of times, but you should not. Will my link go wrong? That day, what I imported into his computer was not what you gave me. “

Smell speech, the body of Yu Gu North is a little stiff, he was in situ Leng for half a second, then looked at her, coldly said, “impossible.”

Ruan Shishi pulled his lips and said word by word, “I replaced the U disk you gave me. What I led into the computer was a cartoon with the same size as the file in the U disk you gave me. I’m afraid that the investigation team will go home empty handed this time.”

The air is silent. At this moment, Yu Gu Bei is standing there. His expression has undergone several changes, from the initial doubt to the later anger. Finally, he grits his teeth and stares at Ruan Shishi, “how dare you!”

His expression became a bit ferocious, “your parents are still in my hands, how dare you!”

At this time, Shao Zhuo’s mobile phone on the other side rings. He picks it up and answers the phone. A few seconds later, his face changes. He immediately reports to Yu Gubei, “young master, it’s bad. Our people have lost the old couple!”

Smell speech, Yu Gu North color Zha green Zha red, towering anger rolling in his eyes, now, he just understand, he was designed by them!

He looked at Ruan Shishi and then at Yu Yimo. They were calm and calm, without any confusion. It seems that they had colluded with each other for a long time!

Yu Yimo suddenly said, “Yu Gu North, night road to go more, always meet the ghost.”

As a matter of fact, Ruan Shishi couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. On the night when they met on the balcony, Ruan Shishi had already told Yu Yimo everything. On the other hand, they secretly imported the USB flash drive into the office that day. It was just a play they made for Yu Gubei.

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