The Warmest Romance Chapter 1493 -1494

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Chapter 1493

After Yu Gu Bei reacts, his eyes turn scarlet. He shakes his head and mumbles, “impossible…”

A few seconds later, he turned his head and looked at Shao Zhuo fiercely. Shao Zhuo immediately understood and quickly approached Ruan’s poems.

Before they could react, Shao Zhuo had already forced Ruan Shishi to her side, grabbed her shoulder, stretched out an iron arm and strangled her neck.

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank, and a trace of confusion flashed across his eyes, “stop!”

But after all, it was too late. Ruan’s neck was strangled by Shao Zhuo from behind, and the sense of bondage suddenly came.

At this time, Yu Gubei’s situation was broken, and he jumped out of the wall in a hurry. It’s not hard to understand.

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth. Although her neck was strangled, her hand could barely move. She moved slowly and felt for her pocket tentatively.

On the other hand, Yu Gubei sneers. Seeing that Ruan Shishi is controlled by Shao Zhuo, his eyes are a little more arrogant. He turns to Yu Yimo and says coldly, “Yu Yimo, I tell you not to act rashly! Or I’ll kill her at once

Suddenly, the atmosphere became tense and anxious. Yu Yimo’s face turned green. It was clear that the situation had changed. But because of this sudden occurrence, the balance tilted toward Yu Gubei.

Yu Yimo frowned and looked gloomy and depressed. He was sitting in the wheelchair, holding the handle of the wheelchair and slowly clenching it. His heart sank. He wanted to stretch out his hand to lift the blanket and directly rush to fight with Yu Gu beilai. But at this moment, the direction of Ruan Shishi and Shao Zhuo over there suddenly heard “Dong!” There was a dull sound.

The movement attracted everyone’s eyes. They looked at Shao Zhuo and saw that he had fallen to the ground. Ruan Shishi, holding something in his hand, quickly jumped away and stepped aside.

Yu Gu North color suddenly gloomy, this just suddenly reaction come over, Shao Zhuo this is to be knocked out by that electric rod!

Instant, a stuffy blocked in the throat, he was trembling.

Old day will play tricks on people, again and again will break his hope! Push him to a dead end!

He clenched his fist and watched Ruan Shishi run towards Yu Yimo, but he could do nothing.

Now, even if he catches up, it’s no use at all. Not to mention that Yu Yimo can’t get up in a wheelchair. He can’t do it alone, just a Du Yue and a Ruan Shishi with an electric stick.

At this time, the sky came “boom boom” sound, a helicopter from far and near, slowly descending, propeller fast and powerful rotation, driving the surrounding air flow, boom sound ear shaking people.

In an instant, Yu Yimo saw the way. He frowned and said, “Yu Gubei wants to run away!”

Du Yue saw this and immediately said, “I’ll go after you!”

Today, they just made it clear that Yu Gubei can’t just run away!

Yu Yimo was speechless, and his dark eyes were staring at the people in the helicopter. Seeing that Du Yue had already stepped forward, his heart suddenly tightened, “come back!”

The people on the helicopter are not simple. If they are armed, Du Yue can’t get any benefits by himself!

Du Yue took a step and looked back at Yu Gubei anxiously. “Yu Zong, it’s time to lose. It won’t come again!”

This is a natural and clear truth, but he also knows that if Du Yue insists on running there, maybe something will happen!

Chapter 1494

At this time, Yu Gubei has been pushed by the airflow and quickly approaches the helicopter. When it approaches, a man with complete equipment jumps out of the helicopter and pulls Yu Gubei onto the plane.

The door slammed and the helicopter soon began to rise.

The air stirred the air around her and disturbed Ruan’s hair. She stood there, watching Yu Gubei flee, but indifferent!

Yugu Beitai is too cunning! They did not expect that he would have such a backhand for himself! A retreat, even to ye Wan’er and Shao Zhuo did not care!

Watching the helicopter take off and fly away, for a moment, everyone was silent.

As long as Yu Gu Bei is not caught for one day, they will have one less day of peace!

The helicopter soon went away, but Ruan still felt that his ears were roaring, unable to recall.

“Ruan poetry!”

Yu Yimo got up from the wheelchair, walked up to her and called several times. She came back to herself.

But I don’t know why, at this moment, she relaxed, her legs and feet softened involuntarily. Suddenly, her body tilted, and she was about to fall.

Yu Yimo stepped forward with an arrow, held her body and held her in his arms. He worried a little more between his eyebrows. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

After such a battle, Ruan Shishi was exhausted and his body could not support him.

She inhaled deeply. She felt a little uneasy. She couldn’t care about her body, so she subconsciously held out her hand, grasped Yu Yimo’s wrist, and asked, “Yu Gubei, he ran away, what shall we do?”

Such a devil has now escaped. Later, he hid in the dark and tried to deal with him. I’m afraid it’s even more difficult.

None of them won today’s play.

Yu Gubei thought that he would win, but he didn’t expect that Ruan Shishi and Yu Yimo had been working together for a long time. They also thought that they would win, but in the end there was a mistake.

Looking at Ruan Shishi’s restless appearance, Yu Yimo felt a little worried. He gently grasped Ruan Shishi’s shoulder and said in a low voice, “I will catch him as soon as possible. Don’t worry.”

Although there was still some uneasiness in his heart, Ruan Shishi nodded.

At this time, the direction of the rooftop door came the chaotic footsteps, and then, Su Yucheng with people rushed over.

When he saw Ruan Shishi fall to the ground, he immediately asked, “what’s the matter? Injured? “

“No Yu Yimo frowned and held on to Ruan Shishi. He said solemnly, “Yu Gu ran north and took the helicopter.”

“Damn it

Su Yu into gas straight scold, raise a foot to kick hard on the wall beside, “this dog thing! With a group of people at the bottom of the block, the original idea is this

Yu Yimo was silent and did not say a word. His eyelids drooped. He aimed at Ruan Shishi’s pale face, picked her up and walked out.

He just walked two steps, behind him spread the voice of Su Yucheng, “wait!”

“Lao Yu, you can’t carry her out like this!”

Yu Yimo immediately frowned, “why?”

What’s the matter with his woman he’s carrying out? What’s more, Ruan Shi’s legs are so soft that he can’t walk any more.

“No, you don’t understand me!” Su Yucheng saw that he had misinterpreted the meaning and hastened to explain, “your leg has not been announced to the public, so holding people out, the whole company will know. If the people in the company know, it means that the whole Jiangzhou city knows, and the grandson has not grasped it. If you let him know your leg, wouldn’t he be more defensive?”

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