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Chapter 1497

Yu Gubei steps forward quickly, takes out a small key from a nearby drawer, unties her bracelet and anklet, pulls out a long and thick coat from the nearby wardrobe, wraps it up for her, and pulls her out.

Lu Xiaoman took a deep breath, some panic, “where are you taking me?”

Yu Gu Bei turns back abruptly, his voice is low and deep, “shut up if you want to live!”

Lu Xiaoman was shocked and stopped talking.

It was the first time that she met Yu Gubei, who had known him for so many years.

Once upon a time, he was smiling and calm. Now, suddenly, something must have happened.

Sure enough, from upstairs down, the hall was dark, and there was no servant. It seems that something really happened.

She was jammed into the car and watched as Yu Gu told the driver to leave quickly. In addition to the driver, she didn’t see Shao Zhuo. Suddenly, she was surprised and uneasy.

The surprise is that Yu Gubei is absolutely in trouble, otherwise he will not be so flustered and abnormal, but at the same time, he is also full of uneasiness. Who knows where her fate should go?

After two days of fermentation, all kinds of negative comments against Yu group and Yu family become more and more unscrupulous.

Early in the morning, Yu Yimo arrived at Yu’s group. Du Yue and Xiao Meng had been running back and forth in the president’s office for two or three times. The company’s top management was unstable, and the people’s hearts were shaken. Coupled with the turmoil of the past few days, bad media created gimmicks, which led to some unstable ups and downs in the stock market.

“Mr. Yu, we have to find a way. Now even the old shareholders in the company are beginning to be uneasy. They are in a high position in the company. If there is any change, everyone will stare at them. I’m afraid…”

Yu Yimo frowned, waiting for Du Yue to report this, he knew it in his heart.

A moment later, he took a deep breath and said, “go and invite uncle Zeng over.”

Uncle Zeng used to be an old friend of Yu Qingshan. He has been in Yu’s group for many years. He is safe and sound, but he has never made any outstanding achievements. Fortunately, he is safe and sound. In addition, he has his own career and only works part-time in Yu’s group, so he doesn’t get to know Yu very much.

But to say, among the remaining old people in Yu’s group, he has a face. If he can get his support, he can at least stabilize Yu for a while.

Coincidentally, he received the news early this morning that Zeng Xiang had returned to the company, most likely because of the recent emergency meeting requested by the senior management.

At the emergency meeting, some senior officials will question him, so it is very important to get Zeng Xiang’s support.

Soon, the door of the office was knocked and pushed open. Du Yue led Zeng Xiang in.

“Uncle Zeng, long time no see.”

Yu Yimo immediately gets up from his wheelchair and strides towards him.

All the people in the room were in a daze.

Who doesn’t know that Yu Yimo’s leg has been injured, and he hasn’t replied. He is in and out of the wheelchair. Now he suddenly stands up like this. Zeng Xiang is also a little surprised.

Yu Yimo’s face is as usual, “Uncle Zeng, please sit down.”

Zeng Xiang, who had seen the world before, soon regained his composure. His eyebrows and eyes passed Yu Yimo’s legs, and he probably knew something from the bottom of his heart.

Chapter 1498

They sat down, and immediately an assistant came to serve the tea. Yu Yimo said with a smile, “Uncle Zeng, I know you love tea. Today I specially asked someone to make this year’s new tea before Ming Dynasty. How about you try it?”

Zeng Xiang said with a smile, “OK, I’ll try it.”

When they were tasting tea together, the atmosphere gradually became more active. At this time, Zeng Xiang put down his tea cup, looked more serious, and said word by word, “Yimo, are you coming to me for the recent business of the company?”

High level turbulence, unstable people, now Yu Yimo still have to deal with Yu Gubei, distracted, lack of skills, the whole Yu family, together with the group are in chaos, has become a joke of Jiangzhou city.

It was said in a deep voice, “Uncle Zeng, let you see the joke.”

Zeng Xiang waved his hand and said, “big family, there is bound to be a fight, but fortunately, there are only two of you in your Yu family. No matter how you fight, one side will lose or end up. If there are many children in your family, I’m afraid it will be more complicated…”

Yu Yimo nodded and said in a low voice, “it’s not easy for Yu’s family business to come to this day. In the past, my father had great support from Uncle Zeng, and now my younger generation also hopes to get your support. Moreover, my legs are good. I’ve been hiding this from the outside world, but I didn’t want to hide it from you.”

When he said that, he obviously put a high hat on Zeng Xiang. At the same time, he showed his own card and showed his determination and trust.

It’s reasonable to say that Zeng Xiang didn’t understand.

Zeng Xiang was silent for a moment. Then he took a sip of his tea cup and said, “I heard that Yu Gubei used Castle Peak in order to seize power. It seems that he is not a kind-hearted person and I will not support him. Yimo, don’t worry, I will stand by you.”

Hearing this, Yu Yimo’s heart sank steadily.

With Zeng Xiang’s support, at least on the side of the company, he won’t be under so much pressure any more.

“Thank you, uncle Zeng. When this is over and the storm is over, I will find time to arrange for you to meet my father.”

Zeng Xiang nodded, a little more gratified. “When people get old, they don’t care so much about power and interests. On the contrary, true feelings are more precious.”

A few words, lead to metaphor with silent heart a burst of melancholy.

When he catches Yu Gubei, he will put all his thoughts on the people he cares about most.

With Zeng Xiang’s support, Yu Yimo finally stabilized the hearts of the public at the important meeting.

“I promise you that this storm and turbulence is only temporary. I will try my best to protect the interests of Yu group. Please give me a chance for two weeks. If I can’t protect Yu, I will abdicate and give Yu’s family business to a more suitable person!”

His words and assurance effectively blocked people’s temporary doubts and anxieties.

Two weeks, short or long, is also an unknown test for him.

Back from the conference room, Yu Yimo always frowns and falls into his own meditation.

Today’s company affairs, Yu Gubei’s things really make him lack of skills and skills to deal with.

The most urgent task is to catch Yu Gubei first. Only in this way can he do it without being bound.

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