The Warmest Romance Chapter 1495 -1496

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Chapter 1495

With these words, Yu Yimo wakes up in an instant.

If he had caught Yu Gubei today, it would be OK, but he would have run away. From now on, how could he show all his cards to the other side?

After a moment of calmness, he took a deep breath, pondered over the measurement, and finally looked down at the woman in his arms. As he hesitated, Ruan Shishi suddenly moved her eyes and said, “I I can walk

It’s like she’s been through a catastrophe, but she’s not completely incapacitated.

Yu Yimo hesitates and puts her down.

Su Yucheng, who was on one side, was relieved and reminded, “by the way, just now someone reported that there was a police car parking, which should be arranged by Lao Fan. It’s estimated that he would have to go to the police station. Now things are probably clear. It’s time to hand in the criminal evidence you collected from Gu Bei.”

Yu Yimo was silent for a moment, then he thought of something, nodded and said faintly, “it’s time.”

Originally, I thought that I could cooperate with the police today and detain Yu Gubei, but I didn’t expect that he was allowed to escape after all. Now that things have come to this stage, it’s time to bring out the criminal evidence.

Suddenly, he thought of something. He looked back at Du Yue, who was still lying on the ground not far away, and told Su Yucheng, “that Shao Zhuo, take away together, he must know a lot of things.”

With that, he turned his eyes and looked to the other side, but there was no one there. Suddenly, he woke up and woke up.

Originally ye Wan’er fell there, how could it disappear?

Ruan Shishi also noticed it and couldn’t help asking, “ye Wan’er Where have you been? “

Did she run, too? But just now, when Yu Gubei ran away, he didn’t take her with him at all, not to mention he didn’t take her with him.

On this thought, there seems to be only one answer that can be explained. As soon as Ruan Shishi thought about it, he felt cold in his body and cold in his back.

The only explanation is that she ran away! Taking advantage of just now this side of the chaos of war, the time of the tumult, she slipped away secretly.

Not catching her is also a big hidden danger.

Yu Yimo and Su Yu look at each other and think about it in a moment. At last, Su Yucheng takes the lead in saying, “in this way, I’ll send someone to check the monitoring immediately. She won’t be far away alone. She should be able to catch it.”

Yu Yimo frowned and nodded. He didn’t say much. Then he turned to Ruan Shishi and said softly, “we’re going to the police station to take notes today. Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

Originally, Ruan Shishi didn’t feel afraid when he was around. Now her heart was firmer when she listened to his solemn assurance.

With that in mind, she pulled the corners of her lips and said in a low voice, “I know.”

I don’t know when she and Yu Yimo’s heart got closer and closer. Maybe it was the friendship of sharing weal and woe, maybe it was the tacit understanding of rare cooperation. In a word, even after experiencing these, she felt unprecedented satisfaction and steadiness.

At this time, one side of Su Yu Cheng can’t see down, abruptly interrupted two people, “OK, OK, pull the dog in and then kill, you show love also have to pick occasion?”

Then he pretended to be displeased and rolled his eyes, exaggerating.

Seeing this, Ruan could not help laughing.

Chapter 1496

At this moment, the serious and heavy atmosphere suddenly relaxed a lot. Everyone looked at each other and finally settled down.

Soon, the people on the rooftop disperse. It’s like sitting in a wheelchair silently. As the people get off the elevator together, they arrive at the gate of the group and leave with the police car.

After getting on the bus, Yu Yimo had time to be quiet. He closed his eyes and asked Du Yue beside him, “has the investigation team gone?”

Du Yue truthfully report, “has gone, high-level report, said it is not found anything.”

Originally, the frowning brow slowly stretched, he nodded slowly, speechless.

Since he took over Yu’s group, he has been extremely strict with the company. He does not allow all forms of darkness and filth. Yu Gu Bei’s dirty water is not easy to drag them into the water.

But today’s events will certainly have an impact.

Not to mention the internal situation of the company today, just a few police cars parked downstairs are enough to be arranged in a random way.

These days, rumors are inevitable.

The sky suddenly changes, and night falls. At midnight, a car flies through the main road in the suburbs and slowly approaches a villa.

It’s the villa Yugu used to live in. Now the light is not on and it’s hidden among the shadows of the trees. It’s a bit gloomy.

He hid the address of this villa deeply. Even if someone wanted to check it, it would take some time, but now he can’t stay. He had to leave immediately after he packed up some important things!

The car braked at the door. Soon, Yu Gubei got out of the car, went back to the study on the second floor, opened the safe, and took the prepared us dollar bills, foreign bank passbooks, a set of completely fake identity cards, and self-defense equipment.

With these, he can safely leave Jiangzhou, escape to foreign countries, stay in the Castle Peak, not afraid of no firewood, and when he is well cultivated, it will not be too late for him to come back and take Yu Yimo’s life!

So thinking, he immediately clenched his teeth, quickly packed those things, quietly left the study.

Seeing that he had reached the stairway, he suddenly heard a small cough coming from the room not far away. His heart moved and his steps stopped.

He forgot that the woman was still there.

Yu Gubei frowned and gritted his teeth. He wanted to walk away. However, after two steps, his heart moved, his heart suddenly became sad.

I don’t know why, at the thought of that woman staring at himself with tears on her face, his heart is shrinking and uncontrollable.

Damn it! Has he ever been infatuated with a woman? Or at this critical moment of life and death!

However, every step he took, he felt uncomfortable all over. The position of his heart seemed to be hollowed out by some kind of teeth and claws!

Forget it! Taking that woman is like taking a pet with you. You can have fun when it’s boring. What’s more, with his ability, it’s not difficult to take one more!

Thinking, he gritted his teeth, immediately turned around, stepped up the steps, and went straight to the door to push the door open.

When the room was dark, he pushed the door open and saw Lu Xiaoman sitting on the sofa suddenly turning his head. It seemed that she was frightened by the sudden movement, because she was surprised that her eyes were so big, and her thin appearance and sunken cheeks made her eyes look big and empty.

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