The Warmest Romance Chapter 1507 -1508

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Chapter 1507

“Xiao Meng, a Tao, they had an accident on their way to Lincheng. The car was directly hit into the river. The rescue team went to rescue and salvage. Xiao Meng was sent to the hospital. A Tao It’s out of breath. “

Yu Yimo’s eyes suddenly became sharp, and immediately got up, “where are Sensen and Sasha?”

Du Yue hesitated for a moment and said, “Sensen and Sasha are not in the car…”

In an instant, this sentence just like a thunder, exploded in their ears.

“No way! They… “

Ruan Shishi stepped forward quickly. For a moment, she felt some tightness in her chest and shortness of breath because she was worried. She clenched her fist and put her nails in her palms.

“It’s possible It was taken away. “

“What?” Ruan Shishi trembled and clenched her teeth.

Now, who else is there besides Yu Gubei who is bothering to take her child away?

“It’s Yu Gubei, it’s him, isn’t it?”

Du Yue’s face was slightly heavy, and he didn’t answer.

He was silent, that is, acquiesced. Ruan Shiqi trembled, his heart tightened, his feet softened, his eyes suddenly turned black, and he fainted to the ground.

When Ruan Shishi woke up again, it was a lot darker and gloomy, as if it was going to rain.

Yu Yimo kept watching her wake up. Her frown loosened a little. She asked in a slow voice, “wake up?”

Ruan Shishi looked at the ceiling, but her brain was like a short circuit, blank, and she could not remember anything. A moment later, she slowly remembered what happened before her coma, and her heart suddenly reached her throat.

“Sensen and Sasha…”

She did not finish, tears like a broken line of beads in general, uncontrolled down.

Yu Yimo’s face moved slightly, and then said in a slow voice, “Yu Gu has come to the North…”

Ruan Shishi gritted his teeth. “What did he say?”

Yu Yimo reaches out his hand to pick up the mobile phone on the table beside him, points something on and hands it to her.

It was a text message from a mobile phone, “if you still want to see those two little guys, at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, I will bring Ruan Shishi to the No. 3 workshop of songyun electronics factory on Changji road. No police or anyone is allowed, or I will tear up the ticket immediately!”

Ruan Shishi’s hand holding the mobile phone tightened involuntarily. She clenched her teeth and trembled involuntarily.

Yu Gubei must have another plan to lead them to such a remote place alone, but now they have Sensen and Shasha in their hands. Even if they don’t want to go, they have to go!

She must not miss any chance to save Sensen and Sasha! Otherwise, in case of an accident, it will be irreparable! As a mother, she had made a big mistake in losing them. Now she can’t save them. Where can she live with her faith?

Seeing that Ruan Shishi’s face was not right, Yu Yimo quickly extended a hand and put it on her shoulder to comfort her. “Don’t worry, I’ll take someone there tomorrow, and I’ll surely bring her back safely.”

“I What about me? “

It’s too dangerous. You can’t go

Just a moment of silence, Ruan Shishi immediately shook his head, “no way, Yu Gubei is not so easy to fool people, his message specifically said that let us both go, if I didn’t go, what would he do?”

Chapter 1508

Smell speech, Yu Yimo brow twist deeper.

In fact, he had already thought about it before she woke up.

However, he was not at ease to take Ruan Shishi with him, and he was afraid that Yu Gu would do something in the north. Now it seems that he is in a dilemma.

At this time, Ruan Shishi said, “I have to go! With his temperament, he will certainly send someone to watch us. If there is something strange, he may go crazy and start to fight… “

Yu Yimo frowned, “but we two go, there is no hope of victory.”

Ruan Shishi immediately said, “we two went there, just to show him. At the same time, you have to deploy everything and wait for the opportunity, just to be more hidden.”

Wen Yan, Yu Yimo nodded, looked at her with deep eyes, and said, “OK, that’s settled. Let’s go together, but when we get there, everything will be arranged by me.”

If the situation is really tense, the most important thing for him is to keep her safe.

Smell speech, Ruan poem heart a tight, finally nodded, “I listen to you.”

Tomorrow is obviously a tough battle. Apart from what happened on the roof last time, I’m afraid that this time Yu Gubei will be more cautious and cruel.

Even though his heart was full of worry, Ruan Shishi forced himself to sleep and eat well, trying to get through every difficult time.

At this time, time always flies. Towards noon, Du Yue bought several different meals so that they could eat more. However, Yu Yimo has been busy calling to order the deployment, and Ruan Shishi has no appetite. After two mouthfuls, she stops eating chopsticks.

Du Yue hesitated and said, “eat more. In the afternoon, there is a fierce battle waiting for us. If you eat less, you will be too weak.”

Hearing the words, Ruan Shishi’s eyes swept over the delicious food on the table. At the thought that at this moment, Sensen and Sasha may still be hungry and can’t even drink a mouthful of water, her heart burst out with bursts of sour and astringent, and she has no appetite.

She gently shook her head, and then thought of something, turned away from the topic and said, “is there any news about Xiaomeng?”

Xiao Meng was on the verge of death when he was rescued from the river by the rescue team. Later, he was sent to the hospital for rescue. There was no news.

Du more pause, replied, “still in a coma, the doctor can not guarantee when to wake up.”

This sentence, like a stone, not light or heavy hit Ruan’s heart.

Xiao Meng and a Tao are innocent, but no one can imagine that Yu Gubei is so cruel and determined to kill them!

Thinking about it, Ruan Shishi’s heart was cold. At this time, Yu Yimo hung up the phone and came over, saying, “it’s all arranged.”

His voice fell, and no one spoke any more. Everyone silently continued to move on their hands, waiting for the time to pass.

Just after twelve o’clock, they were ready to leave.

It will take at least an hour to get to the abandoned songyun Electronics Factory Yu Gubei said. It’s time to start now.

Before leaving, Yu Yimo suddenly grabbed Ruan Shishi, took out a black waistcoat and said solemnly, “put this on.”

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