The Warmest Romance Chapter 645 -646

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Chapter 645

“I’m sorry…” she said

“Nothing.” Yu Yimo stopped at the right time, looking a little serious, and asked in a deep voice, “why did you block the whip for me when I was so afraid of pain?”

This sentence has been stuck in his mind for several days, so he has a chance to ask.

Ruan Shishi’s face flashed a moment of panic when he heard the speech, and soon recovered as usual, “the plan book passed by my hand, and there is a possibility of leakage, so I also have the responsibility, I just bear the punishment I should be punished.”

Her tone was serious, as if it were not personal.

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank a little, and his voice was slightly cold. “That day you went to send the planning book. Wasn’t ye Wan’er in the car?”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi suddenly widened her eyes and looked at him, “how do you know?”

She deliberately kept it from him. Unexpectedly, she was still known by him. Did he go to investigate again!?

Yu Yimo looks cold, stares at her and asks, “why lie?”

For a moment, Ruan Shishi was at a loss and didn’t know how to answer.

“Answer me.”

The man’s voice was raised a little, and his tone was cold. Ruan’s heart was clear, but he was angry.

Biting her teeth, she inhaled deeply and bravely said, “I’m afraid that speaking out will destroy the feelings between the two of you, and I don’t think Miss Ye is the one who divulges the plan.”

The air was suddenly quiet for a few seconds, and then, Yu Yimo’s voice sounded with anger, “you…”

He stood up abruptly. Before he finished his words, his face changed as soon as he became stiff.

Ruan Shishi looked up in a hurry. Seeing his face, he was startled. “Is it the wound behind…”

Yu Yimo frowned and his lips turned white. Before he spoke, Ruan Shishi stopped the nurse who had finished packing and was going to leave He has injuries in the back, too! “

When the nurse heard this, she immediately looked back and saw that Yu Yimo’s face was not right. She quickly walked over to him and looked around his back. She was surprised again, “it’s bleeding!”

Ruan Shishi some flustered mouth, “his injury is more serious than me, nurse, please hurry to deal with him.”

The nurse did not dare to neglect, and immediately took Yu Yimo to deal with the wound.

Ruan Shishi was told not to move. She had to lie on the bed in a hurry. After more than half an hour, the nurse came over and gave her a smile. “Your boyfriend’s wound has been wrapped up. It’s in the next ward. You can call me if you have anything.”

Hearing the word “boyfriend”, Ruan Shishi pulled her lips with embarrassment. Seeing the nurse turning to leave, she had to swallow the explanation again.

But I heard that his wound had been dealt with, and his heart, which was hanging in his throat, was finally put down.

She was lying on the bed, thinking about what happened these days. She was in a complex mood and fell asleep unconsciously in the end.

When I woke up again, I was awakened by the ring of my mobile phone.

She vaguely picked up the mobile phone, and then found that it was dark outside. When she saw the notes flashing on the screen, she gasped and pressed the answer button, “Hello, Mr. Yu.”

The man’s low voice said, “are you hungry? I have food here. Do you want to send it to you?”

Ruan Shi was slightly shocked, some flattered, “can Thank you

Chapter 646

She woke up hungry.

But just after she hung up the phone, she moved and suddenly thought that Yu Yimo was still injured. If he got up and sent it to her, it might hurt her.

After thinking about it, she decided to take it by herself, got up slowly, got out of bed and walked out of the ward. As soon as she turned her head, she saw that the door of the next ward was half open. She hesitated for a moment and walked over.

When she pushes the door open, the first thing she sees is Su Yucheng standing by the window, and then Yu Yimo sitting on the bed.

Seeing the woman at the door, Yu Yimo frowned, “Why are you here?”

He said that he would send it to her, but unexpectedly she came by herself.

Ruan Shishi did not expect that there would be other people in the room, faltering, “I Come and get something. “

Yu Yimo’s brow was twisted deeper. “The nurse won’t let you move? I’ll have it sent to you. “

Ruan Shishi’s cheek was so hot that he couldn’t speak, “that…”

Su Yu, who is next to him, thinks that they are like this. He laughs and looks at Yu Yimo’s eyes.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “I’d better go.”

As she walked towards the door with her head down, Yu Yimo blurted out, “stop!”

Ruan Shishi took a step and turned to look at him.

Yu Yimo raised Ying’s eyebrows slightly, glanced at the table and coughed softly, “here we are. Let’s eat together.”

Ruan Shishi also took the opportunity to look at the past, saw a lot of lunch boxes on the table, emitting bursts of fragrance, her stomach uncontrollable “grunt” twice.

She blushed, just don’t know whether to promise, a lift eyes to see the man’s deep black eyes, had to harden the scalp to promise down.

Su Yucheng leaned against the wall and looked at the two people in front of him with great interest. He coughed and laughed and joked, “Lao Yu, you are so cold and warm that you specially told me to buy more meals. It’s just…”

Before he finished, the arrow in Yu Yimo’s eyes was shot. He immediately closed his mouth and gave him an ambiguous wink.

Yu Yimo frowned, “you go out.”

“Lao Yu, you are so ruthless…”

Su Yucheng said with a smile. Although he didn’t agree with me, he walked out with his feet raised.

The door of the ward closed and the room was quiet for a moment.

Seeing that Yu Yimo puts a pair of clean chopsticks aside, she inhales deeply, goes to the side, sits down, and starts to eat without squinting.

Maybe it’s because of what Su Yucheng said just now. Ruan Shishi feels a little embarrassed. She lowers her head to pick up food, but she doesn’t look up for a long time.

Yu Yimo takes a few mouthfuls and finds something wrong with Ruan’s poem. He frowns and looks up at her. His mouth and face unconsciously tick.

He really did not see such a silly woman, let eat just eat, holding the rice in the lunch box, cheek powder, like embarrassed, like shy.

“Ruan poetry.” Yu Yimo raised his eyebrows and said, “why don’t you eat vegetables?”

On hearing this, Ruan’s poems raised their heads I’m eating

She said, holding up a green vegetable symbolically and putting it into her mouth.

All of a sudden, Yu Yimo chuckles, and the coldness of his face disappears.

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