The Warmest Romance Chapter 643 -644

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Chapter 643

Yu Qingshan frowned and pursed his lips tightly. He didn’t speak for a long time.

He Shufen said with a smile, “it’s just a proposal. If you think it’s not right, it doesn’t matter. After all, the company’s business is not a small matter. I can’t help thinking so. Gu Bei has been working hard these years…”

“I’ll think about it.”

He Shufen immediately felt happy, “OK, I’ll listen to your arrangement.”

Yu Qingshan nodded and said nothing.

She hooked her lips and changed the subject.

As long as Yu Qingshan is willing to consider it, it shows that there is still hope!

This kind of thing, she has never been impatient, a long way to go, slowly pave the way for her son.

Leaving Yu Yimo’s home, Yu Yimo dials several calls to Ruan Shishi in the car, but no one answers.

His heart is a little uneasy, plus the wound behind, patience has reached the critical point.

When the car stopped by the side of the road, he took out his mobile phone and dialed directly to Luo Yu, “Luo Yu, check the whereabouts of Ruan Shishi, mainly in the hospital, to see if she has admission records.”

The head Luo Yu crisp answer, “OK, give me ten minutes.”

Ruan Shishi is still injured. The wound has not healed yet. She should not be so stupid that she can’t go to the hospital and go home directly.

More than ten minutes later, Luo Yu’s phone call came, “found, in the Central Hospital, this noon just live in the hospital.”

Yu Yimo frowned and said coldly, “send me the hospitalization information.”

After the phone call, he started the car and rushed to the central hospital.

When he got to the inpatient department, he found the ward. As soon as he got to the door, he heard a woman’s voice inside, “nurse, can I go home to take care of my injury like this?”

“The doctor suggests that you’d better be hospitalized, otherwise if you don’t handle it properly, the wound may fester and leave scars…”

After the nurse’s voice fell, Ruan Shishi said nothing more. After a pause, she continued, “then I want to transfer to the ordinary ward, so the cost can be lower.”

The nurse hesitated and said, “but you have to take off your clothes and apply medicine for your injury and transfer to the ordinary ward. There are several patients in the ward. You are a girl, which may not be very convenient.”

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply. Thinking that living here would cost hundreds of yuan a day, she gritted her teeth and said, “it’s OK. Please transfer me to the ordinary ward…”

“No way!”

A low male voice suddenly broke in.

Ruan Shishi was surprised. As soon as he turned his head, he saw a quick walk in, with a gloomy face.

Shouldn’t he be at home? How did you suddenly show up here?

The nurse was also a little surprised, and quickly took something to cover Ruan Shishi’s back when he was taking medicine. “This gentleman, please go out…”

Yu Yimo frowned, eyes deep, “I am a family member, why go out?”

Waiting for the nurse to see the man’s face, suddenly Leng Leng.

It’s the first time that she saw such a handsome man in the hospital. He has a noble temperament, a perfect face, a strong voice and a proper overbearing president!

As soon as the nurse’s cheek was hot, she turned her head and looked at Ruan Shishi, “Ruan Miss Ruan, is this really your family member? “

Ruan Shishi blushed. Before he could speak, Yu Yimo had already answered, “I am. Please continue to give her medicine.”

Chapter 644

The nurse nodded with a smile and continued to apply the medicine.

For a moment, Ruan Shishi neither admits nor denies, so he turns his head to Yu Yimo, frowns and asks, “Why are you here?”

His injury is much more serious than her. Why did he get out of bed?

Smell speech, metaphor with silent Mou light flash, seem to be discontented of tiny frown, “you say?”

She left Yu’s home with a wound on her body. Can he not worry?

Ruan Shishi looked into his eyes, then quickly looked away and fell on the man’s broad shoulder. She moved her lips and hesitated, “the wound on you Hiss – “

halfway through the conversation, she trembled with pain and her brows tightened.

At this time, next to the nurse whispered, “continue to apply the medicine, it will be a little painful, endure a bear.”

Ruan Shishi snorted and slowly clenched her hands.

On one side, Yu Yimo raised his eyes to see Ruan Shishi’s back. His white skin looked like a black and red snake. The wound was a little frightening.

It must hurt.

Yu Yimo frowns. Without saying a word, he pulls the chair beside him and sits down beside the bed. He reaches out his hand and holds the woman’s little hand.

At this time, the nurse had already begun to apply the liquid medicine. Ruan Shishi frowned and closed her eyes in pain, but she could not care so much. Her hand unconsciously grasped the big hand with temperature.

“Hiss -“

the nurse slowly lifted the sheet covering her back, and two long scars finally came out completely, especially on Ruan Shishi’s clean back.

Yu Yimo frowned and his throat rolled. He asked unconsciously, “will such a wound leave a scar?”

The nurse whispered, “may stay, if good maintenance, pay more attention, scar will be light.”

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo’s brow tightened a little.

Xu felt that the atmosphere was too tense. As the nurse continued her hand movements, she whispered, “but it doesn’t matter. Even if there are scars, as long as her boyfriend doesn’t mind.”

With that, she glanced at Yu Yimo.

He suddenly appeared here. Naturally, the nurse regarded him as her boyfriend.

Metaphor to a pause, thin lips light move, spit out a few words, “I don’t care.”

The nurse smelt speech, ambiguous smile, see to Ruan Shi Shi’s vision added a bit more envy.

But the client Ruan Shishi only cares about the pain, and has no time to pay attention to them. She closes her eyes tightly, and the big sweat on her forehead keeps coming out.

“It will be ready in a minute. Bear with it.”

The nurse said, quick action on the liquid medicine, and then began to bandage.

Because she did not recuperate, the wound that had been bandaged was opened and bleeding, so it would be very painful to bandage it again.

Ruan Shishi felt a sting pain on her back, which was hotter than the moment when she was just whipped. She held Yu Yimo’s hand and tightened it again and again involuntarily.

A moment later, the pain eased, and she slowly breathed and opened her eyes.

“It’s already wrapped up. Remember not to move too much so as not to open the wound again.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and raised her eyes inadvertently. She noticed that the man sitting by the window was tightening his eyebrows and looking down. Then she found that she was holding his hand tightly. Her nails were embedded in the back of his hand, and a row of white crescent had been pinched out.

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