The Warmest Romance Chapter 653 -654

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Chapter 653

Silent for a moment, Yu Yimo finally moved his lips, “I will be responsible.”

For ye Wan’er, he is grateful and in debt. He naturally wants to do what he promised her.

Yu Qingshan’s voice rang out again, “then break with that Ruan poem!”

Eyebrows closed, a few seconds later he looked up, eyes straight to him, “I and Ruan poetry is not that kind of relationship.”

Yu Qingshan put his hands behind his back and said coldly, “I don’t care what your relationship is. In a word, I’ll arrange your engagement with Wan’er as soon as possible. You should be psychologically prepared!”

Yu Yimo frowned and said, “father, I have my own arrangements for engagement.”

Yu Qingshan said firmly, “before I come back, you can arrange whatever you want, but now I’m in Jiangzhou, so it’s up to me and your aunt to arrange these things.”

Yu Yimo’s face sank, his lips slowly tightened, and he didn’t speak again.

He knew his father’s temperament. He was always arbitrary. The things he recognized would never change. It was because of his temperament that his mother didn’t see him at the end of her life.

Recalling the past, Yu Yimo has a headache. A moment later, he opens his voice and says coldly, “I won’t agree to this.”

He has already agreed to be engaged to ye Wan’er. Is it up to him when to be engaged?

Yu Yimo’s attitude is firm, and Yu Qingshan’s is also firm. He hums coldly. He stares at Yu Yimo with sharp eyes and says coldly, “do you really think I don’t know anything? I’ve made a clear investigation on how much connection you have with that Ruan Shishi, including the operation fee you pay to the hospital for her father every month! “

Yu Yimo’s brows tightened a little and looked up at him. His lips moved and didn’t make a sound.

It seems that he has checked it all over, and even knows that he paid the operation fee for the Ruan family.

“If you don’t agree with my arrangement, the operation cost for Ruan family must be cut off!”

As soon as Yu Yimo’s heart tightened, he looked up at Yu Qingshan, and his heart suddenly became more complicated.

I’m afraid others don’t know, but he knows what it would mean to Ruan’s family if he cut off the cost of the operation. Now professor Ruan is preparing for the operation. Last time, the cycle has been prolonged, and his body can’t afford it. If there is an accident this time, I’m afraid the situation will get worse.

Seeing that Yu Yimo was silent, Yu Qingshan continued, “Yimo, you know my temperament. I can’t let my son’s future be influenced by others.”

In this sentence, there is a kind of obscure meaning, which means that it is clear to be silent.

If he insists on not agreeing, he is afraid that Yu Qingshan will do something else that is not good for the Ruan family.

How can a person who can build up a Yu’s group without skill?

Heart experienced a bit of struggle, Yu Yimo’s eyes more and more heavy, finally, coldly said, “I listen to your arrangement.”

Yu Qingshan is pushing him, and he has no way back.

Smell speech, Yu Qingshan tighten brow this just relaxed a few minutes, he slightly raised chin, tone slowed down a little bit, “since you and Wan’er will be engaged sooner or later, it’s better to do things early, good for both of you, but also can take the opportunity to build momentum for Yu.”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and saw Yu Qingshan’s brilliant light. At this moment, he completely understood why he insisted on arranging his engagement time. This time has a profound meaning.

Chapter 654

He wants to use this event to build momentum for Yu, turn over the previous public opinion as soon as possible, prove his strength to the business community through this friendship, and attract new partners.

This is no doubt not the best and most labor-saving step in Yu’s self-help.

Step by step calculation, really smart.

From the beginning to the present, Yu Qingshan has never changed. He has always been the one who can sacrifice his wife and children for his own benefit.

A heart cold thorough, metaphor with silent, canthus drooping, silent.

On one side, Yu Qingshan was relieved. His originally locked brows were also relaxed. Then he cleared his throat and changed the topic. “Since you don’t want to heal at home, it’s OK to be in the hospital. What about the company I’ll let Gu Bei take the post of vice president for the time being. What do you think? “

Although it’s a tone of discussion, I don’t know. It’s Yu Qingshan’s decision. Even if he doesn’t agree, there’s no way to change it.

After a moment of silence, he moved his lips and said, “my father thinks it’s OK. I don’t mind.”

Yu Qingshan nodded slightly, “that’s good. When you leave the hospital, go back to the company and take good care of the injury.”

When the incident was over, he said a few more words before leaving.

Yu Qingshan just left, and then Su Yu came in. Looking at Yu Yimo’s cold face, he couldn’t help asking, “what’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes, and emotions were brewing at the bottom of his eyes. But it seemed that in an instant, all emotions faded away and returned to calm again. “The old man asked Yu Gu to go north to be the vice president of the company.”

“What?” Su Yucheng was surprised and said, “isn’t this a clear way to urinate on your head? It’s a good reason to take advantage of your injury. “

Yu Yimo hummed coldly, then said faintly, “let me get engaged to Wan’er as soon as possible, and I want to use this to build up momentum for Yu.”

“The old man is very clever in his means.” Su Yucheng shrugged and asked with interest, “did you agree?”

Yu Yimo frowned and said coldly, “he forced me with Ruan family. I can’t help it.”

This words a, Su Yucheng’s facial expression became serious a few minutes, the eye ground quickly flashed a wave.

Yu Yimo has the weakness of being pinched, which is a dangerous sign!

For people like them, the most taboo thing is weakness. Before, he thought that ye Wan’er was a person who felt pain at the top of her heart, but now it’s not the case.

Yu Yimo’s life has been a little chaotic because of Ruan’s poems.

Su Yucheng frowned and didn’t say anything. He knew that he had to find another client.

Just after noon, Su Yucheng bought a meal for Yu Yimo. By the way, he mentioned a prepared meal and motioned to Yu Yimo, “I’ll send it to Ruan Shishi.”

Yu Yimo said, “ask her to come here.”

He specially told her to have three meals a day with him, but he didn’t wait for her to come.

“The nurse said, don’t let her run around, I’ll send it to her.” Su Yucheng said, suddenly to his smile ambiguous, “if you miss her, then I call her to come over.”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly, glanced at him coldly and said nothing.

Su Yucheng smile, also did not say anything, step out of the ward.

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