The Warmest Romance Chapter 655 -656

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Chapter 655

When he came to the door of the next ward, Su Yucheng’s face was already serious. He raised his hand and knocked on the door. He pushed the door in.

Ruan Shishi is sitting on the bed reading a book. This is a novel she asked for from a nurse today. She heard it and raised her eyes. When she saw the people coming in, she was a little surprised, “Mr. Su.”

Su Yucheng smiles, walks over and puts the bag in his hand in front of him, “lunch for you.”

Ruan Shishi gave him a polite smile, “thank you.”

She said, see Su Yucheng did not want to leave the meaning, pause asked, “Mr. Su what else?”

Su Yucheng went to one side and leaned lazily on the windowsill. “There’s something I want to tell you.”

Ruan Shi Wen Yan, hook hook lips asked, “what’s the matter, please say.”

“It’s about Lao Yu.” Su Yucheng’s symbolic pause, “do you know that he is going to be engaged to Ye Waner?”

Ruan Shishi’s heart thumped, and her eyes swept a wave. Soon, she looked up at Su Yucheng as usual, “I know.”

She had known about it from ye Wan’er for a long time.

Su Yucheng is not surprised, nodded, flurried way, “should be fast, time is determined in the recent.”

Ruan Shishi’s chest was a little stuffy. She inhaled deeply and looked at Su Yucheng, “so?”

What was the point of his telling her that?

“Nothing.” Su Yucheng gave her a smile, but his smile didn’t reach her eyes. “I just want to remind Miss Ruan that she has to have a steelyard in her heart all the time.”

“Lao Yu and ye Wan’er are childhood sweethearts. They can’t be easily interposed by one person. Even Lao Yu is tender and considerate, but the most important person in his heart is ye Wan’er all the time, which will not change.”

This remark, like a thunderbolt, exploded directly in Ruan’s ear.

His ears roared for a long time, but Ruan Shi was so dazed that he never recovered.

Until she heard Su Yucheng call her name, she just like a dream, two hands have been cold through.

Su Yucheng’s words have some meaning. First, they allude to her involvement in Yu Yimo’s and ye Waner’s feelings. Then, they emphasize Ye Waner’s importance in Yu Yimo’s heart. All these things remind her to put her position in a clear way.

Although this was not said directly from Yu Yimo’s mouth, it was said from his close friends. For her, this blow was not small.

She took a deep breath and squeezed her hands together. “So Mr. Su…”

“What I mean is that if you are the Secretary beside Lao Yu, you should only do what you should do. You don’t need to ask more about other things and don’t interfere in your private life. Miss Ruan is so smart that she should understand what I mean.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, calmed down, and was in a low mood.

Finally, she moved her lips and said, “I see.”

“Just understand. Keep a distance. It’s good for you and Yu.”

Leaving this sentence, Su Yucheng took a deep look at her and walked out of the ward.

The room suddenly quieted down, and Ruan Shishi looked at the lunch box in front of her, without any appetite.

It seems that people around Yu Yimo feel that her existence is superfluous. No matter Ye Waner or Yu Qingshan or he Shuping, they don’t want her to be too close to Yu Yimo.

Chapter 656

What about metaphor itself?

In his heart, he was occupied by disappointment. Ruan Shishi sat on the bed, thinking about it and thinking about it.

Finally, when the nurse’s little sister came to check her injuries, she suddenly called her solemnly, “with my current physical condition, can I leave the hospital?”

The nurse is tiny Zheng, “put on medicine can leave hospital to recuperate at home, but how do you want to leave hospital so suddenly?”

Ruan Shishi hooked her lips, did not answer her question, “then please help me to go through the discharge procedures.”

She is adjacent to Yu Yimo’s ward, so she can’t avoid contact. It’s better for her to rest at home and save a lot of money.

Nurse little sister advised a few words, see her attitude is firm, also not good to say anything, had to help her open the discharge procedures.

Everything is packed up. Ruan Shishi leaves the ward quietly. When she sees the ward beside Yu Yimo, her heart sinks and she bites her teeth and leaves.

On the other side of the ward, Yu Yimo is looking at the document on his notebook and knows nothing about the things next to him.

An afternoon flies by. After Yu Yimo handles the work at hand, he suddenly thinks of the little woman in the next ward.

I didn’t expect that she could calm down and didn’t show up from this morning. He hooked his lips, picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to her.

After a long time, there was no reply. Glancing at the time, it was almost time for dinner. He dialed Ruan Shishi directly, but unexpectedly, no one was connected there.

The bottom of my heart is a little uneasy. Su Yucheng pushes the door in and brings the evening dinner.

Yu Yimo’s eyebrows tightened, looked at Su Yucheng and said, “call the nurse.”

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong with you?”

Yu Yimo’s face is serious, “you go to call first.”

No way, Su Yucheng shrugged and went out to the nurse station to call the nurse.

As soon as the nurse arrived at the door, she saw that Yu Yimo’s face was cold and asked, “what’s the matter?”

However, Yu Yimo asked directly, “how is Ruan Shishi today?”

The nurse was a little surprised when she said, “is there a patient in the next ward? She… “

Seeing the nurse’s desire to talk and stop, Yu Yimo’s uneasiness intensified a little. He asked, “what’s wrong with her?”

It’s been almost a whole day since morning, and there’s no movement on her side.

The nurse, a little nervous, whispered, “she has been discharged.”

Hearing the sound, Yu Yimo’s face was suddenly gloomy. After a few seconds of silence, he suddenly stood up and began to walk out.

Seeing this, the nurse explained in a panic, “she said that she would go home to recuperate and leave the hospital in the afternoon…”

Yu Yimo walks with a cold look at the nurse and asks, “so you let a patient whose wound hasn’t healed out of the hospital?”

Su Yu, who had a preconceived idea, quickly came forward and said, “Lao Yu, this has nothing to do with other people’s nurses. Ruan Shishi wants to leave the hospital himself…”

Smelling speech, Yu Yimo suddenly thought of something, looked up at him and asked coldly, “are you?”

Su Yucheng slightly surprised, “what?”

Yu Yimo’s expression became a little frightening, “I asked if you said anything to her?”

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