The Warmest Romance Chapter 657 -658

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Chapter 657

At noon today, Su Yucheng took the initiative to deliver dinner to Ruan Shishi. He went there for about ten minutes. When he came back, he said that he had gone to smoke, but he didn’t smell of smoke. At that time, he realized that it was wrong, but he didn’t ask much. In the afternoon, Ruan Shishi left the hospital. The most likely thing is what Su Yucheng said to her.

Su Yucheng knew that he couldn’t hide it. He didn’t reply positively. Instead, he looked at the nurse beside him, “you go out first.”

Seeing this, the nurse nodded and immediately left the ward.

Room suddenly quiet some terrible, Su Yucheng silent two seconds later, raised his eyes on the man’s eyes, “it’s me.”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo eyebrow eyes move, sharp eyes have been covered with a layer of frost, his eyes brewing anger, rising, rising again and again.

“Why do you all have trouble with her?”

First, Yu Qingshan and he Shuping couldn’t hold her, so they drove her out of Yu’s home with her injuries. Now it’s su Yucheng, who leaves the hospital in a hurry to return home before her injuries are healed.

Others don’t know, but he understands that Ruan Shishi is just an ordinary woman after all, but it seems that everyone can’t tolerate her!

Seeing Yu Yimo’s anger, Su Yucheng was stunned for a moment and quickly pulled his lips. “Lao Yu, I’m angry with you for a woman. How about that?”

Yu Yimo’s fist clenched unconsciously, “so, that’s why you can’t hold her?”

Su Yucheng sneered, “Lao Yu, you’ve never been so kind. How can you be cruel to her now?”

“Su Yucheng, you have changed.” Yu Yimo’s eyes lit up anger and stepped forward to approach him. “From the moment when we first reached an alliance, I knew very well what our mission was, and don’t you remember?”

“I know better than you!” Su Yucheng’s eyes suddenly congested, suddenly raised a voice, “punish the evil and promote the good, and strive to clear all the dark corners of Jiangzhou City, but you are no longer like Yu Yimo for a woman, you two are not people in the same world at all, do you know?”

This sentence, like a thunderbolt, makes Yu Yimo stand still.

The air in the room seems to have solidified. I don’t know how long it took for Yu Yimo to recover.

Su Yucheng sighed, “come on, think for yourself. Don’t forget, you still have a fiancee who is about to get engaged.”

Leaving this sentence behind, he turned straight away.

For a moment, Yu Yimo was the only one left in the room.

Ruan Shishi’s face constantly came to mind. At last, he took a deep breath and suppressed all the impulses in his heart.

It seems that I don’t know when Ruan’s poems have been integrated into his life little by little in the most imperceptible way.

It seems that it’s time for him to take heart. At least now when the company’s various conditions are uncertain, he has no heart to think about other things.

Mou Guang sweeps to the mobile phone beside, Yu Yimo picks it up. As soon as he opens it, he sees the message from ye Waner.

“Brother Mo, are you better?”

“I want to see you in the hospital, but I’m afraid to disturb you.”

“I’m really worried. I saw the news.”


Yu Yimo frowned slightly. Finally, he gently pointed his finger and said, “come here.”

Chapter 658

It happened that he had something to ask her face to face.

After receiving Yu Yimo’s reply, ye Wan’er is about to jump up. She changes her clothes in a hurry and asks Huo Chuan to drive her to the hospital.

Just to the door of the ward, she can’t wait to push the door and rush in, “brother Mo!”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and looked at her, with a kind of imperceptible coldness at the bottom of his eyes

“You are finally willing to see me!” Ye Wan’er rushed to the side of the hospital bed, holding Yu Yimo’s hand, her eyes turned red instantly, “I thought you were angry with me.”

Yu Yimo’s eyes cooled a little and asked, “why should I be angry with you? What have you done? “

This sentence, like a basin of cold water, makes ye Wan’er awake for a moment. She looks up at Yu Yimo in panic and shakes her head. “No, last time I went to see you, it affected your rest. I thought you were angry and didn’t return the news…”

Catch the woman’s eye flash and panic, Yu Yimo pulled his lips, “in your eyes, my stomach is so small?”

“No, I didn’t mean that…”

Ye Wan’er’s voice is getting smaller and smaller. As she says, her tears are like broken lines. The beads keep falling down. “I just feel that you are colder to me than before. I’m afraid…”

Seeing this, Yu Yimo raised his hand and pressed his eyebrows. He asked patiently, “Wan’er, I have something to ask you.”

Ye Wan’er looked at him with tears in her eyes, wiped the corners of her eyes, and asked softly, “what’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo didn’t want to play the game, so he said directly, “what’s leaked in the business plan has anything to do with you?”

Ye Wan’er was slightly stunned. Her back was stiff for a few minutes. Half a second later, she quickly said, “brother Mo, how can this have anything to do with me?”

Yu Yimo’s eyes were a little serious. “I found that when Ruan Shishi went to deliver the documents, you were also in the car, and when you were at Fenghe intersection, you were alone in the car for about ten minutes.”

Ye Wan’er was surprised and shook her head, “I I haven’t seen any plans. I don’t know about it at all. What’s the good for me, brother Mo? You know my mind is on you! “

She said, two hands clenched Yu Yimo’s hand, some flustered shook his head to explain, eyes red, looking very poor.

Yu Yimo frowned and his mood was confused.

He didn’t want to doubt anyone, but at this point, he had to find out for himself.

Ye Wan’er cried out of breath. Her voice was hoarse. “I grew up with you, and I’ve known you for so many years. Why do I want to hurt you?”

Yu Yimo is slightly stunned. Does he suspect that he is wrong?

He frowned, reached out and held ye Wan’er’s hand in his backhand. His voice lightened a little bit. “I don’t blame you. It’s just that something like this happened. I have to confirm every suspicious link.”

Ye Wan’er leaned to his chest and sobbed, “I know, brother Mo, I don’t blame you. I didn’t help you. I just made trouble for you…”

The woman in her arms was crying with red cheeks and ears. Her voice was very pitiful. Yu Yimo raised her hand, picked up a tissue and helped her wipe the tears from her face. “OK, don’t cry.”

Ye Wan’er raised her head, her eyes covered with mist, which made her feel pity. “I heard that my aunt said that the time of our engagement was about to be determined. Is that true?”

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