The Warmest Romance Chapter 661 -662

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Chapter 661

I’m afraid others don’t know, but the president’s office feels uneasy.

The existence of Yu Gubei is obviously a threat to Yu Yimo.

Ruan Shishi also felt uneasy. She said in a low voice, “OK, don’t worry. Let’s go to the conference room first.”

“All right.”

Back at the president’s office, Ruan Shishi immediately took secretary Liu to the conference room on the same floor to prepare for the meeting to be held later.

Because of the rush of time, as soon as all the documents and tea were ready, there were already high-level people coming.

Several shareholders and the senior management sat down and whispered, with some indescribable seriousness on their faces.

“Who can’t see the intention of the chairman? One mountain can’t accommodate two tigers. I’m afraid there will be a lot of excitement in the future.”

“What I’m most afraid of is the power struggle in the family business. I can’t help standing in line. Who are you optimistic about…”


When Ruan Shishi sent his laptop, he heard some miscellaneous comments, which made him feel strange.

She doesn’t know how to fight for power and profit, and in her opinion, Yugu beiren is not bad, and should not be as difficult to accommodate two tigers as they say

With this thought, more than ten minutes later, she saw that almost all the people came. Even Shao Zhuo pushed Yu Gubei to come, but she still didn’t see Yu Yimo. Suddenly, she was a little anxious.

Seeing that it was time for the meeting, Ruan Shishi went to the door and looked at the direction of the president’s office, and his heart became more and more uneasy.

Assistant Liu came out of the meeting room and said anxiously, “Secretary Ruan, what should I do? The leaders in the meeting room are all asking us where Mr. Yu is… “

“Don’t worry. I’ll go back to the president’s office.”

After comforting assistant Liu, Ruan Shishi didn’t dare to delay and immediately walked towards the president’s office.

When she got to the office door, she swept around and didn’t see Du Yue. She gritted her teeth, quickly walked to the office door, raised her hand and knocked on the door, “Mr. Yu, are you there?”

There was no sound inside. Ruan Shishi called again, but there was still no response.

Biting her teeth, she inhaled deeply, pressed the doorknob directly and pushed the door open. She thought there was no one in the office, but when she saw the tall figure standing in front of the window with her back to her, she was stunned for a moment.

Two seconds later, she summoned up the courage to step forward, “Mr. Yu, everyone is waiting for you to go to the meeting.”

The figure of the man did not respond, a few seconds later, came a cold voice, “come here.”

Ruan Shishi’s back tightened and stepped forward nervously.

When she got to her desk, she stopped, “Mr. Yu, the meeting has already begun…”

“I know.” There was a chill in the man’s voice. “As soon as I got back to the company, I received a lot of” good news “. First, I arranged for something to happen under the control of the finance department, and then the accounts were checked. You say, what does Yu Gubei want to do?”

Said, he looked back at her, dark eyes with light, especially deep.

Ruan Shishi was very nervous. He was surprised to think of Yu Gubei who had just met in the meeting room and said hello to others.

She didn’t expect that Yu Gubei would do so many things to invite her. She was pure on the surface, but her secret means were not ambiguous at all.

“I don’t know.” Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, “Mr. Yu, you’d better hurry to the meeting…”

Chapter 662

Who knows, as soon as the voice fell, Yu Yimo stepped forward, approached her and said, “I tell you, he wants my present position.”

In a word, it is extremely cold.

Ruan’s heart was cold. He looked at each other silently and could not speak.

Seeing the woman’s expression, Yu Yimo suddenly hooked her lips. “The person who hides a knife in a smile is the most terrible. Remember that.”

With that, he stepped around her and walked to the door.

Ruan Shi was stunned. He didn’t know why.

She felt that Yu Yimo at this time was different from usual, inexplicably distressing

Ruan Shishi looked up and saw that the man was going to push the door out. Suddenly he thought of something, “wait a minute!”

She rushed to catch up with Yu Yimo and unconsciously held his arm.

Yu Yimo looked back at her and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and looked up at his chest, “your tie…”

She found out just now that the tie on his chest was crooked.

After her reminding, Yu Yimo found that just now he really pulled his tie because of his irritability, and forgot to put the tie in order.

After a pause, he didn’t say anything. He raised his eyes to Ruan Shishi, with a smile at the bottom of his eyes.

Ruan Shishi was staring at him with fever all over his body. Seeing that it was later, he had to bite his teeth. He stepped forward and carefully stretched out his hand to tidy his necktie.

Yu Yimo kept still and looked down at her.

It seems that because she is close, a sweet smell lingering in the frown, his eyes over the woman’s serious eyebrows and lips, a tight heart.

Then, his eyes moved down. When he swept to her collar, his eyes suddenly sank.

It seems that the collar design of the suit doesn’t fit very well. From his point of view, he can see some spring light, white eyes, which makes him can’t help but tighten his throat, and there is a faint light at the bottom of his eyes.

It’s only a few days since I saw her. How dare she dress like this to work?

Yu Yimo frowned discontentedly, just when Ruan Shishi helped him tie his tie, he inadvertently tugged at it. In a moment, his heart was burning.

The next second, he reached out and pushed her straight back, pushing the man against the door.

Ruan Shishi’s hand trembled and almost fell down in a panic. The tie in her hand became the support. As soon as she pulled it, half of the man’s body came over.

“Bang!” Suddenly, their heads met, and Ruan Shishi’s gentle groan made Yu Yimo frown.

Ruan Shishi opened his eyes and looked at him in a panic, “Yu Zong…”

Yu Yimo’s face was a little heavy, and he seemed to be angry. He didn’t say a word. He just stretched out his hand, flattened the folds of her chest clothes with his slender fingers, and specifically raised them to cover her chest.

Then, with a cold face, he said, “change clothes another day.”

Ruan Shishi’s cheek was hot, nodded slightly, answered, and immediately went on with her hand, “I’ll help you tie up your tie.”

Kwai said, she quickens her movements.

Ruan Shishi smoothed the wrinkles on his chest, quickly released his hand, and stepped aside. “It’s done. Mr. Yu, you can go to the meeting.”

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