The Warmest Romance Chapter 659 -660

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Chapter 659

Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed, and his emotions were a little complicated, but he nodded, “well.”

Smell speech, ye Wan’er face instantly appear surprise, open hand to embrace his arm, light voice way, “then I can forever and Mo elder brother together, good happy…”

Yu Yimo raises his lips and doesn’t speak.

Finally, he raised his hand to help her brush the broken hair in her ear, and looked at her with more pity.

This engagement ceremony is only a means for others to make use of. Only ye Wan’er can be happy.

In the next few days, the relationship between ye Wan’er and Yu Yimo seems to be back to the past. She comes every day to deliver rice and soup and eat with him. In addition, Yu Yimo’s body recovers quickly. In less than a week, the wound has all scabbed.

Before leaving the hospital, ye Wan’er was reluctant to end such a time. She took Yu Yimo’s hand and asked, “brother Mo, do you really want to take another day off?”

Yu Yimo hooked his lips. “The company needs me to go there. I’ll accompany you when I have time.”

Ye Wan’er relaxed, “well, I’ll take advantage of these days to prepare for the engagement.”

Hearing the word engagement, Yu Yimo moves slightly and unties the button of his shirt. His voice is a little cold. “Wan’er, you go out first and wait for me. I’ll change my clothes.”

Ye Wan’er smelt speech, charming smile, didn’t move step, instead stretched out a hand to cover his hand, “I come, I help you change clothes.”

Although the wound behind him is scabby, he still can’t move greatly. It’s very inconvenient to wear clothes like a shirt.

At this opportunity, ye Wan’er is not happy. She reaches out her hand to help him take down the remaining buttons. When she sees the honey skin on the man’s chest, her heart beats faster and gets hot and dry.

Ruan Shishi chuckled at the moment when the soft hand covered the man’s strong chest, but the next second, the hand was pinched.

“Wan’er.” Yu Yimo’s voice sank a little, with a stern voice, “you go out first and ask Du Yue to come in.”

“Brother Murdoch…” Ye Wan’er raised her eyes, “I can help you. Why bother others?”

Besides, they’re about to get engaged. There’s nothing to avoid.

But unexpectedly, Yu Yimo’s face was serious and her eyes were firm. Her heart was cold and she quickly pulled back her hand, “OK, I’ll go out.”

With that, she turned around and walked out of the ward.

Yu Yimo stands in the same place with a tight brow and complicated mood.

He didn’t know why he rejected ye Wan’er’s touch, but when he was with Ruan Shi, he didn’t have this kind of rejection.

Is it because I’m used to her?

Some thoughts of confusion, at this time, Du Yue pushed the door in, “president.”

Yu Yimo looked back and nodded, “how about the company?”

“The meeting will be in an hour.” Du Yue reported, suddenly thought of something, some hesitant way, “also, there is an emergency, the director of our company’s financial department had an accident, because of some personal financial disputes, suddenly was reviewed.”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo’s face suddenly cold a few minutes, “is it our people?”

Chapter 660

Du Yue nodded and said, “yes, that’s Jiang Yu, who was specially transferred to the finance department before you.”

The room suddenly calmed down for a few minutes, and the face became more and more ugly.

Today, although he is in charge of the company, there are many Yu Qingshan people in all departments of the company. After he took the position, he also replaced some of his employees and arranged some of his confidants. Unexpectedly, the person he arranged to work in the finance department suddenly had an accident today.

There’s something strange about it. It’s not that simple.

It may be Yu Qingshan’s handwriting, but it is more likely Yu Gubei’s handwriting.

Yu Yimo tightened his brow, put on his suit coat, buttoned it up and said coldly, “go back to the company.”

After resting in the hospital for a few days, the wound is better. Yu Yimo decides to go back to the company. Without even having time to go back to the villa, he goes straight to Yu’s family for a return meeting. He thought Yu Gubei would start his career at that time with a low profile. Now, his practice is just the opposite.

Black Maybach galloped down the road. When he stopped at the company’s downstairs, the president’s office had already stood at the door in advance to meet him.

Far away, Yu Yimo sees the white figure standing in the front of the car window. Ruan Shishi is dressed in a white suit and her hair is rolled up, which makes her more capable.

Yu Yimo’s eyes flitted over her, then quickly recovered without any ups and downs.

It seems that she has recovered well and has come back to work.

The car stopped steadily. Soon someone came forward and took the initiative to open the door. Please get off Yu Yimo.

The man stepped out of the car, and the custom-made black suit without any wrinkles perfectly outlines the man’s beautiful figure.

Next to him, Ruan Shishi, with his eyes hanging down, swept the figure. His heart moved, and Yu Guang swept it.

She hasn’t seen Yu Yimo for several days. These days, she has done psychological construction for herself. But when she sees him, she can’t help looking at him.

Ruan Shishi takes a deep breath and sees that Yu Yimo is leading people to this side. She immediately bows down and says, “welcome general Yu back.”

Several assistants next to him also bowed down and said welcome. This is the way that their president first thought of, in order to welcome Yu Yimo’s return.

Yu Yimo nodded his head slightly, his eyes lightly swept Ruan Shifen’s face, his thin lips gently opened, and his voice was as cold as ever, “OK, go back to the president’s office, and continue to work.”

With that, he took a step straight away and walked quickly in the direction of the elevator.

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes. Then she summoned up the courage to look at the man’s back. Then she said to assistant Liu, “let’s go, let’s go back.”

Assistant Liu was slightly uneasy. “Secretary Ruan, I just saw that general Yu’s face was not very good. Could it be because of the meeting to be held later?”

It was said that the meeting was held to welcome Yu Yimo’s return to the company, but in fact it was also to officially announce Yu Gubei’s becoming Vice President of the company. In fact, Yu Gubei has been in the company for several days, and the whole company has changed its words and called him “vice president Yu”.

Compared with Yu Yimo, who has a cold face, Yu Gubei is much more gentle. As soon as he arrived at the company, he got a lot of favorable votes and won the trust of many people in the company.

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