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Chapter 667

Soon, song yun’an over there cheerfully answered the news, and by the way, another picture was thrown over. “This is Jiang Huanchen’s schedule for the recent week. A few of them will be adjusted, but most of them are right. You can see that it may help.”

Ruan Shishi quickly returned the news and began to read the itinerary list of Jiang Huanchen.

Recently, Jiang Huanchen has a play to shoot. He has spent a lot of time in the cast, most of which are arranged in the cast.

Ruan Shishi took a general look, packed up her things, and went to work in the company. After busy with the work at hand, she took advantage of the break in the company at noon to call Jiang Huanchen’s agent.

After answering, Ruan Shishi immediately said, “I’m the Secretary of Yu’s group. Now I have a cooperation to talk with you…”

As soon as she reported herself to her family, before she finished, a cold voice came from a woman over there, “I’m sorry, my artist’s schedule is very full now. Maybe I can’t take it for the time being.”

“Can you give me two minutes? We want to invite Mr. Jiang to be the spokesman of Yu’s fashion brand redeur… “

Before Ruan’s words were finished, there came a noise, and then the voice of the agent rang out, “sorry, we are busy here, we have the opportunity to cooperate.”

At the end of the speech, the phone was directly hung up.

Ruan Shishi took a look at the hung up mobile phone in her hand and frowned subconsciously.

The broker obviously didn’t want to cooperate with them. Now the stock market of Yu’s group is not very optimistic, and all kinds of rumors are in full swing. They are afraid to have anything to do with Yu’s as if they are avoiding pestilence.

In this way, it is much more difficult for her to get the endorsement of Jiang Huanchen.

Ruan Shishi was pacing up and down in the rest area, but she was not sure. Yesterday, she vowed in front of Yu Yimo that if she couldn’t do it, it would be a big shame.

just then, a voice behind her sounded, “Ruan Shishi?”

Ruan Shishi subconsciously turns around and goes along the line of fame. Then she sees Meng Zihan standing not far away. She holds coffee in her hand and looks at her tentatively.

Since she was transferred to the president’s office, she hasn’t met Meng Zihan for some time. Today, I met her in the floor rest area of the president’s office, but it was a coincidence.

Out of politeness, Ruan Shishi nodded to her, “assistant Meng.”

Hearing the speech, Meng Zihan smiles with sarcasm at the bottom of his eyes. He comes forward and says, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, but you’ve changed a lot. I haven’t seen such a woman you wear in the company before. How come when you are transferred to the president’s office, your style begins to open up?”

Then she looked up and down at her.

Meng Zihan naturally recognized the meaning of the inside and outside words, and she was not impatient. She took a look at the suit she was wearing along her eyes, pulled her lips and replied, “it’s just that it’s more formal than before, and there’s no change. If Meng assistant wants to take an open route, she can come to work in a low cut suit and super shorts another day, and no one will say anything It’s not true

Leaving this sentence behind, she smiles at Meng Zihan and is about to walk away.

As soon as Meng Zihan’s face sank, he turned his head and saw the smile on his companion’s face. He felt even more humiliated. Suddenly, his anger came up, “Ruan Shishi, who do you say?”

Chapter 668

When Ruan Shishi heard the voice behind her, she didn’t stop. She took a big step forward, but she didn’t take two steps. She felt a chill on her back, and suddenly she got goose bumps.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw Meng Zihan holding half a cup of coffee in his hand and staring at her angrily.

Ruan Shishi touched his back with his backhand, and felt a piece of dampness. His face suddenly sank.

The suit she was wearing was light color. Once she spilled coffee, it would leave obvious traces. If Meng Zihan had no intention, it would be OK, but she did it on purpose.

I think of the scene when she met Meng Zihan and Cheng Lu in the company hall last time. At that time, Cheng Lu also spilled juice all over her. Now it’s Meng Zihan. It’s another time.

For a moment, Ruan Shishi was angry, her eyes were heavy and cold, staring at Meng Zihan motionless.

Meng Zihan felt guilty and pretended to be calm. “What do you think I do like this?”

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth, suddenly reached out and took the coffee cup from her hand, spilling the remaining half cup of coffee directly on her.

Meng Zihan was shocked, obviously did not expect her to fight back, she screamed, stepped back two steps, looked at Ruan Shishi in a panic, “you, are you sick?”

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth, pinched the paper cup in her hand and threw it to the ground. “Is it interesting to repeat the old technique?”

Last time, Cheng Lupo didn’t fight back. That’s because she didn’t want to fight back with them. But it doesn’t mean that she won’t fight back and let others bully her!

Meng Zihan’s face flushed with anger, raised his hand and pointed to her tremblingly, “Ruan Shishi, don’t go too far! I’ll go to the administration department to publicize you later, and see how you can come back then! “

“Don’t you know who’s going too far? You did it first, and I didn’t seem to provoke you? ” Ruan Shishi stepped forward, approached her step by step, and said clearly, “don’t say you go to the administration department to publicize, even if you tell the president, I’m not afraid!”

With these words, Mencius Han’s face became pale. She moved her lips and looked behind Ruan Shishi. She couldn’t say a word.

Ruan Shishi didn’t notice her abnormality. She looked down at the coffee sprinkled on the ground and said coldly, “clean up here before you leave.”

Leaving this sentence, she gave Meng Zihan a cold look and turned directly.

But as soon as she turned around and saw Yu Yimo standing not far behind, her body suddenly froze, “Yu always…”

Yu Yimo and Du Yue don’t know when they came out, how long they stood there, and how much they saw

Ruan Shishi clenched her fist and lowered her eyes.

Seeing this, Yu Yimo turned to Du Yue and said, “you’re here. Watch her clean this place.”

Then, he turned and glanced at Ruan Shishi, “Ruan Shishi, follow me.”

Ruan Shishi was a little nervous. Hearing the man’s voice, she bit her teeth and followed up.

After he walked into the office, she heard Yu Yimo say, “close the door.”


Ruan Shishi’s obedient shut the door, and his heart became more and more uneasy.

Is it because she was too arrogant in front of Meng Zihan just now? So is it the intention of criticizing and educating her to call her here alone?

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