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Chapter 1089

Hanoi Liugu heard all these words in his ears, but he didn’t say anything. This made him vaguely feel that he saved Feixu that day The person who is probably the ninja of the Yamashita family.

Sitting in the house.

The old man made tea for all three of them.

Sheldon and Feixu sat on the left, Hanoi Liugu sat on the right. The three of them were very close. Sheldon and Feixu looked relaxed, but Hanoi Liugu was angry. .

At such a close distance, it was easy for him to kill Sheldon.

But someone with the Yamashita family sitting here, he didn’t dare to do it lightly.

“Let’s talk about it, what kind of grievances your Erye family and your Hanoi family have that can be resolved here?” The old man sat down cross-legged, drinking tea and asked.

“The two killer captains of our family are probably locked up in the Erye family because he has disappeared. I’ll come over to ask for an explanation, but it’s not too much!” As soon as the old man’s voice fell, Hanoi Liugu couldn’t help but say.

“Mr. Hanoi, why don’t you say that your family’s killer sneaked into the manor and wanted to assassinate me?” Sheldon replied with a faint smile.

“Do you have any evidence that they want to assassinate you? Sheldon, I can warn you. Endo and Izumizuo are the two captains of our Hanoi family killer group. If you dare to do anything to them, you will definitely endure our Hanoi family. With the current Erye family, I can’t protect you at all.”

“I advise you to hand them over to avoid causing you a murderous calamity!” Hanoi Ryugu gritted his teeth.

“Since Mr. Hanoi has said this, I remembered one more thing. Before, your family sent someone to assassinate Miss Feixu. Why?”

“As far as I know, although the Erye family and your Hanoi family have had a feud for hundreds of years, the two families have not been in contact for a long time. You suddenly acted on Miss Feixu, is it a bit unreasonable?”

Sheldon squinted. eye.

“Do you regard me as the court of the Japanese country?” The old man suddenly laughed with a hoarse voice, and then interrupted what the people on both sides said.

“Old gentleman, why did you hand us over?” Liugu in Hanoi couldn’t understand. He didn’t know why the old man did this. If he hadn’t intervened, he should have killed Sheldon by now. .

“It’s no reason. You are the Erye family on one side and the Hanoi family on the other. If you have a conflict or cause casualties in our territory under the mountain, I can’t explain to your two families.” The old man shook his head and smiled.

“It’s just because of this?” Hanoi Liugu was a little speechless, “Then you asked about our grievances just now.”

“It’s just the curiosity of the old man. I want to know what your disputes are about. Trivial things!” The old man waved his hands.

“Old gentleman, this is not trivial. The two killer captains of our family have disappeared because of Sheldon, and they can’t get any contact. He must surrender them safely!”

Hearing this, Hanoi Liugu became a little angry. Pointing to Sheldon’s nose and shouting loudly.

On the other hand, Sheldon didn’t say a word, and looked at Hanoi Liugu quietly.

What the old ninja said attracted Sheldon’s attention. If you just didn’t want the conflict between the two families to happen here, you should have stopped it as early as when you killed the ordinary assassins, not at all. Will wait until now.

But now they say that they don’t want to see casualties of the two families in their place. This is obviously unreasonable.

However, even though he had such a little doubt in his heart, Sheldon did not say it, and he was going to look at the situation here, and with his own strength, protecting Feixu shouldn’t be a problem.

“These things are not within my jurisdiction. If you want to fight against each other and resolve them outside the sphere of influence of our Yamashita family, I will definitely not be nosy.”

“But as long as you are within the sphere of influence of our family, you You are not allowed to fight, understand?” The old man looked at Sheldon and then at Hanoi Liugu. There was some threat in his words.

“Understand, understand.” Hanoi Liugu had no choice but to continue nodding in agreement.

“Since we all agree, let’s sit here and have some tea with an old man like me. Our family can hardly see people outside, so we can also tell me about the outside situation. Of course, if you don’t like it, you can always You can leave.” The

old man stretched his arms and filled the three of them with tea.

“Are you in a hurry?” Sheldon looked at Feixu.

“I’m not in a hurry. It just happened that I was a little tired today, and I want to take a break here.” Knowing what Sheldon meant, Feixu followed Sheldon’s words.

“How about you?” The old man nodded in satisfaction, and then looked towards Hanoi Liugu.

“I, I’m not in a hurry.” Hanoi Liugu gritted his teeth, but he couldn’t have a seizure. Now if he leaves, let’s not say whether Sheldon will leave, and it will be more difficult to catch him.

Can’t wait outside forever, who knows when they will go out.

Therefore, Liugu in Hanoi can only wait here. When Sheldon leaves, he will leave afterwards. After leaving the sphere of influence of the Shanxia family, he will do something.

“Haha, since you are not in a hurry, let’s sit here for a while. It’s been a long time since I met anyone outside the family. It just happened that you are here, the old man, in my heart, I am very happy!” The old man laughed loudly.

Although Liugu in Hanoi is very annoying, there is no other way but to accompany the smiling face.

As time passed, tea was drunk from pot to pot, and the sky outside gradually darkened, but Hanoi Liugu didn’t see Sheldon’s intention to leave, so he couldn’t help but go out and prepared to call Tianfang and the others. Explain the situation inside.

When Hanoi Liugu just walked out, the old man immediately shook his dry palm in front of Sheldon.

“Old sir, what is your problem?” Sheldon looked at him and asked with a smile.

“You and Feixu leave from behind. I have arranged to prepare a car for you. After you walk out of this farmhouse, someone will pick you up.” The old man lowered his voice.

“Are you from Huaxia?!” Sheldon’s eyes widened when he heard some blunt Huaxia language from the old man’s mouth.

“I won’t say these things to you now. I will come back when you finish the work. I’ll explain it clearly to you. Go ahead.” The old man patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

“Thank you old gentleman.” Sheldon nodded at him. Although he was not afraid of Hanoi Liugu and them, he was still anxious to participate in the special forces competition with Feixu.

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