The Warmest Romance Chapter 711 -712

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Chapter 711

There may be something wrong with Yu Yimo. When he comes back and sees the text message, he will understand.

After texting, she put away her mobile phone and turned around to leave. However, as soon as she turned around, she saw a tall figure standing at the door, staring at her.

Ruan Shishi was startled and startled. He unconsciously stepped back two steps. Unexpectedly, he stepped on the skirt between the disordered steps. When he tripped, he fell to the side.

As soon as Yu Yimo was about to open his mouth, he saw Ruan Shishi’s body tilted. He immediately stepped forward, stretched out his hand, took her arm, and pulled her over.

Ruan Shishi was pulled back by the pull and fell into the man’s arms.

Her waist was held by Yu Yimo’s powerful arm, so she was able to stand firm. When she raised her head in response, she was right in front of the man’s impeccable handsome face.

He looked down at her with a smile on his lips. “Can’t wait to throw myself in my arms, on purpose?”

The man’s teasing tone made Ruan Shishi’s cheek burn suddenly. She frowned and tried to break away from him. “I put things on the table, Yu Zong…”

Yu Yimo refused to let go, like a welding arm around her waist, firmly controlling her range.

“Don’t move.”

Yu Yimo’s face suddenly darkened, with a kind of serious two words, immediately let Ruan Shishi stop the action of breaking free, staring at him.

Time seems to stop at this moment, two people look at each other, all the feelings are passed between the two people’s eyebrows, more viscous, not easy to move.

I don’t know why, Ruan Shishi’s body suddenly got a little hot, and his breath was also very short.

Aware of women’s subtle changes, Yu Yimo’s heart moved, her eyes sank, her eyes moved down, sweeping her white neck.

He stretched out his hand, big hand in her waist groped for a while, flexible will her waist windbreaker belt untied.

Ruan Shishi was surprised, and immediately felt a chill pouring into her body. Before she could react, he had already taken off her clothes to her elbow.

The dress she is wearing has a sense of design. There are not too many places to show, but it shows the graceful curve and sexy of women.

Feeling the man’s eyes flitting back and forth on her, Ruan Shishi’s cheeks were redder, and he tried to pull up her clothes.

Yu Yimo reached out and grabbed her hand. He said in a deep voice, “let me have a look.”

It was the first time that he saw her wearing such a dress. He seemed to be stunned to see her take off her coat and only wear a skirt.

Ruan Shishi was stunned, and his windbreaker coat had been pulled down by him.

Seeing the panorama, Yu Yimo’s eyes sank, and the male Adam’s apple between his neck rolled up and down unconsciously.

Such Ruan’s poems really surprised him.

Ruan Shishi saw the man’s eyes, and soon saw the meaning of his eyes. She said, “Yuzong, it’s late, I should go.”

With that, she put on her coat again and was about to walk towards the door. But unexpectedly, Yu Yimo pulled her wrist bone. He said in a deep voice, “wait a minute.”

Ruan Shishi frowned and was about to speak. Unexpectedly, the sound of footsteps and laughter came out of the door. Then, the sound approached and someone pushed the door.

Chapter 712

Ruan Shishi’s body was stiff and his nerves were tense. He looked at the door nervously.

Unexpectedly, the door was not pushed open, but ye Wan’er’s voice came from outside, “brother Mo? Are you in there? “

Ruan Shishi was stunned. At this moment, her brain was blank. She was sweating nervously. Two seconds later, she responded, quickly broke away Yu Yimo’s hand and said in a panic, “I have to hide!”

If ye Wan’er sees her and Yu Yimo alone in the dressing room, she will be misunderstood!

With that, she hurriedly searched for a place to hide, looked at the big wardrobe over there, and immediately walked over.

Yu Yimo steps to keep up with her and asks in a low voice, “what are you hiding for?”

Ruan Shishi took a cool breath, but he didn’t care to answer his question, so he hastily opened the cupboard door and bent in.

Yu Yimo frowned, raised his hand and clasped the cupboard door. He watched the woman shrink into a ball and hide behind her clothes. She looked silly but a little cute. She couldn’t help raising her lips.

“If you don’t do bad things, you are not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door. What are you afraid of, Ruan Shishi?”

Ruan Shishi did not know how to answer anxiously. He tried to pull the door of the cabinet, but he couldn’t move it. He had to look up at him and said, “you let go…”

“Bang bang!”

“Brother Mo, open the door!”

Ye Wan’er seems to be aware of something outside. Her voice becomes tense and anxious. She even beats the door harder.

This dressing room is specially designed for the two of them. Now the door is locked from inside. That is to say, there are definitely people in the room. Why Yu Yimo locked the door from inside really makes people think more.

The knock on the door outside increased, as if it were all in Ruan Shishi’s heart. Her nervous voice trembled. Looking up at Yu Yimo, she said anxiously, “she’s your fiancee, aren’t you afraid of being misunderstood?”

Yu Yimo is smiling but not smiling. He is still calm on his face and is not worried at all. He slowly leans over and shortens the distance between them. He stares at her with deep eyes and asks, “I’m not afraid of being misunderstood, so what are you nervous about? Is there a secret in your heart? “

He did not worry about the long voice, the fundus of his eyes gave birth to a kind of unidentified smile, added, “or do you like me, so you are afraid to be known by Wan’er?”

Ruan Shishi was stunned, and a trace of unnaturalness passed quickly on her face. She took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment, and even said, “no, I have someone I like. It’s not you. Don’t think about it. I’m just worried about Miss Ye’s misunderstanding.”

Yu Yimo’s hand on the wardrobe suddenly tightened for a few minutes. Two seconds later, his face became gloomy and cold. He took a deep look at Ruan Shishi, released his hand, turned and walked towards the door.

Ruan Shishi breathed a sigh of relief and quickly pulled the cupboard door up.

Soon, the door opened in the direction of the door, followed by Ye Wan’er’s voice, “brother Mo, what are you doing inside? Why don’t you open the door all the time? “

She said, her eyes unconsciously glancing behind Yu Yimo.

Yu Yimo’s color is not very good-looking. He replied faintly, “I just had a rest, but I didn’t hear it.”

Ye Wan’er hears the speech and nods, but she is still worried. She walks into the room and looks around for a week.

In addition to the clothes rack and table cabinet, there was no other person in the dressing room. She looked at it suspiciously twice, but still couldn’t dispel her doubts.

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