The Warmest Romance Chapter 713 -714

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Chapter 713

She steps to the hanger over there and wants to look around the back. Yu Yimo asks, “are you ready, Wan’er?”

“Ready.” Ye Wan’er nodded, or looked around the back of the hanger, did not see anyone, this just slightly relaxed vigilance.

She turned around, her face turned into a bright and sweet smile. She went to Yu Yimo, took his arm naturally, and said with a smile, “there are many guests coming outside. Dad is coming too. I’ll take you there and say hello to him.”

Yu Yimo’s face remained the same, but he didn’t refuse, “OK.”

After they walked out of the dressing room hand in hand, Ruan Shishi, who was hiding in the closet, was relieved.

If ye Wan’er found her here just now, I’m afraid it would cause another unnecessary suspicion and dispute. Fortunately, she hid.

After a while, she heard that there was no sound outside. Then she slowly opened the cabinet door and came out from inside. Except for the dressing room, she walked through the corridor and returned to the hall. When she saw the people coming and going, she suddenly didn’t know where to go.

There were more people in the hall than just now. It was a scene of harmony and prosperity.

Ruan Shishi looked around, his eyes touched the center of the crowd, and his eyes suddenly stopped.

In the middle of the crowd are Yu Yimo and ye Waner. They are hand in hand. Men are wearing black Gaoding suits, while women are wearing white gorgeous skirts. They are talented and beautiful. No matter where they go, they seem to bring a bunch of dazzling light.

In this way, the two of them are really the best match.

But Ruan’s heart was tight, as if there was a stone in her heart, heavy and stuffy, which made her breathe a little uncomfortable.

Such a scene, in her opinion, will only make her uncomfortable.

After walking around the venue, Yu Yimo and ye Waner returned to the front. Soon after the engagement ceremony, the guests all looked for seats and sat down. Ruan Shishi also found a corner to sit down.

According to the process, Yu Yimo and ye Waner will deliver a speech at the beginning, then exchange engagement rings, and finally send their parents’ blessing. This is the end.

Sitting under the stage, Ruan Shishi follows the man on the stage and listens to him about the past events between him and ye Waner, which makes her feel more and more depressed.

She really shouldn’t have come here. It’s hard for her to watch them both under the stage every minute.

Soon, it was ye Wan’er’s turn to speak. Holding the microphone, she took a look at the man next to her. She raised her lips and her eyebrows were full of sweetness. “Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend the engagement ceremony between Yimo and me. Those who are familiar with us must know that Yimo and I have known each other since we were young. So far, I have spent more than half of my life With him… “

When they were young, she began to speak now. Unconsciously, she became red under her eyes, choked with emotion, and expressed her deep love for Yu Yimo. After saying that, the audience clapped and clapped, and the atmosphere was warm.

Ruan Shishi deeply inhaled, some lost bowed, heart sour.

At this time, the position next to her suddenly sat on the people, she did not have time to look up, heard a familiar male voice beside, “poetry.”

Ruan Shishi looked up and saw song yean sitting beside her, “yean, why are you here?”

Chapter 714

Song yean, as always, was gentle and said in a soft voice, “when I received the invitation, I came.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and tried to pull out a smile. “This engagement ceremony has invited almost all the dignified people in Jiangzhou city. Naturally, you will be invited as well.”

Song yean smiles and says, “actually I don’t want to come.”

At the beginning, when he received the invitation, he wanted to refuse, but when he thought that she might come, he came over with a fluke. Unexpectedly, he really met her.

Ruan Shishi gave a wry smile, “me too.”

They looked at each other and both laughed. The atmosphere was more active than before.

On the stage, Yu Yimo and ye Waner have moved on to the next process. The waiter comes up with a delicate tray with an engagement ring on it, which they bring to each other.

The lens is aimed at the ring on the tray and projected onto the large screen, so that all the guests can see it. At the moment when they see the diamond, many people sigh.

The face of the engagement ring is made of blue diamond, which is dazzling, expensive and expensive. Moreover, such a ring must be reserved in advance. The construction period is very long, which is enough to show Yu Yimo’s intention.

Listening to the private conversation of the guests around her, Ruan Shishi has realized the value and significance of the engagement rings. She looks up and looks at the sweet exchange of engagement rings between the two people on the stage, which makes her feel even worse.

Song yean turned his head and saw Ruan Shishi’s gloomy look. He hesitated for a moment and said, “Shishi, if you don’t want to be here, I can take you to leave ahead of time.”

Ruan Shishi understood his intimacy, gave him a smile and said in a soft voice, “it’s OK, just wait a moment.”

Before the process is over, she leaves like this. If yu Yimo and ye Waner see her, they don’t know what she will think.

Song yean nodded and said nothing more, quietly accompanying her.

Soon, all the processes are over, and finally the music starts, which enlivens the atmosphere. Yu Yimo takes Ye Waner to step down, chatting with the crowd and taking photos.

The cafeterias on both sides of the hall began to change, and the cold meals were replaced with more delicious food for all guests.

Song yean turned his head to Ruan Shishi and asked, “Shishi, what do you want to drink? I’ll get it.”

Ruan Shishi gave him a smile, “orange juice is good.”

“Well, you wait for me.”

Song yean gets up and walks away. Ruan Shishi sits there and looks at the scene where the atmosphere is more and more warm. He feels as if he is an outsider and can’t get involved at all.

She sighed, then took out her mobile phone and looked at the time, thinking about when it would be better to leave.

Just then, a pair of shoes came into her sight. She thought song yean had come back and was about to open her mouth. But when she looked up, she saw a completely strange face.

The man wore a blue suit with a big hair on his back. His eyes narrowed with laughter. He asked, “are you alone, miss?”

Ruan’s poems were short of interest. He replied casually, “No.”

When the man heard this, he gave a smile and sat down beside her. He said with a smile, “I think you look familiar. I can’t remember where I met you for a while. Otherwise, let’s leave a piece of contact information and have dinner together for a while?”

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