The Warmest Romance Chapter 723 -724

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Chapter 723

When he thought of her, he naturally thought of the scene he saw in the hospital today, the dazzling scene she saw with her family and song yean

With a sudden burst of anger in his chest, he frowned, strode to the shower and turned on the cold water.

The cold liquid ran down his head and wet his clothes.

He is really bewildered. She is the woman he thinks about before drinking, and she is the one he thinks about after drinking!

Bring the cold water to the maximum, the cold liquid slowly cooled his heart, slowly, he returned to reason, picked up the bathrobe beside him, wrapped it, and walked out of the bathroom.

He went to the balcony, picked up a towel and wiped the dripping hair. Just then, a slight sound came from the bedroom. Out of vigilance, he quickly turned and looked over there.

On the big white bed, the quilt is flat and slightly uplifted. It means that he is stunned for a moment. The next second, he frowns and goes to the other side. He lifts the quilt.

The man under the quilt was surprised and looked at him in panic, “brother Mo…”

Seeing ye Wan’er in a bathrobe huddled on his bed, he twisted his eyebrows and said seriously, “what are you doing?”

Ye Wan’er sat up and took his arm. “I’m afraid. Brother Mo, can I sleep with you today?”

Yu Yimo smell speech, complexion suddenly gloomy a few minutes, “can’t, I send you back.”

Then he pulled ye Wan’er out of bed.

Ye Wan’er couldn’t be wronged. Her eyes were red. She was pulled to the door. She stopped and refused to go any more. “Brother Mo…”

Yu Yimo asked, “what do you want to do?”

Ye Wan’er raises her eyes and looks at the man who has just finished taking a bath in front of her. She has a handsome and impeccable face. Her big bathrobe is wrapped around her body casually, revealing her honey colored strong chest, and the water drops fall down

Ye Wan’er’s face turned red and took a deep breath. “Brother Mo, I’m not the little girl I used to be, and we’re engaged now…”

By implication, some things can be done now.

As she said this, she suddenly released Yu Yimo’s hand, stretched out her hand and directly untied the tie of her bathrobe around her waist. Her arms pulled back and her loose bathrobe suddenly slipped down.

Inside, there’s no trace.

Yu Yimo obviously did not expect that she would be like this. Her eyes sank, her thin lips tightened, and she said in a cold voice, “put on your clothes.”

Ye Wan’er took a deep breath and summoned up the courage to stick it on him. “Brother Mo, we haven’t had it before…”

At the moment when a woman touches her arm, Yu Yimo’s eyes suddenly darken a bit, causing a bit of impatience.

A restlessness in the heart, but not because of desire, but a kind of resistance.

He pushed her hand away, bent down, picked up the bathrobe that had fallen to the ground, and involuntarily put it on for ye Wan’er, pulled it on and tied it.

With that, he tilted his head, raised his hand and pressed the center of his eyebrows, “go back to your room, I’m very tired.”

Ye Wan’er suddenly red eyes, “brother Mo, you…”

She has been low enough, low enough to take the initiative to send to the door, but he did not even want to see her, is she so unbearable? Or is she so unattractive?

Chapter 724

With a sense of shame, ye Wan’er burst into tears, looked at Yu Yimo and asked, “brother Mo, why can’t I? Or do you have someone else in mind? “

He would rather go to a place like Jinyuliangyuan with Ruan Shishi than touch her!

Yu Yimo’s voice was a little tired. “Wan’er, stop it. It’s late.”

Hearing this, ye Wan’er felt as if she had been humiliated. She bit her lip and ran out barefoot!

The door slammed. After a while, the servant knocked on the door and said in a flustered voice, “Mr. Yu, Miss Ruan suddenly left in tears in the middle of the night. Look…”

“It’s OK. Go and have a rest.”

Ye Wan’er has a driver and bodyguard with her. She can definitely get home safely. Moreover, if he catches up now, they will be more embarrassed. It’s better to calm down first.

After the servant left, Yu Yimo sat on the sofa without sleepiness.

Just now, when ye Wan’er was in front of him, he had no desire, no reaction, but why

Why is it that every time I approach Ruan Shishi, I just see her white neck or undulating chest, and I feel hot?

Yu Yimo frowned and wiped out the idea of a little possibility.

It is absolutely impossible for him to have that kind of feeling for Ruan’s poems. He may just be used to it, just used to it, and will be used to not having her in the future.

But this is not the case. The next morning, Yu Yimo just arrived at the company and was still upset. He pressed the inside line to call an ran and said coldly, “let Ruan Shishi from the administration department come to the office.”

An ran a listen, Mou color complicated a few minutes, but also didn’t dare to ask more, immediately should go down to do.

At the same time, the Ministry of administration.

Ruan Shishi suddenly received a notice and asked her to go to the president’s office. The cold face of the man flashed through her mind. She was a little scared at the bottom of her heart. However, due to the order, she summoned up the courage to go to the president’s office.

The door of the president’s office was half open. As soon as she got to the door, she heard a voice from inside that said, “is this your plan? There are so many loopholes, are they waiting for me to correct? “

“Take it back, change it and hand it in.”

Ruan Shishi stood at the door, watching a colleague come out from inside with a folder, feeling more nervous.

This is the first time that she has seen Yu Yimo so angry. When she goes in, I’m afraid she can’t miss a lecture, can she?

Sure enough, whatever you’re afraid of will come.

When Ruan Shishi was still hesitating whether to go in, a tall figure appeared at the door.

Yu Yimo stood at the door, with a cold look on his face. He glanced at her and said in a deep voice, “come in.”

Ruan Shishi took a cool breath and strengthened his courage. Then he stepped in.

Just walked into the door, to the desk of the man left a word, “shut the door.”

Ruan Shishi’s heart clattered. Even if thousands of people didn’t want to, they still closed the door of the office.

After the door was closed, the original strange atmosphere became more depressed. Ruan Shishi summoned up courage and asked, “Mr. Yu, what can I do for you?”

Yu Yimo went to her desk, turned and looked at her, “I heard you asked for two days’ leave?”

Ruan Shishi pauses and answers truthfully, “yes, my father has an operation, so…”

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