The Warmest Romance Chapter 727 -728

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Chapter 727

She was led to a semi open rest area, and then she saw Jiang Huanchen. He was wearing a black gold racing suit, with a helmet in his left hand. His hair was flowing and free, and he was handsome.

Ruan Shishi’s heart was tight, so he couldn’t help looking at her more. It happened that Jiang Huanchen turned his head to see her, and the smile on his face was a little stiff. He didn’t turn his head, walked to one side and sat down, his face slightly heavy.

Ruan Shishi naturally saw his little assistant beside him, but she didn’t see the agent. She inhaled deeply, summoned up courage, raised her smiling face and went to Jiang Huanchen’s side. She said hello to him with a smile, “teacher Jiang, long time no see!”

Jiang Huan Chen rolled a white eye, cold hum, did not reply.

Ruan Shishi was patient, went to his side and explained with a smile, “Mr. Jiang, I really didn’t mean to stand you up last time. It’s really understandable.”

Smell speech, Jiang Huan Chen this just had a little reaction, blunt she slightly raises chin, “is it excusable? You explain it to me

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply and whispered, “last time I didn’t go to you because I had to attend an engagement ceremony and I couldn’t refuse.”

Hearing the four words “engagement ceremony”, Jiang Huanchen’s face slightly changed. A moment later, he pulled the corners of his lips, and a few lines of mockery flashed across his eyes. “Is that Yu Yimo’s engagement with Ye Waner?”

Hearing these two names, Ruan Shishi was slightly stunned, and her heart passed unconsciously, a little lost, and her expression on her face changed slightly. A few seconds later, she answered softly, “HMM.”

Jiang Huan Chen glanced at her and caught the loss on her face. He sneered, “you Don’t you like metaphor, too? “

Ruan Shishi was stunned and looked up at him in surprise. Without waiting for her answer, Jiang Huanchen was already humming, “what’s good about him?”

This sentence is like asking Ruan’s poems, or talking to himself.

Then he stood up, picked up a red helmet beside him and threw it to her. “If you want me to forgive you, at least show some sincerity. It’s no use apologizing. Run around with me. If you can insist, even if you win.”

Ruan Shishi looked down at the helmet that had been thrown into her arms, and at Jiang Huanchen, who was walking forward, hesitated.

Is it difficult for him to want her to run with him in the car?

Hesitated for a moment, she immediately followed up, “Mr. Jiang, that endorsement thing…”

Jiang Huanchen walked in front, and said without looking back, “after getting my forgiveness, I will seriously consider it.”

Ruan Shishi’s eyes flashed when she heard the speech. She suddenly had more hope in her heart. She took a look at the helmet in her hand and quickened her pace.

Jiang Huanchen’s legs are long and his steps are big. Ruan Shishi is trotting. He just barely catches up with him. When he runs outside the track, he takes a step, looks back at Ruan Shishi and asks, “would you like to take my car and run with me?”

Ruan Shishi said, “as long as Mr. Jiang can forgive me, I will.”

Jiang Huanchen hummed with a smile. He raised his hand and put his helmet on his head. He said with a smile, “don’t regret it.”

A gust of wind blew his words away, but Ruan didn’t hear them clearly. He asked, “what did you say?”

Jiang Huanchen’s eyes smile more, “nothing.”

With that, he stepped forward to a tall and powerful car next to him, raised his long legs and straddled onto the car.

Chapter 728

The man has long hands and legs, just like a clothes rack. This cool racing suit is perfect for him. Ruan Shishi is stunned until he looks back at her and says, “get in the car.”


Ruan Shishi reacted and quickly put his helmet on his head. Then he went to the side of the car.

Although she doesn’t have much research on the car, she has guessed that the car is absolutely valuable when she looks at the cold shining armored body of the car.

She got on the car awkwardly. Before she was ready, she heard the man in front remind her, “hold on, don’t blame me for crying later.”

Ruan Shishi said with a smile, “don’t worry, I’m bold.”

As long as Jiang Huanchen can promise to speak for redeur, it’s not difficult for her.

At this time, seven or eight cars in the next row were all ready. Behind each car, there was a beautiful woman who was riding on the car. Ruan Shishi took a cool breath and suddenly felt a little nervous.

With the “bang” sound, the car “buzz -” a burst of roar, as if the arrow shot out on the string in general, the rapid rush out!

Ruan Shishi only felt that his body was suddenly lifted back by a wave of air, and his hands instinctively grasped forward, and all of a sudden he hugged Jiang Huanchen’s waist.

The roar of the strong wind, the roar of the motor Mixed together, mixed in the ear, coupled with a thick helmet, all the sounds become dull

Ruan Shishi clings to Jiang Huanchen’s waist. She can hardly relax. She clenches her teeth, closes her eyes, leans with the car’s tilt angle, and feels the panic and excitement of driving at high speed.

In the next big turn, Ruan Shishi finally couldn’t help screaming. The wind poured into his mouth and throat, dry and tight.

Sitting in front of Jiang Huanchen, listening to the woman’s scream coming from behind, he couldn’t help but lift his lips and flash a sly dark light at the bottom of his eyes.

He also specially increased the car’s tilt curve at several corners to let her feel what “speed and passion” means!

Just now, the woman who swore that she was not afraid seems to have disappeared. At this time, she really admitted her fear.

He wants to cure her, there are many ways, I’m afraid there are not enough!

Ruan Shishi closed her eyes and put two bracelets in front of the man’s waist. She wanted to be a part of him. Her world whirled around and her head fell into vertigo.

The car slowed down slowly at the end of the track and soon stopped. Ruan Shishi sat in the back, his mind still spinning, his hands around Jiang Huanchen’s waist, unwilling to let go or open his eyes.

Jiang Huan Chen light cough, “still not willing to let go?”

This circle down, she did not take advantage of him, in the end was not willing to let go?

Ruan Shishi heard the sound, and the sound in her ear canal was accompanied by a hum. She bit her teeth and then released her hand.

The moment she got out of the car, the sour water in her stomach was mixed together. As soon as her two feet stepped on the ground, there was a whirl in front of her. She quickly took off her helmet, and her throat was tight. She couldn’t help bending down and retching.

Jiang Huanchen frowned without any trace, stepped back, took off his helmet gracefully, and looked at her like a bystander.

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