The Warmest Romance Chapter 737 -738

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Chapter 737

Hearing the words, Ruan’s heart suddenly “clattered” for a while. These days, Yu Yimo always has something to do with her. It’s really unbearable!

“Get in! Yu has been waiting for you for more than ten minutes. “

She suddenly reacts and nods later. Then she goes to the office.

When the door opened, she saw the man standing in front of her desk, flipping through something.

Ruan took a deep breath and asked, “Mr. Yu, what can I do for you?”

“It’s about following up on the endorsement of redeur.”

Then he stepped to his desk, leaned back, and raised his chin to her lazily. “You just disappeared from work suddenly. Should you just go to talk about endorsement?”

As soon as these words came out, Ruan Shi was speechless.

Just now, because there was something wrong with Professor Ruan, she didn’t have time to report and ask for leave, so her brain rushed out of her head. Afterwards, she remembered that there was something else.

She bit her lip and inhaled, “No.”

Yu Yimo picked his eyebrows and his eyes sank a little. “Where have you been? Who did you see? “

In fact, he knows her whereabouts like the palm of his hand. Just now, when Ruan Shishi ran out of the company in a hurry, he was at the door. He was afraid that something might happen to her, so he sent someone to follow her. Unexpectedly, after waiting at the door of the hospital for half a day, he saw her and song yean come out together

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth. “I went to the hospital because my father…”

“Pa!” Yu Yimo pats a document on the desk and directly interrupts the rest of Ruan’s words.

Yu Yimo looks gloomy and stares at her as if to see through her. “Can you stop fooling me about the teacher?”

Ruan Shishi was surprised, “how did I fool you?”

How could she have fooled him before she finished?

Yu Yimo’s eyes showed a thin anger. He walked towards her, approached her, and said, “do you think I don’t know you met song yean?”

Ruan Shishi was surprised. A little surprise flashed through her eyes. She quickly responded and looked straight at him, “who do I meet is my freedom, what does it have to do with you?”

When Merton was annoyed by her forthright attitude, he frowned, “I don’t want to see you with him!”

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and repeated, “my private affairs have nothing to do with you.”

Yu Yimo’s chest is filled with anger. He is even more angry at the thought of the scene when she and song yean are alone. He reaches out his hand, directly pinches her chin, and asks, “do you really think your business has nothing to do with me?”

If he wants to, there are a hundred ways to prove the connection between them!

Ruan Shishi looked at the man’s angry look in front of him. There was a light at the bottom of his eyes. He didn’t give in and said, “Yu Yimo, are you not reconciled? Not willing to be with others? Or are you jealous? “

As soon as the questions came out, Yu Yimo’s face changed.

A few seconds later, he calmed down and said coldly, “are you jealous? What I care about is whether you are looking for a wild man at work. What else has anything to do with me! “

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi felt cool and his cheek was hot, as if he had just been slapped.

Chapter 738

With a sour nose, she threw away Yu Yimo’s hand, turned to open the door and ran out of the office.

At the moment when the door slammed, Yu Yimo felt a burst of regret.

Is it too bad for him to say that just now?

After thinking for a moment, Yu Yimo reaches out his hand and pulls the bow tie at the neckline, making a mess.

I don’t know what happened. As long as it is related to Ruan Shishi recently, it will make him easily irritable and angry.

At this time, the mobile phone on the desk suddenly rings. Yu Yimo frowns and takes it up and takes a glance.

The word “Wan’er” jumps on the screen. He hesitates for two seconds and reaches for the answer button.


“Brother Mo, don’t forget our appointment. We will come to my house for dinner tonight.”

He raised his other hand, pressed his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “well, I know.”

“Then I’ll go to the company to see you. Shall we go together?”

Yu Yimo didn’t hesitate. He said politely, “I still have something to deal with. Just wait for me at home. Don’t run away.”

Ye Wan’er said with some loss, “well, I’ll wait for you at home.”

After hanging up the phone, Yu Yimo’s agitation didn’t abate at all.

Today, ye Wan’er asked him to have dinner with Ye’s family. If it sounds good, it’s a family banquet. If it’s hard to hear, it’s a Hongmen banquet. He doesn’t have to think about it. He can guess that this event is absolutely inspired by Ye Fengpeng. It’s obvious that the drunk’s intention is not wine.

But because of his and ye Wan’er’s identity, he couldn’t refuse such an occasion again and again.

Just after six o’clock in the evening, Yu Yimo left the company and went directly to Ye’s home for the banquet.

Ye Zeyu is not at home. The only people who receive him are ye Fengpeng, Mrs. ye and ye Waner. The whole family seems to be in harmony. From greeting and chatting at the beginning to dining at the table later, they are like a family.

After dinner, they chatted on the sofa in the living room.

“I’ll ask the servant to prepare some fruit. You talk first.”

Mrs. Ye smiles at them and gets up to leave.

For a moment, Yu Yimo, ye Fengpeng and ye Waner are left on the sofa.

Ye Fengpeng took a sip of tea, and his sharp eyes swept Yu Yimo. After staying for a few seconds, he slowly said, “Yimo, to tell you the truth, you make me look at you with new eyes this time.”

“Well?” Yu Yimo raised his eyes and looked at him. “Uncle, what do you mean?”

Ye Fengpeng said with a smile, “it’s the storm that Yu group experienced not long ago. It’s really admirable that you can lead Yu group to survive.”

“Uncle, I’m flattered. In fact, to tell you the truth, it’s not my credit. Yu’s group has a deep foundation, and it can’t be shaken by any rotten fish or shrimp. I dare not take credit for it alone.”

When he said that, ye Wan’er, who was sitting next to him, suddenly looked a little ugly.

This time, it can be said that she and her brother wrote it by themselves. Now that it has come to this point, she has become Yu Yimo’s rotten fish and shrimps

Although she felt uncomfortable, she still raised her smiling face and hugged Yu Yimo’s arm. “Brother Mo, don’t be modest. If you didn’t have you, what would Yu’s finger be like now?”

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