The Warmest Romance Chapter 761 -762

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Chapter 761

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, summoned up courage and said, “I’m pregnant…”

Lu Xiaoman smell speech, Leng for a moment, obviously did not expect.

Although Yu Gubei had said this possibility before she came back, she ruled it out at that time. Unexpectedly, it was true.

Seeing the expression on her face, Ruan Shishi pulled out a bitter smile from the corner of her lip, rubbed her hands uneasily and said, “I took 400cc of blood two days ago. Today I have vertigo symptoms. I’m really worried, so I’ll come to check it.”

Lu Xiaoman looked back, took a deep breath, calmed his shocked mood, and said softly, “400cc is too much, which may have some impact. Moreover, the anemia rate of pregnant women is very high. You must replenish your blood. The doctor may prescribe some iron to supplement it. In short, you must pay more attention to yourself.”

After listening to Lu Xiaoman’s words, Ruan Shishi’s nervous mood was relieved. She pulled her lips and laughed and said in a soft voice, “thank you, Xiaoman. I’m much more at ease after listening to you.”

“It’s OK.” Lu Xiaoman raised his hand and patted her on the back of her hand. He asked softly, “I want to ask, the child’s father…”

Ruan Shishi bit her lip and said in a light but firm voice, “he has no father, only me.”

Lu Xiaoman smiles. Knowing that it’s inconvenient to continue to ask, he changes the topic. “Well, I don’t have anything to do today. I’ll wait with you for the report to come out, and then we’ll have dinner and have a good chat.”

Ruan Shishi agreed with a smile, “good.”

After a while, when she called Ruan Shishi’s name, she got up and went to get the inspection report. Lu Xiaoman looked at her back, closed her eyes and struggled for a moment. Then she took out her mobile phone and sent a text message to Yu Gubei.

“Mr. Yu, you’re right. She’s pregnant. If I’m right, the baby should belong to your elder brother Yu Yimo.”

Originally, Yu Gubei wanted her to come to Ruan Shishi for information. Unexpectedly, he guessed everything right from the beginning.

At the same time, Yu Gubei, seeing the news, squints his eyes with excitement.

Ruan Shishi’s pregnancy is a rare good thing for him, which means that there is another one to threaten Yu Yimo.

It seems that this time, the point that Luo Jiuye promised him is inevitable.

That night, after having dinner with Lu Xiaoman, Ruan Shishi came home and realized that the three-day appointment had passed for a day. She inhaled deeply and felt uneasy unconsciously.

There are still two days left. If she can’t make the endorsement any more, I’m afraid it will be difficult for her to resign.

The more Ruan Shishi thought about it, the more nervous she was. Finally, she summoned up her courage, picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to Jiang Huanchen, “teacher Jiang, are you free tomorrow? I want to see you. “

Soon, Jiang Huanchen returned to wechat, “when you are free in the evening, will you come to my home?”

Also sent a bad smile expression bag.

Ruan Shishi’s body trembled and goose bumps all over.

How come what words come out of Jiang Huanchen’s mouth, then they all change their taste?

She took a deep breath, calmed down a little, and then replied, “are you free in the day after tomorrow? I have something very important to ask you

After a while, another message came back, “miss me? I can’t wait to see you. Well, you’ll come to the cast tomorrow afternoon. I’ll try my best to meet you. “

Chapter 762

Looking at this sentence, Ruan Shishi resisted the impulse of rolling his eyes and gave him a word back, “good.”

After all, it’s just the last two days. After these two days, as long as she can get the endorsement done, she will never have to look at Jiang Huanchen’s face or listen to him again!

After thinking about this, Ruan’s heart was a little more comfortable.

The next afternoon, Ruan Shishi rushed to the Republic of China Museum of the film city and saw the people in the shooting field from a distance.

The last time Ruan Shishi took over his assistant in the production group, he had nothing to do but turn over Jiang Huanchen’s script. When he saw the play, he knew that it was behind the whole play. The major played by Jiang Huanchen lost his beloved, struggled painfully, and could not disobey orders.

This kind of happy and sad plot, as a test of the actor’s acting skills, it takes a lot of energy to show his emotions incisively and vividly.


With the director’s order, the actors are in place, the seats are in place, and Jiang Huanchen also instantly enters the state.

As soon as he changed his old style of unruly and indulgence, he twisted his eyebrows, looked dignified and shed tears. Every moment was just right.

Ruan Shishi sat in the outer ring, looking at the people in the field from a distance, and unconsciously entered the play.

The sadness of the man who lost his love in extreme sorrow also infected her. Unconsciously, the corners of her eyes were moist.

It seems that she has never met a man who loves her so much, and the man she loves has a woman she loves.

Ruan Shishi couldn’t control her mood. She bowed her head and lost her mood. She didn’t notice that the director over there had already yelled, “Ka!”

After the play, people congratulated Jiang Huanchen. He adjusted his mood. As soon as he finished, he saw Ruan Shishi over there and unconsciously raised his lips.

When he saw her red eyes, Jiang Huanchen frowned, quickly stepped forward, raised his hand and flipped Ruan Shishi’s head, “what’s the matter? I’m impressed by my acting? “

Ruan Shishi suddenly responded. Seeing Jiang Huanchen, she quickly wiped her tears. “It’s OK. I brought the contract. If you really pity me, you can sign it.”

She said, quickly took out a contract from the bag and handed it to him.

Jiang Huan Chen lowered his head and glanced at it. The corners of his lips rose and said half jokingly, “if I don’t sign it?”

Ruan Shishi said with a half joking smile, “then our boss may kill me.”

Jiang Huanchen paused and asked, “is your boss Yu Yimo?”

Ruan Shishi paused and nodded.

Jiang Huan Chen a listen, toward the side reclining chair a sit, smile a way, “that I don’t want to sign more.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and asked, “is there any festival between you?”

When Yu Yimo was mentioned last time, Jiang Huanchen was also disdainful. Is there any unclear relationship between Jiang Huanchen, Yu Yimo and Su Ling, as she guessed?

Jiang Huan Chen cold hum a, complexion some gloomy, “have no.”

With that, he picked up the mobile phone next to him and began to play games.

Seeing his attitude, Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and guessed something in his heart.

I don’t know what happened just now, but I met Jiang Huanchen. Today, I’m afraid it’s impossible for him to sign a contract.

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