The Warmest Romance Chapter 763 -764

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Chapter 763

After waiting for a while, seeing that Jiang Huanchen didn’t want to pay attention to her, Ruan Shishi smiles, puts things away and leaves.

After leaving the cast, Ruan Shishi went directly to the central hospital to see Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu. At dinner, she couldn’t help asking, “Dad, mom, have you ever thought about living in another place?”

Ms. Liu, who was talking about family affairs, was stunned. She turned to look at her and asked sensitively, “what’s the matter? Do you want to live in another place? “


Ruan Shishi choked when asked, “I just asked casually.”

Professor Ruan also said with a smile, “Jiangzhou city is very good, the pace of life is not too fast, the infrastructure is complete, and your mother and I have lived here for most of our lives, and we have never thought of living in another place.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and could not speak.

Suddenly, as soon as the back of his hand was warm, Professor Ruan covered her hand with a warm hand and said in a soft voice, “Shishi, my father doesn’t want anything else now. He just wants to be able to leave the hospital as soon as possible. Our family is very happy. I will be satisfied in my life.”

Ms. Liu interrupted with a smile, “ah, you can’t say that! We can’t finish our task until we get married! “

Professor Ruan said, “when my daughter meets someone she likes, she will marry. If she doesn’t meet me, she is willing to support her all her life!”

“That’s not good. I can’t watch my daughter grow up to be a big girl. When the time comes, just like me, I’ll find one and get married. In this life, tut tut…”

Ms. Liu and Professor Ruan, you say a word, I say a word, two people instantly opened the bickering mode.

Ruan Shishi was beside him, but he had no choice but to smile. Looking at such a scene, he felt warm in his heart.

Although a family together noisy, but it is warm, happy.


As soon as she thought of the little life in her stomach, Ruan Shishi felt an inexplicable warm current in her heart. She inhaled deeply, stretched out her hand and gently stroked her abdomen, which moved her heart.

Now, it seems unrealistic to leave here with Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu. What’s more, they have lived here for most of their lives. How can they break these feelings.

However, on second thought, if she left her parents in Jiangzhou, she would not be at ease either.

Thinking about this, Ruan’s poems became more and more headache.

In the evening, she chatted with Professor Ruan in the ward, comforted him to lie down and rest, and then she left.

Back at the apartment, Ruan Shishi opened the door, thinking about the trivial things. Before she had time to turn on the light, she suddenly heard the sound from the sofa.

Her body was stiff, and her relaxed body was tense instantly. She looked over there in panic and vaguely saw a dark shadow on the other side of the sofa.

She picked up the broom beside her, her voice trembled slightly, “who is it?”

Is it a thief? But how did the thief get in? When she opened the door just now, the lock was in good condition.

She inhaled deeply and was about to touch the cell phone in her pocket when a familiar low voice came from there, “it’s me.”

Ruan Shishi was slightly stunned. After two seconds, he stepped forward and turned on the lighting switch at the entrance of the entrance.

Chapter 764

As soon as the light was turned on, it lit up the whole room. Then she could see clearly that it was no one else sitting on the sofa. It was Yu Yimo!

Ruan Shishi’s heart, which hung in his throat, was released, but a few seconds later, he responded, “you Why are you at my house? “

Yu Yimo leans on the sofa and moves his lips slightly. “Are you sure this is your home?”

He is the real owner of the house.

After a pause, Ruan realized that Yu Yimo was not right. He spoke weakly and seemed very weak

Plucking up her courage, she stepped in and closed the door behind her. Then she hesitated and asked, “you What’s up? Sick? “

Yu Yimo frowned and said, “bring me the medicine box and help me deal with the wound.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi swept his body quickly, only to find that the white shirt of his left arm had been soaked red.

“What’s the matter with you?”

Ruan Shishi was surprised and didn’t dare to delay. He immediately turned to get the medicine box.

When the things are ready, she finds that Yu Yimo has been bandaged inside, but she doesn’t know what’s going on. The wound seems to be torn open and the blood is red.

Seeing that Yu Yimo stood up straight and wanted to take off her clothes, she raised her hand and pressed him on the shoulder, saying solemnly, “don’t move, I’ll come.”

At this time, he moves again for fear that he will pull the wound.

Yu Yimo hears the speech, and his eyes stay on Ruan Shishi’s face for a moment. Finally, he doesn’t move again.

Ruan Shishi took out the scissors, cut the sleeve open, and then carefully untied the gauze above.

The wound is exposed, it has been sutured, but there is blood oozing out, it looks a little scary.

Ruan Shishi resisted some shaking hands and disinfected, medicated and bandaged his wound again.

After the gauze was completely pasted, she was relieved. She looked up at Yu Yimo and said, “how did you get this wound? And why not go to the hospital? “

Yu Yimo frowned, looked up at her and said softly, “I’m thirsty.”

Ruan poetry, “…”

Two people stare small eyes, so deadlocked, less than a minute, Ruan Shishi willing to bow to the downwind, she sighed helplessly, had to turn to pour him a glass of water.

Yu Yimo took the water, eyebrows stretch, deliberately said, “thank you.”

Ruan Shishi turned and was about to walk away when he heard a man’s voice coming from behind, “you may have to take me in this evening.”


Ruan Shishi suddenly blew his hair and looked at him with wide eyes, “Yu Yimo, although you are my superior, this is my home. You can’t come here to eat and live like a rogue every time.”

Yu Yimo sniffed the speech, narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a smile, “have you ever thought about how I got into your house?”

Ruan Shi was stunned and confused.

I don’t know from which time Yu Yimo suddenly came into her house, and then once or twice, it seems that he never used the key

“You Steal my key and match it? “

“Am I so mean?”

Yu Yimo slowly gets up and walks towards her.

Ruan Shishi unconsciously retreated, “how did you get in?”

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