The Warmest Romance Chapter 765 -766

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Chapter 765

Look at her this appearance, metaphor with silent hook lip smile, suddenly slowly bent over, close to her ear, “because I am the landlord.”


Ruan Shishi’s eyes widened and denied in an instant, “impossible, absolutely impossible!”

Yu Yimo hooked his lips and said, “impossible? How do you think you can get such a complete set of houses at that price? “

In an instant, Ruan was speechless.

When she rented a house, she really wondered why it was so cheap

Stunned for a moment, Ruan Shishi looked back at Yu Yimo and asked again in disbelief, “are you really the landlord?”

The man seems to pick an eyebrow inadvertently, “mmm.”

For a moment, Ruan Shishi couldn’t digest this fact. Who can imagine that the small apartment she lived in for several months turned out to be Yu Yimo’s real estate

Did he have ulterior motives when he rented the house to her at such a cheap price?

Ruan Shishi was surprised and immediately stepped back, keeping alert and looking at the man on the sofa, “you Do you have any intention for me? “

Yu Yimo sniffed the words, gave a cold hum, and walked slowly close to her, “you say, what are you worth my attempt? Is it face, figure or money? “

In a word, Ruan could not speak for a long time.

After a pause, she said, “then you…”

Yu Yimo glanced at her lightly and said in a light voice, “I was ashamed of you at the beginning, so I helped you a little. Don’t worry about it.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi figured out the meaning of his words, and felt a little sad.

Yu Yimo’s “the beginning” is when they just got divorced.

Under pressure, Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, calmed down, pretended to be calm and changed the topic, “you How did you get hurt? And why do you come to me? “

“A little hurt.” Yu Yimo picked up the gauze with blood in the trash can and said in a light tone, “grandma is at home today. I’m afraid she will see that I’m hurt. It happens that she’s nearby. She’s coming to you.”

Ruan Shishi thought, blurted out, “there is a hospital nearby, so why don’t you go to the hospital?”

With that, she realized that it was not appropriate to ask directly.

Without waiting for her to say anything more, Yu Yimo has already picked his eyebrows, and a faint light flashed through his eyes. A few seconds later, he said with a smile, “I’m the landlord. Come here to bandage the wound. Is that what you should do?”

Ruan Shiwei was stunned and couldn’t speak.

He’s right. He’s the landlord. Naturally, she has no reason to refuse him.

As she ponders, Yu Yimo suddenly steps to Ruan Shishi’s bedroom. When she comes to her reaction, he has reached the door of the bedroom and is about to push the door in.

Seeing that the man was about to push the door open, she said abruptly, “wait! You What do you want to do? “

Although he is the landlord, there’s nothing to say when he comes to bandage the wound, it’s very inappropriate for him to break into her bedroom like this!

Yu Yimo pauses and pushes the door open two seconds later.

Ruan Shishi rushed forward, immediately grabbed his hand and looked up at him in amazement, “Yu Yimo, what’s your hobby? Do you have to break into a woman’s bedroom? “

Chapter 766

Hearing this, Yu Yimo hooked his lips. “So you want to look at me naked?”

With that, he symbolically raised his semi naked left arm. Just now, in order to disinfect his wound, she directly cut the shirt sleeves near the wound. Now, there is a large area of bare, which is really funny.

Hesitating for half a second, Ruan Shishi could not help frowning and asked, “but I don’t have any clothes you can wear here.”

She doesn’t mind if he really wants to wear her clothes.

Yu Yimo raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “who said no?”

Just when Ruan Shishi was in a daze, he had already raised his foot, bypassed her and entered the room. He opened the wardrobe and took out a man’s shirt from a small dark grid inside.

It’s brand new. I haven’t even taken off my tag yet.

Ruan Shishi was stunned, even she didn’t know that there was such a small dark grid in the wardrobe, “you What’s the matter? “

The man naturally said, “I said, this used to be my house. Of course there are my things in it.”

With that, he raised his right hand and untied a row of buttons on his shirt one by one from top to bottom.

He looked at her with a smile, “what? You want to see me change? “

When Ruan Shishi heard the speech, he immediately turned around and walked out of the bedroom, slamming the door.

I don’t know why, the cheek is like a fire, hot and hot.

After a while, the door was pushed open. Then, Yu Yimo stepped to the door and put on a new shirt. It was smooth and smooth, without any wrinkles.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and pretended to be calm. When he was about to ask when he was going to leave, Yu Yimo took the lead in saying, “all the luggage is packed. Where are you going?”

Ruan Shishi was stunned. He followed his eyes and saw the suitcase beside the bed and a pile of folded clothes.

She felt nervous for a moment.

That’s the clothes she took out of the closet this morning to pack into the suitcase. After all, two days have passed since her three-day appointment with Yu Yimo. It’s time for her to prepare the suitcase. But she never thought that Yu Yimo would suddenly come

She was a little nervous, and a little unnatural flitted across her face. Soon, she took a deep breath and pretended to be calm My dad is going to leave the hospital soon. I want to get ready to go home and stay with him for a few days. “

After listening to her saying this, Yu Yimo’s original doubts gradually dissipated. He paused and said, “I’m very busy these days. In a few days, I’ll go to see the teacher.”

Ruan Shi Wen Yan, heart flash a bit hesitant, but on the surface still seriously nodded.

At this moment, Yu Yimo’s mobile phone suddenly rings. He picks it up, glances at the screen, doesn’t answer, and puts it back in his pocket.

He raised his foot, walked to the sofa, picked up the suit jacket, looked at Ruan Shishi and said, “it’s late, I should go.”

Ruan Shishi heard the words and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief

Then she walked quickly to the door and opened it.

Yu Yimo walked to the door and was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something. Looking back at her, he hesitated for two seconds and said, “Ruan Shishi, if you really don’t want to work in Yu’s family, as long as you take the endorsement, I will let you leave. I can also help you arrange what you want to do in the future.”

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