The Warmest Romance Chapter 779 -780

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Chapter 779

Only his mother and Yu Qingshan, who had already passed away, knew about it. Apart from that, he didn’t tell anyone.

Now, in the cold sea, wrapped by the wind and waves, the rain keeps hitting him. More than ten years ago, the fear of dying swept back.

He took a deep breath and looked up at the lighthouse not far ahead. He wanted to be faster and faster, but his throat seemed to be stuck by an invisible hand, which made him more and more uncomfortable.

All of a sudden, his limbs became stiff and could not move. His body sank like a stone.

The whole body was submerged in the sea water that moment, the world seems to be quiet, that moment, Yu Yimo’s mind flashed some pictures.

That woman, she is smiling, crying, lovely, sad, all kinds of images like a movie across the general rapid.

At that moment, an idea of survival became very strong. As soon as he gritted his teeth, he tried to control his body and continued to move forward slowly

It’s not far away. He’s going to see her!

The light on the lighthouse was shining. Slowly, it was getting closer and closer. Finally, he approached the lighthouse and saw that the nearest escalator was empty. There was no Ruan Shishi at all!

As soon as his heart tightened, there was a sound in his ears. He clenched his teeth and continued to swim around the lighthouse.

Around to the other end of the lighthouse, he saw Ruan Shishi tied to the escalator. The sea water had covered her chin, and she was completely unconscious.

Yu Yimo frowned. He quickly swam over, reached for the escalator and called out, “Ruan Shishi! Wake up

Even after a few calls, the woman didn’t respond at all. Yu Yimo was more and more nervous. He took out the Swiss Army knife at his waist, plunged it into the sea and cut off the hemp rope tied between Ruan Shishi’s ankles.

All the ropes were cut off. Yu Yimo carried her to her back, pulled up the escalator and put Ruan Shishi on the shelf of the lighthouse.

The surrounding waves are like a monster that only eats people. I want to mess up the whole lighthouse.

Yu Yimo was very urgent. He immediately explored Ruan’s breath and found that she still had breath. He was relieved. He reached out and touched her cold body, but he could not help frowning.

This is absolutely not good. Lighthouse is definitely not a place to stay for a long time. Even if they don’t drown in the night, they will freeze to death.

Yu Yimo tightens his brows and his heart hangs in his throat. He reaches out his hand and mechanically rubs Ruan Shishi’s arms to help her recover her temperature. At the same time, he turns around to look for anything useful.

This lighthouse is not big. It only serves as a guide for the nearby fishing boats. Everything is simple structure, and there are no necessary first-aid supplies.

Yu Yimo stood up and walked around. When he saw the lifebuoy hanging above the lighthouse, he seemed to see hope.

He immediately stepped forward, climbed up a small ladder and took down the lifebuoy and a piece of rope.

At this time, he can only rely on this to bring Ruan Shi to the shore. Only in this way can they be saved!

He tied one end of the rope to Ruan Shishi’s waist, tied the other end to his waist, and made a circle on the lifebuoy. After all this, he put the lifebuoy on Ruan Shishi and pushed her into the sea.

Chapter 780

Because of the buoyancy of the lifebuoy, Ruan’s body would not sink. In this way, as long as he swam forward and pulled the rope, he could pull Ruan close to the shore.

However, whether he can successfully swim from here to the shore is another question.

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and looked at the Black Sea ahead. His heart tightened unconsciously. A dull invisible pressure shrouded his heart and made him feel uncomfortable breathing.

No way! He can’t be afraid! Once the thought of fear grows in his heart, then he can’t swim to the shore!

Yu Yimo clenched her teeth and turned to look at Ruan Shishi, who was unconscious beside her. She suddenly held out her hand and held it tightly. “Don’t worry, I will take you ashore!”

The woman in the coma didn’t respond at all, but he had an indescribable power in his heart.

He took a deep breath, jumped into the sea and swam forward, pulling Ruan Shishi towards the coast.

In this way, his speed is much slower than just now. While he has to swim forward with great effort, he has to push and pull Ruan Shishi to let her move forward together.

The fear of the unknown comes. Yu Yimo’s whole body is cold and shivering. But with the last point of perseverance in his mind, he just sticks to the end!

When he swam to the shore, his last strength was exhausted. He pulled Ruan Shishi ashore, his limbs were completely numb and stiff.

Holding his last breath, he dragged Ruan Shishi to the beach far away from the tide. When he got up again, his legs softened, and his eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of black cloth. He lost his center of gravity, fell to the ground and lost his consciousness.

Ruan Shishi felt like she had a long dream. In the dream, she was in the boundless sea, and could not see any hope of life.

Suddenly, the storm hit, strong wind carrying waves directly involved her, instantly submerged her

“Oh, no!”

Ruan Shishi suddenly exclaimed and opened her eyes. What she saw was white. She gasped like a fish. Her forehead and back were wet with sweat.


A familiar male voice with some anxiety came, and then song yean appeared in the field of vision, “Shishi, are you awake?”

The man’s eyes sparkled with surprise and excitement.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and looked at the people in front of him. Then his consciousness became clearer.

“… Where am I? “

Song yean said quickly, “in the hospital, you were kidnapped. You were too frightened. You got cold again. You had a high fever all night. It was only this morning that your fever subsided.”

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked around. Then she slowly recovered.

The white room without extra color is really the ward of the hospital, but yesterday, how was she rescued?

Ruan Shishi was about to ask, but her throat ached. She frowned, and song yean had already handed over a cup of warm water. “Drink some water first.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and drank a glass of water at one go, which relieved the dryness of his throat.

“I just What’s going on? “

Song yean’s brow tightened. “You were kidnapped. I received the information from the kidnappers yesterday, so I went to the seaside to find you. At that time, you were lying on the beach, covered with ice, which scared me.”

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