The Warmest Romance Chapter 777 -778

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Chapter 777

After all this, he looked at Ruan Shishi and said, “Miss Ruan, you’re going to have to wait alone.”

Leaving this sentence, he raised his chin to his men, who immediately understood, launched the speedboat and turned around directly.

Ruan Shishi was surprised and said, “don’t go!”

They’re leaving. Are they going to leave her here alone?

Her voice was blown away by the sea breeze, but she couldn’t get rid of it. She could only watch the speedboat fly back and forth like a silver fish to the coast.

Ruan Shishi’s nose is sour, and her tears are falling down. When it comes to this time, will someone come to save her?

At the same time, on the main road of Nantong in Jiangzhou City, a black car suddenly braked, and the friction between the tire and the ground made a screeching sound.

Yu Yimo on the driver’s seat frowned and immediately pulled over to the side of the road and dialed back to the phone.

In a few seconds, there came a strange sound, and he hung up before he got through.

Yu Yimo’s eyebrows are deeper. At this time, the mobile phone suddenly receives new news. Click to see it. It’s a video.

In the video, Ruan Shishi is tied to a ladder with waves all around her. She looks haggard and says, “what do you want to do?”

Nearby, a processed voice came, “Miss Ruan, I came here to tell you that the tide has started to rise now…”

Yu Yimo’s hand holding the mobile phone unconsciously tightens, his eyes suddenly sink down, and his arms are blue.

Who dares to attack Ruan’s poems!

Suddenly, the mobile phone rang again, and a message came in.

“It must be fun to watch this woman die slowly.”

In an instant, Yu Yimo’s back was stiff, and the anger at the bottom of his eyes was like a wave, and his whole body was cold.

Two seconds later, he started the car, stepped on the accelerator, turned the front of the car directly, and went to the sea east of Jiangzhou.

He knew where the lighthouse was, because ten years ago, he almost lost his life there.

Yu Yimo steps on the accelerator wildly all the way, but he still feels that the speed is too slow. Suddenly, the car phone calls in, Yu Yimo presses to answer, and Su Yucheng’s voice comes from there.

“Lao Yu, where are you now?”

A change in the past with the nature of Su Yucheng’s tone is a bit serious.

Yu Yimo twisted his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “something happened to me, and you acted according to the plan.”

Su Yu Cheng Dun half a second, busy mouth asked, “what’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo answered the wrong question, “according to the original plan, I will try my best to get there.”

With that, he pressed hang up.

On this side, life and death are at stake. On that side, it’s urgent. He can’t give up either side. Now he can only arrange it like this. Su Yucheng and shadow can solve the problems there. Now he has to rush to save Ruan Shishi.

The car runs fast to the east coast of Jiangzhou city. Yu Yimo stops the car outside the beach, pushes the door to get off the car, and walks quickly to the other side.

Far away, he saw the shining lighthouse, his heart suddenly a little dull.

Just looking at the sea over there, he was a little out of breath.

Chapter 778

He clenched his fist, gritted his teeth, and walked quickly towards the sea.

At this time, no one can save Ruan Shishi except him.

The sky is very dark and heavy. The clouds are pressing down. The whole atmosphere is low and depressing. There is no other person except him on the beach.

Looking at the cold sea beating on the beach, Yu Yimo’s eyes sank for a few minutes. After a few seconds, he took off his coat and jumped forward into the sea.

At the moment when he was wrapped in the cold sea water, Yu Yimo only felt that his breath was closed, and a sense of suffocation rose slowly, which made him frown.

When he felt weak in his limbs, a voice in his mind said, “Yu Yimo, you must hold on! She’s still waiting for you

He clenched his teeth, put his long arms out of the spray, and swam fast forward.

Ruan Shishi is still waiting for her! He must go and save her!

At the same time, on the other side of the lighthouse, the cold water had gone beyond Ruan Shishi’s waist, and she was very cold. Looking at the dim and boundless sea in the distance, her consciousness of survival became weaker and weaker.

Cool through the sea breeze and sea water slowly into her body, she can’t help shivering from the beginning, until later two legs are ice numb.

Looking at the sea without any change, the little flame of hope in Ruan’s heart slowly went out.

Yu Yimo, should not rush to save her?

Such an idea, like the last basin of cold water, made her hope disappear in an instant, leaving only boundless coldness in her heart

The dark sky is like a dull curtain, covering the whole sea from the end of the sky. The sea breeze is getting stronger and stronger, and the waves are like a monster, beating the lighthouse hard.

Ruan Shishi only felt that every inch of her skin was extremely cold, and the sea water had flooded her chest, which made her feel that it was difficult to breathe.

With a gust of strong wind, big raindrops are falling down, the wind and waves in the sea are rolling more strongly, and even the speed of the tide is getting faster.

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes to the direction of the coast, where it was dark, and only a little more distant road could see some light, but the little light, at this time, could not give her any comfort.

Along with the numbness of her body and nerves, Ruan Shishi’s head became more and more dizzy. A wolf rushed towards her, and her eyes turned black and fainted.

Not far away, on the sea a mile away, Yu Yimo is still struggling to move forward, but slowly, with the coming of the rainstorm on the sea, his limbs are as heavy as lead.

The heat energy contained in his body has been slowly exhausted, and his limbs are moving forward mechanically. The most terrible thing is that he feels that his body has begun to be out of the control of his brain.

He is very good at water. He used to swim for more than two hours in swimming training, but now the situation is totally different. What’s more, he has an indescribable fear of the sea.

Ten years ago, when he was a teenager, it was such a rainy night that he almost died in this sea area. Since then, he has a sense of fear for the ocean and even more for swimming in the deep sea.

Even after that, he had experienced all kinds of training, had been wounded and shot, but he had never been afraid. His fear of the sea has been a scar that he has refused to uncover for more than ten years.

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